The 10 Scariest Halloween Attractions in Louisville


For some, fall means pumpkin spice lattes and Instagramming pictures of leaves changing. For others, it means it’s Halloween season ’til the first snowflake hits the ground. With so many haunted houses and corn mazes in the Kentuckiana area, it’s hard to narrow down which to visit this year, but allow us to help you in your decision-making.

Haunted Hotel

Old Louisville

The Haunted Hotel has been one of Louisville’s favorite haunts for the past twenty years and it only gets better with time. Keep in mind that the actors here are allowed to touch you, so if you’re not into that, this isn’t the place for you. If you are, however, ready to experience a haunt that takes it to the limit and even impresses veteran haunted house actors, get in line!

BellmanCredit: Wes C

The Devil’s Attic

Old Louisville

This haunted house pays particular attention to detail with the setting and the makeup. The actors are high-energy, creative and will draw you into their scenes. Be prepared for intensity and not getting any sleep that night!

Huanted House 2Credit: Zac & Amanda Stafford

7th Street Haunt

South End (Louisville)

This haunt is in its 3rd year of operation and has already established itself as one of the city’s most-loved haunted houses. This place pulls out all of the stops to provide a chilling experience for those who brave the journey. Don’t write it off because you’ve never heard of it – it’s worth giving a shot.

ChainsawCredit: Zac & Amanda Stafford

Nightmare Forest Haunt Park

Brandenburg, KY

Nightmare Forest has featured a central theme of bringing movies such as Friday the 13th, Hellraiser and Halloween to life for years and is one of the longest-running haunts in the region. A little more of a drive than some of the haunts in our own back yard, but doesn’t that add to the immersive experience of being in the middle of nowhere in a nightmare… forest? Also, its location in Otter Creek Park means there is more space to sprawl out the haunt, so you get four attractions for one price.

Nightmare Forest (2)Credit: shannaya

Asylum Haunted Scream Park

Fairdale, KY

Asylum has updated all four of its attractions for 2014, meaning new story lines, scenes and characters. Asylum provides Louisville’s most interactive attractions, like Zombie City, for which you play the lead role in a mini zombie horror scene and have to fight your way out to make it out alive.

SlendermanCredit: Andrea Van Orsouw


Grim Trails

Jeffersontown (Louisville)

A new kid on the scene that has hit the ground running. This highly original haunt is an outdoor attraction with award-winning costumes. It presents a living interpretation of a dark twist on Grimms’ Fairy Tales. The characters are costumed as surreal creatures, giant spiders, dragons and whatever horrors the mind can conceive. Far from your run-of-the-mill-guy-chasing-you-with-a-chainsaw haunt experience.

grim trails2Credit: Grim Trails Haunted Attraction

Baxter Avenue Morgue

Highlands (Louisville)

Baxter Avenue Morgue features a distinct story line, and scenes change each year. This is a place you’re likely to run into an actor you went to high school with – the community loves to get involved with this haunt.

MorgueCredit: Leprechaun Museum

Fear Fair

Seymour, IN

Fear Fair features scenes from Silent Hill, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a realistic scene of the Walking Dead complete with a replica of downtown Atlanta at this sprawling haunted attraction. It has often been named the scariest haunt in all of Indiana, and is described by many as well worth the drive.

Silent HillCredit: Field of Screams

Industrial Terrorplex

Jeffersonville, IN

Four attractions under one roof (including Industrial Nightmare) that together form a Terrorplex that has been called the best Terrorplex in the Kenuckiana area. It is arguably the most high-tech haunt in the region and is another haunt in which the actors are allowed to touch guests, so it’s fully-immersive and interactive. Each attraction is full-length and brand new and widely considered well worth the drive.

ClownCredit: joshua_w

Waverly Hills Sanatorium 

Fairdale, KY

Waverly is a former tuberculosis hospital that is haunted all year-round, but the people flock to the sanatorium around Halloween to get in the holiday spirit. People have lined up for Waverly’s seasonal redecoration for years for the chance at being spooked by an actual ghost for Halloween.

Waverly (2)Credit: George G.

Featured Image Credit: Zac & Amanda Stafford