19 Reasons Why Being A Buckeye Is Amazing


Let’s face it, when you go to the largest school in the world, there are bound to be plenty of perks. Sometimes they’re easy to overlook, but we thought we’d go ahead and take the time to point out all of the reasons why being an OSU student is amazing. While there are way too many reasons to list, we decided to compile a list that we think everyone can relate to. It’s time to get stoked for another year at OSU!

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

When it comes to public universities, few receive the same consistent ratings as we do. Most of our major programs are in the Top 50 overall. In other words, we’re pretty damn smart.

2. That Feeling When We Beat Michigan

You know, when you’re in a packed house filled with 100,000 other people who wanted to see Michigan get their asses handed to them? Oh yeah.


3. Two Words: Columbus Food

Sure, the “freshman fifteen” may turn into the “freshman forty-five,” but with the kind of food scene we have around here, what can you expect?


4. Mass Communication!

Want to talk about networking? Well, there’s always the fact that there are 100,000 students within the system. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to chatting!

5. That Epic Dip In Mirror Lake

Sure, your nips will probably be able to cut through a diamond afterwards, but you’re always all too willing to take that dive. It’s epic.


6. We’re A Bunch Of Geniuses!

Columbus was recently ranked as one of the smartest cities in the entire world… something tells us that has a lot to do with OSU and its graduates…


7. We’re In The Middle Of Everything

Being right in the center of the state has a lot of benefits. If you’re from in-state, home is never too far away, and it’s nice.

8. Jeni’s

Yes, there’s a whole number dedicated to Jeni’s. After walking all around campus on a hot day, you’ll understand why… Dat Brambleberry, doe…


9. We Still Know How To Rage

Sure, we may have superior intelligence, but that just means we keep thinking of better ways to party.


10. The Rec Center Is Ridiculous…

Seriously, we have to have one of the most beautiful, state-of-the-art rec centers among all colleges. There may be plenty of delicious food in Columbus, but we can combat the carbs!

11. Dive Bars Aplenty

The Ugly Tuna Saloona has seen us a little too drunk at least once or twice… or thirty times, but who’s keeping count here?

12. Not Having To Worry About Losing A Starting Quarterback

Sure, we may have just lost Miller for the year, but we’re not worried about it. No one recruits quite like us.



13. The Best Damn Band In The Land!

Even if we lose the game (we won’t), we still get to see one hell of a halftime performance by the most impressive Marching Band in the world. If you didn’t catch the show last year… just wow.

14. Because We’re Not Michigan

Pretty self-explanatory…

15. The Trek Across Campus

Well, as long as the weather’s nice there are plenty of sights to take in. On a cold day, though, the stuggle is all too real.


16. The Shoe…

It’s one thing to have a giant ass stadium. It’s another thing to have a stadium that makes even the largest NFL stadium look tiny. It’s one hell of a structure.


17. Our Greek Life Is What’s Up

If you haven’t had the chance to go to a mixer or themed party with a fraternity, we feel sorry for you.

18. Our Mascot is… Unique

No one fu*ks with a poisonous nut… no one!


19. Haters Gonna Hate

It’s easy to hate on a school that does better than you at everything. We hear you out there, talking sh*t, but we aren’t listening.

What’s your favorite part about being a buckeye? Let us know!