The 10 Best Places for Late-Night Dining In Louisville


It’s late, you’re probably a few sheets to the wind and you have a hunger that can only be satiated by greasy bar food. Look no further, there are plenty of alternatives to that drive thru.

10. Barbara Lee’s Kitchen

Lower Brownsboro

Some may call it a diner, but I believe the proper nomenclature is “greasy spoon.” This cash-only, in-effect-locally-owned-Waffle-House is open 24 hours, so stop by if you need some sobering up at some unholy hour.


9. Burger Boy Diner

Old Louisville

Stop by any time of the day or night, the deep fryer is always on. If you want home fries slathered in nacho cheese at 3:00 AM, Burger Boy is the place to go. The portions are generous, so treat yourself to a heaping basket of chicken fingers. Burger Boy has been diligently sobering up Old Louisville for years. A greasy burger is the perfect nightcap after a night of vigorous bar-hopping.

Burger Diner

8. Back Door


Some of the best dang bar food in town. If you’re craving a mountain of nachos, some sweet potato fries or a gluttonous amount of buffalo wings, head on over to the back door. The kitchen is open ’til 3:00 AM.


7. La Bamba


This place has been a staple of the Highlands strip for years. You can always count on La Bamba to be there when hunger strikes in the middle of the night. If a head-sized burrito is too much for you to handle, there are smaller options, of course. Short-order Mexican in the middle of the night – it could be the perfect end to your evening in Highlands.


6. DiOrio’s Pizza

St Matthews / Highlands

Pizza that’s available ’til 4:00 AM on Friday and Saturday! And it’s actually good, not just good because it’s the only thing open at that hour. Hand-tossed New York style pizza by the slice or by the pie. If you go to the St Matthews location, you can watch fights in the parking lot at Diamonds from the safety of this fine establishment.

New York Thin Crust Pizza


5. Cahoots


For the reputation that Cahoots has, the food is actually really dang good. It’s really not a bad of a dining option if it’s late and you’ve had a bit too much to drink. Sunday and Monday are 35 cent wing day!

Buffalo Wing basket

4. Pizza Donisi

Old Louisville

Mag Bar’sA�de factoA�kitchen, this pizza pace is open til 2:00 AM for all of your late-night dining needs.A�Sure you can get your typical pepperoni or cheese pizza, but check out their more unconventional options that are offered weekly. They’ve had everything from a Chorizo Pie with house-made Mexican chorizo to a Bangers and Mash pizza with English sausage and caramelized onions. Your late-night prayers for drunk food will always be answered with a Pizza Donisi pie.

Pizza Chicken Alfredo

3. Diamonds

St Matthews / Highlands

Standard bar-food fare done right, with staples like wings and chicken tenders and some unconventional additions, like the Hot Brown Pizza. Their fried mac and cheese wedges are to die for. Wash it down with a glass of beer, because even though you’ve been drinking all night, you need one with your meal, right?

Fried Mac & Cheese

2. Brownies

St Matthews

This is a haven of basically the entire service industry in the St Matthews area, and it probably has something to do with their kitchen being open late. Anyone who has ever worked a long shift as a sever knows the plight of having to find someplace to eat (that isn’t your place of employment have you’ve eaten ten thousand times already) after a long shift. You know what will really help you forget that last table of five that didn’t leave a tip? Deep-fried Oreos.

Beer Cheese

1. Hilltop Tavern

St Matthews

Hilltop Tavern late night menu ain’t playin’, with Deep Fried Oreos, Chili Cheese Fries, a Beer Cheese Burger, Pulled Pork Tacos and so much more. Even vegetarian options! It’s worth stumbling in, if you’re in the area. Plus, the beer selection is unique. Come for the food, stay for the beer.

Chicken Tenders

Featured ImageA�Credit:A�Geoff Peters