7 Reasons You Need To See Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai This Weekend


Cirque du Soleil will be performing their show Varekai at The Bank of Kentucky Center October 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, and Impulcity got the pleasure of going behind the scenes. After watching rehearsals, learning about the cast, and seeing what happens backstage, we can now confirm that Varekai is going to be one of the craziest performances you’ve ever seen. Here’s why you need to go.

1. You Can Brush Up On Your Greek Mythology

Dominic Champagne, the writer and director of Varekai, loosely based the show on the ancient Greek myth of Icarus. In Varekai, instead of Icarus plummeting to his death, he lands in the middle of a forrest where he meets new creatures and learns about new beginnings.


2. This Might Be Your Only Chance To See It

Even though most of Cirque du Soleil’s shows tour for a few years, they usually only tour North America for one year. Unless you plan on going across the globe, you might not get another chance to see this incredible performance.


3. The Costumes Are Stunning

There are usually 300-400 costumes for each Cirque du Soleil performance, and we were told that there are 2,500 costume pieces traveling with Varekai. That’s one-and-a-half of the 18 semi-trailers that travel with the show. Costumes are washed before each performance, shoes are repainted every week, and there’s one costume in Varekai that cost over $20,000 to make.



4. Everyone Likes A Dramatic Love Story

The main character in Varekai, Icarus, falls in love with a girl called The Promise. However, Icarus will have to impress The Promises’s good friend, a Protectress of sorts, to get the girl of his dreams, because that’s what good friends are for!


5. You May Be Inspired To Hit The Gym

After watching Kerren McKeeman of New Hampshire rehearsing the act she created herself on a single point trapeze, Mark Halasi, who plays Icarus, practice nets, and Oleskii Kozakov and Oleksandr Romashyn of Ukraine tear it up on straps, lets just say the Impulciteam was feeling a little… “inspired?” We’re not sure how we felt. All we know is we need to go the gym. Like, right now.


6. You’ll Actually Be Supporting Locals

Yes, Varekai travels with 96 of their own people, but they also hire 80 local technicians in each city they tour. Not to mention all the business the show is creating for The Bank Of Kentucky Center. Stimulating local economy is definitely a good thing.


7. It’s Basically The Grownup Circus

Sure, watching fifteen clowns pile out of a miniature car and elephants perform acrobats may have been fun when you were a kid, but you’re older now, and more mature. Seeing Varekai will definitely satisfy that desire to see a circus performance, but with more amazing feats and less animal smells. And less clowns. Way less clowns.

Featured Image Credit: Times Call