25 Reasons Why We All Love Cincinnati


1. The Skyline (The Actual Skyline)

Seriously, it’s the most beautiful in the country. First, it has its shit together, literally. There aren’t gaps in her smile, and when her face lights up at night, ooooh weee. Seriously people, this city is beautiful.


2. Craft. Beer. Everywhere.

How can anyone even argue that we don’t have one of the best craft beer scenes in the entire country. In fact, history proves it! If you decide to spend some time elsewhere, you’ll soon see just how high-quality and aplenty our beers are than in other cities. Seriously, we all found out the hard way.


3. We Have The Oldest Team In Baseball

What’s more American than baseball? Exactly, nothing. Well, except for the city who can lay claim to having the oldest professional baseball team. They may win, they may lose, but we’re going to be there for them regardless, and something tells us is won’t be long before we see an other World Series title.


4. Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

Yeah, we’re so awesome that Jerry Springer was elected to be the mayor here back in the day. We may have to watch him take care of baby momma drama on his show these days, but we’ll always be proud of that fact!


5. #hottestcollegeinamerica

Yeah, UC is consistently ranked among the top public schools in the country for various reasons. Plus, our beloved President Ono was just invited to speak in front of congress about higher education. Making Cincinnati proud!



6. Architecture Fo Days!

There are gorgeous buildings throughout the city, and a lot of it has to do with German-American architecture. Music Hall is a prime example of this, and the rest of OTR is slowly being restored to its beautiful state as well. So, pretty much #saveouricons…


7. (Under Construction)

We were recently named one of the “Cities on the Rise” in America, and it’s no wonder why. Look at the headway we’ve made with both the Banks Project and the renovation of OTR. Remember what the waterfront looked like before the Banks project? Yeah, we’d rather not think about it.


8. The Food Is Ridiculous… In All The Right Ways

Step outside of Cincinnati and talk about Grippo’s, Skyline, or Glier’s and people will look at you like you have three heads, but, around here, everyone is more than willing to join you in celebrating their deliciousness. The rest of the country has no idea about what they’re missing out on.


9. High Quality H20!

No, seriously, we have some of the cleanest, most filtered tap water in the entire country right here in Cincinnati. Leave the bottle at home. It’s cheaper, anyway! Ah, clean water.

10. No, You Won’t Get Mugged…

Okay, so we do have the most dangerous block in the entire country. We’re sick of hearing about that, though. Leave that block, and you’ll see some of the lowest crime rates in the country among metropolitan areas. In fact, some area communities have been named among the safest in the country.


11. Dancing Our Asses Off Is Second Nature

Not only do would hold the world’s largest chicken dance at Oktoberfest, but we also just set the record for the world’s largest group of salsa dancers. Over 2,000 people showed up to make it official. We may not have the coolest dance moves, but we dance anyway!


12. So. Close.

Yeah, it’s nice being able to enjoy the perks of being so close to Kentucky, where you can get some of the best rates on alcohol in the country. Yeah, it’s what’s up.


13. The Rivalries Are Real…

Whether it’s the Crosstown Classic or the Elder vs. Saint X match, there’s always some kind of intense game to be looking forward to, regardless of the season. Oh you graduated 10 years ago? You’ll still talk about how Highlands are a bunch of “cake eaters,” and you know it.


14. Nothing’s Too Far Away

Literally every one of Cincinnati’s neighborhoods is within twenty minutes of downtown. You’re sure to be close to a major retail, food, or cultural center, regardless of where you are.

15. There’s Crazy Street Art Everywhere

You like murals? You’ve got ’em. You like sculptures? You’re sure to find some in Washington Park. Pretty much, if you like city art, you’re going to find it in the downtown area.


16. Seven Hills, Thousands of Views

Remember how we just said that the skyline was gorgeous? Well, you have thousands of different views from the top of all of Cincinnati’s surrounding hills, and there are plenty of them, too.

17. We Actually Get Four Seasons

Some may hate this, but there’s something nice about being able to enjoy all of the holidays in accordance with the right season. Christmas is the best in Cincinnati.


18. Two Words: Fountain Square

Sure, a lot of cities have nice centers, but none hold the innate beauty of our beloved Fountain Square. If you haven’t taken a picture with your significant other by the fountain, you can’t be a Cincinnatian. Plus, Ice Skating in the winter? Yes.

19. WHO-DEY!

If you don’t know the feeling of belting out “Welcome To The Jungle” at a Bengals game yet, we feel sorry for you.


20. If You Can’t Find It At Jungle Jim’s…

Chances are, you won’t find it anywhere.

21. WEBN Fireworks…

It wouldn’t be Labor Day Weekend without one of the biggest firework displays in the country.

22. Lumenocity.

Wow, just wow. Look at the picture, and be ready to click fast so that you can get your ass down there next year.


23. We Bike. A lot.

If you haven’t spotted Urban Basin’s bike club rolling around yet, you won’t be able to miss them when you do. They ride around in droves, and it’s quite a spectacle. With out huge bike trail up in Lebanon, it’s no wonder. Check out their Facebook page!


24. You’re Only 15 Minutes Away From The Country

Need to escape? All you need to do is get your ass in the car and drive a short distance. Find a nice shade tree and get lost in the clouds.

25. Our Sense Of Community

At the end of the day, we all come together to help one another out. We just gained the title as one of the most charitable cities in the country. It’s wonderful.

What’s your favorite part about living in Cincinnati? Don’t be afraid to comment below!