The 10 Best Appetizers In Louisville

Seviche‘s Guacamole

Seviche’s guacamole is perfectly spiced and served with fresh-baked tortilla strips. It’s made at your table, making it arguably the freshest in town. Your life is simply not complete until you’ve tried this guacamole. It will challenge everything you thought you knew about guacamole.

Seviche is a white-tablecloth, swanky kind of joint that serves authentic Latin food. It’s seasonally changing menu serves the freshest seafood and locally-sourced ingredients.

seviche guacamoleCredit: Seviche, A Latin Restaurant

Sidebar‘s Zucchini Fries

These crispy, thick-sliced zucchini fries are topped with Parmesan and served with roasted garlic truffle aioli. These are amazing on their own as an appetizer, but they’re also a fantastic accompaniment to one of Sidebar’s epic burgers.

Sidebar also happens to have one of the most formidable bourbon selections in town, and its beer list is impressive as well.

sidebar zucchini friesCredit: Sidebar

The Mayan Cafe‘s Tok-sel Lima Beans

Technically a side, but worth mentioning because of the hype around town. Louisville is going to need to form a Tok-sel Lima Bean support group soon. You will be dreaming of these long after you’ve tasted these glorious beans. This roasted, salt and peppered delight could be an entree all on its own, but thankfully there is an entire menu awaiting you.

The Mayan Cafe is an ingeniously inspired, farm-to-table restaurant that offers a menu created with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Mayan Cafe Tok SelCredit: Icvbpartner

Hammerhead‘s Fried Mac & Cheese Balls

Fried mac & cheese – it’s as good as it sounds. Better, even. Warm, gooey mac & cheese is deep-fried and served with hollandaise sauce. Crispy, huge, and totally worth ruining your diet over.

Hammerhead’s is a Louisville legend

hammerheads fried mac and cheeseCredit: Matthew B.

Havana Rumba‘s Empanadas

These empanadas are perfection, served in generous portions that may fill you up before you can even get to your main course. These can be stuffed with seasoned chicken or ground beef and served with roasted pepper and sour cream. Vegetarian empanadas are also available, and they are so fantastic that even meat-eaters will love them, stuffed with spinach, bell peppers, onions, corn, Parmesan and Moterey Jack cheese.

You must try the yuca frita while you’re here, as well. They’re rumored to be the best in the city.

Havana Rumba Empanada Credit: Michael Fletcher


Mussel & Burger Bar‘s Braised Short Rib Nachos

Nachos you’re definitely going to need a fork to dig in to. This dish features potato chips topped with braised short ribs, guacamole, queso Duranguense, pickled jalapenos, re-fried beans, crema and pico de gallo.

This is the perfect beginning to one of the mussel & burger bar’s epic, creative and original stacked-high burgers from ground, grass-fed beef or some of their fresh and flavorful mussels.

mussel and burger bar nachosCredit: ToddW

Garage Bar‘s Rolled Oysters

Oysters generally aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you think “bar,” but it should be when you think of Garage Bar. Rolled Oysters are a Louisville original dish that are created by dipping raw oysters in cornmeal batter, rolling them in cracker crumbs and then deep-frying it all (naturally). Garage Bar’s Rolled Oysters are served with hot sauce and are always fresh.

This is a menu item that was popularized in the late 18th century/early 19th century, so it fits in with the whole craft-cocktail theme.

garage bar rolled oystersCredit: Garage Bar

Simply Thai‘s Curry Puffs

These curry puffs are wontons lightly fried to perfection, stuffed with chicken, potato, curry spices and served with sweet cilantro sauce. It’s the perfect balance of spice and cool dipping sauce. Simply Thai serves some of the city’s best, authentic Thai food.

The curry puffs are a great start for a curry entree or a jasmine rice or noodle plate. You can’t go wrong with the Pad Thai, and there are plenty of other delicious appetizers and sushi to choose from.

Simply Thai Cuffy Puff 2Credit: Alpha

The Silver Dollar‘s Fried Chicken Livers

Anyone who is a fan of fried chicken livers knows that they’re hard enough to find and good ones are even higher to come by. Fear not, because The Silver Dollar serves up delicious, buttermilk-fried chicken livers.

The Silver Dollar is a nationally, renowned bourbon-lovers destination, serving up over a hundred different kinds of bourbon and creative bourbon cocktails (plus, a multi-page beer list). It’s located inside of a re-purposed Firehouse and exudes a Bakersfield Honky-tonk kind of feel.

silver dollar chicken liverCredit: Incite

The Irish Rover‘s Scotch Eggs

These deep-fried delights are going to be your new favorite guilty pleasure. If you’ve never tried a Scotch egg before, here’s what you’ve been missing: a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried. Don’t ask about the calories – those aren’t important. What’s important is the perfection of this appetizer.

Scotch EggsCredit: Lydia

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