Seriously, It’s Time To Stop With These 27 State Stereotypes


1. Alaska – Anything & Everything Sarah Palin Related

It was funny in 2008 when Tina Fey gave us arguably the most perfect celebrity impression of all time. It was still kind of funny when TLC gave her a show,A�Sarah Palin’s Alaska. But now, the joke’s old, so let’s leave poor Alaska alone.

Alaska 2

2. Kentucky – Must Eat A Lot Of Fried Chicken

You could go anywhere in the world, and if you tell them you’re from Kentucky, the next question they’ll ask is how much fried chicken you eat. Yes, Kentucky is home to the world famous KFC, but they’re also responsible for bourbon. Ask the important questions.

Kentucky 2

3. Oregon – Hipsters

Thanks to shows likeA�Portlandia, Oregon gets a pretty bad rap of being a hipster state. Now, Portland might have a high population of hipsters, but that doesn’t mean the whole state is like that. Also, take a look around your own state. You’ll probably find a group of hipstersA�somewhere near you, too.

Oregon 2

4. Mississippi – A Lot Of Teen Pregnancies

Despite abstinence-only education, there were quite a few years where Mississippi held the top spot for teen pregnancy rates in the nation. But cut them some slack, they’ve more recently dropped to spot number 2!

Mississippi 2

5. Indiana – Just Passing Through

Indiana often gets thought of as a just a state with a bunch of highways. Well, that is true, but Indiana is sick of not being recognized for their other awesome attributes! Let’s not forget about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, people! Sure, it’s just another place for cars to drive, but they’re drivingA�fast.

Indiana 2

6. Nevada – Aliens Among Us

Know anything about Area 51? Yeah, that’s in Nevada. They also have one of the highest ratings for UFO sightings in the country. But we’d really like a little more proof if you guys insist of carrying on about this alien stuff.

Nevada 2

7. Arkansas – Walmart & Bill Clinton

Well, there’s really no way of denying that both Walmart and Bill Clinton call Arkansas home. But come on, think of all the other great stuff about Arkansas! Like, the watermelon capital of the world, and brown and serve rolls. What would we do without those things?

Arkansas 2

8. New York – Such A Big Ego

Everyone seems to think that people in New York all have really big egos. You might be thinking of one part of New York, New York City. The rest of the state is tired of being lumped together with the city. It’s called New York City for a reason, people!

New York 2

9. Idaho – Potatoes Fo’ Days

Some stereotypes exist because plain and simply, they’re true. After all, the state grows nearly a third of the potatoes Americans consume. BUT there are a lot of other great things about Idaho, like fry sauce and the beautiful landscapes. Maybe those things have a little something to do with potatoes, but oh well. Whatever you do, don’t call it Iowa.

Idaho 2

10. Colorado – Weeeeeeeeeeeeed

Maybe people aren’t tired of hearing this one yet. After all, the legalization of recreational marijuana use is still pretty fresh. But there is definitely more to this state than just a legal high. Just look at those mountains.

Colorado 2

11. Alabama – “Sweet Home,” Right?

We get it, one of the most popular songs of all time is basically a big love letter to this state. But Alabama-natives aren’t the only ones who sing along when it comes on the radio, at a bar, or even in the middle of the grocery store. You know every word, and sing it loud and proud too.

Alabama 2

12. Florida – One Big Retirement Community

You say retirement community like it’s a bad thing. Regardless of the fact that there might be a high number of retired folks staking their claim in the sunshine state, that’s not all Florida is about. And let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute: Florida would be an awesome state to retire to.

Florida 2

13. New Jersey – Jersey Shore

What an awful reputation to have. New Jersey, we want to personally apologize for all the horrible things people associate New Jersey with because of that horrendous TV show,A�Jersey Shore. Let’s all just pretend like that never happened.

New Jersey 2


14. Utah – Polygamy

If you’re from Utah, we’re pretty sure you’re sick of being asked if your father had multiple wives, if you plan to have multiple wives, or if you plan to have sister wives. We’re sick of hearing it too. Newsflash, people, just because there’s a high population of Mormons living in Utah, doesn’t mean that they’re all off getting married to multiple people. Even if it’s a joke, it’s still annoying.

Utah 2

15. Hawaii – Grass Skirts & Hawaiian Shirts

There’s a slim chance of you finding someone sporting a grass skirt without being paid for it, i.e. the welcoming team at the resort you stay at. The chances of finding someone wearing a Hawaiian shirt are even smaller. Unless, of course, you’re looking at the tourists. Yeah, they might be wearing these things, and they’ll probably look pretty dumb.

Hawaii 2

16. Ohio – Swing State

Ohioans know that when it comes to elections, their votes really do matter. But that doesn’t mean that the whole being a swing state thing doesn’t get annoying after a while. In fact, they’d really like it everybody could just cool it a bit in the next election.

Ohio 2

17. California – Tan, Blonde, Beach Bums

Yes, there are some people in California who are blonde and tan, but that’s not everybody. Also, this kind of stereotype just goes to show that most people only think about Southern California when they hear the state name. Guys, there’s a whole lot of awesome in central and northern California, too, like vineyards, redwoods, and mountains.

California 2

18. Maine – Moose Everywhere

There are probably more moose in Maine than most other states, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to see one on a daily basis. You can, however, go on specificA�Maine Moose Watching Tours. This stereotype is pretty much as true as you want to make it.

Maine 2

19. Illinois – All Chicago Everything

Contrary to popular belief, the entire state of Illinois is not Chicago. However, that’s all some people think of when they think of Illinois. No one even thinks about the other important city in Illinois, Metropolis. That’s Superman’s hometown, people!

Illinois 2

20. Missouri – The Country’s Meth Leader

Yikes, definitely not a stereotype anyone wants to claim, but someone’s got to be number one. However, recent statistics show that Missouri might be losing this claim to fame, so lay off a bit, won’t ya?

Missouri 2

21. Michigan – That Hand Thing They Do

Michigan, you are 100% guilty of holding up your hand, pointing somewhere on it, and expecting us to know what the hell you’re talking about. This might work amongst fellow Michigan folk, but the rest of us have no better idea where you’re from when you do this.

Michigan 2

22. Iowa – Just A Bunch Of Farmers

Yeah, maybe Iowa does have a lot of farmers, but when’s the last time you tried running a farm? It’s not a piece of cake. Plus, they’ve got Des Moines, so there’s at least some sort of city life happening there.

Iowa 2

23. Washington – Coffee

Allegedly there’s a coffee shop on every corner in Seattle. But let’s be realistic: there’s a coffee shop on every corner in almost all major cities now. Even if they’re responsible for Starbucks, Washington might not be the coffee kings anymore.

Washington 2

24. Louisiana – Swamp People & Mardi Gras

The first thoughts people have about Louisiana are two very different ones, but equally mis-representing. Yes, New Orleans does Mardi Gras right, but that’s only for a short amount of time each a year. And as far as that TV show goes, you might find some swamp people in Louisiana, but they sure as hell aren’t taking up the whole state.

Louisana 2

25. Massachusetts – Boston Accents

People, we need to start expanding our knowledge about states. Once again, a state has one big city, and suddenly the whole state is lumped into that category. Just because Boston might be the only city you can name in Massachusetts, doesn’t mean it’s the only one. And it certainly doesn’t mean everyone in Massachusetts speaks with that same accent.

Massachusetts 2

26. Kansas – “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”

Alright, so it’s a movie quote, not really a stereotype. But we think it’s safe to say that not only is Kansas tired of hearing this joke, but EVERYONE is. Seriously, we get it, please stop talking.

Kansas 2

27. Nebraska – They’re All Tree Huggers

We heard that you guys started the whole Arbor Day thing in America in 1872 when you planted a million trees. In fact, we’ve heard it so much, that we’re totally sick of hearing it. Please tell us something new.

Nebraska 2