The 10 Hottest Restaurant & Bar Openings In Louisville This Fall





Coming at the end of September to the Highlands: a New Orleans style Creole restaurant. In addition to the staples, like all varieties of Po’ Boys and etouffees, expect a fresh gulf oyster raw bar and an ever-present seafood boil sold by the pound. Roux will feature culinary team with experience Hammerheads and revamping The Monkey Wrench.

Crawfish Etouffee

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Feast BBQ


Feast BBQ has been a New Albany favorite since 2012. Soon, we will no longer have to cross the Ohio for their delicious barbecue because NuLu will have its very own Feast BBQ later this year. Feast BBQ is renowned for its bourbon selection and bourbon slushies in addition to its exceptional and unique smoked meats so it can be expected to be welcomed with opened arms by Kentuckians.

Feast BBQ

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Akasha Brewing Company


Akasha Brewing Company is a small-batch brewing operation and taproom expected to open its doors in NuLu later this year. Stay tuned for more details!

Beer Flight 2

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Strati Wild Italian


The minds behind Wild Eggs and Wild Rita’s bring you Strati Wild Italian this fall! The restaurant will be a fast-casual restaurant in the vein of Qdoba or Moe’s, except Italian. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free will be catered to to the tune of $10-$11 per order. The first location will open between the Sapporo and Tom+Chee on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

Strati (2)

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Beer Engine


Beer Engine microbrewery has been all the rage in Danville for the past few years, and has been awarded such honors as “Most Craft Beers on Tap in a Bar (in Danville).” Louisville beer nerds rejoice, we will soon have our very own Beer Engine right here in our own backyard. It will be located in the old Zeppelin Cafe building on Burnett. Expect a menu full of sustainable, local food, as well.


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Formerly The Place Downstairs, Cena is now the place located downstairs at Mussel and Burger Bar. The creators of Guaca Mole and El Taco Luchador envision Cena as being a “sophisticated, yet casual” dining experience, with an emphasis on share-able dishes.


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Grind Burger Kitchen

Old Louisville

Louisville’s favorite burger food truck is now also stationary, at a brick-and-mortar store on Preston, near U of L. The beef is local, grass-fed and ground in-house to ensure the purest, quality burgers on the market. Gourmet burgers – it’s happening here.


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Eggs Over Frankfort


A formidable and welcome contender in the brunch game, Eggs Over Frankfort is the best brunch spot you’ve never been to. Build-your-own-omelette or stick to brunch favorites that don’t demand so much decision-making.

Eggs Benedict

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The Joy Luck


It’s more than just your ordinary take-out restaurant, but not one of those overdone hipster interpretations of what Americans think Asian food should be. It’s just good, honest food and it has built its reputation mostly by word-of-mouth – and the word is you should definitely try the dumplings.


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Crescent Hill Craft House

The Craft House’s mission is simple, yet noble: to serve all of Kentucky’s fine craft beers under one roof. This vision has expanded to encompass local bourbons as well. Their menu offers sophisticated Southern-cooking comfort food – burgoo with cornbread croutons. Seriously.

Beer pint

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Wild Rita’s


From the creators of Wild Eggs, Wild Rita’sA�was created after the founders traveled the Mexican countryside, studying the cuisine of Mexico and their exceptional quality of service. Wild Rita’s serves authentic Mexican dishes such as Panza (crispy pork belly served with pickled jalapenos and cabbage), and Molcajeteso, a Mexican-style stew with chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, onions and peppers, spicy tomato chile sauce, cilantro and queso fresco. Happy hour is 4 PM – 7 PM!


Credit: Wild Rita’s


Gralehaus is a modern comfort food experience, no less than you would expect from the creators of Holy Grale and the Louisville Beer Store.A�This unique coffee house is a cozy place to get an artisnal coffee creation or have a leisurely brunch. Gralehaus is renowned for its kombucha on tap and house-made soda. The menu offers unique breakfast choices such as lamb sausage and biscuit and duck gravy.


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The menu features bold comfort food dishes, such as the Smoked Gouda Hot Brown Mac and Cheese. Now that we have your attention, Louvino is an exciting new addition to Louisville’s culinary world that opened its doors only a few weeks ago. The wine flights are endless and the menu is focused on small plates for sharing, making this is a perfect setting for a date night or catching up with friends.



Credit: Louvino

Brazeiros Churrascaria


This modern, authentic interpretation of the traditional Brazilian churraascaria, or steakhouse, opened its Louisville location earlier this year. Brazeiros serves its meat on skewers which are brought to the table and as much as you wish is sliced at the temperature of your liking. Limitless sides and salads are provided in addition to the skewers. This is a pricier dining option, but a unique experience in Louisville worth giving a try.



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