The 11 Best Hangout Spots for Your Bromance

1. Life Jackets & Beer Koozies at Southside Quarry

Remember the quarry in La Grange? Yeah, the police shut that down like an underground poker tournament. Fear not, my friends, there is a new quarry at which to have fun in the sun this summer. Plan to grill out and bring a cooler. The Southside Quarry is 21+ so, thata��s good news for most of us and circumvents the issue of 18-year-old kids with braces bonging beers out of pool noodles that were causing problems for the quarry in La Grange in the first place.


2. Get Your Hippy on at Cherokee Park

A great place to meet like-minded, laid back people. Bring a blanket to sit around and play guitar or have a picnic, grill out at the grills provided at the big tepee-like pavilion, play some kickball on the baseball diamond (because ita��s so much cooler, am I right?), go for a game of basketball, bring your dog to come socialize with other dogs and run free at Dog Hill or just take a stroll and enjoy the great outdoors. The location of Cherokee Park in the Highlands means that the park isna��t only rife with the typical bicyclists and joggers but people of all kinds of interesting talents. Sometimes a trip to the park can result in a free show – be it fire performance, a jam session or an artist working on a painting. Louisville is no stranger to Southern hospitality and many of the people enjoying a day at the park are willing to stop and chat.


3. Unleash Your Inner Child at Skyzone

a�?Indoor Trampoline Park.a�? If you really need any more information to be sold, here you go: literally bounce off the walls at the trampoline court that is lined with, well, trampolines. Sky Zone offers open jump as well as 3-D dodgeball and fitness classes.


4. Go All Barney Stinson on some 6th graders at Lazer Blaze

Leta��s be honest, you still think laser tag is fun. Guess what? There are also plenty of other people your age who think it is, too. Sure, there will be kids there, but if you bring enough of your friends with you, ita��s not weird. Ita��s affordable, physical, competitive and air-conditioned. What more could you ask for? Be Legen – Wait For It – Dary.


5. A Pop-up Game of Flag Football at the Waterfront

The Great Lawn is the ultimate place for a game of Ultimate Frisbee or Flag Football. Take a stroll across the Big Four pedestrian bridge or just relax by the waterside. There are plenty of events that occur at the Waterfront from concerts to chow wagons. Chances are youa��ll happen upon something interesting, but either way ita��s an ideal destination to just get out and enjoy the river and the weather.


6. Karaoke at Akiko’s

Your neighborhood karaoke bar featuring karaoke 7 days a week. Bringing a group of friends to Akikoa��s on a weeknight is the ideal way to do it. Friday and Saturday nights tend to be crowded and you may end up having to wait quite a while through off-key country songs and white girls singing Missy Elliott before ita��s your turn to go on. However, Sunday through Thursday nights the crowd is relatively sparse, so you can show up with some friends and expect to completely dominate the karaoke selection.


7. Travel Back to 2002 at Kentucky Kingdom

After many years of lying dormant, Kentucky Kingdom will be open for business again this summer. Many of the old rides will remain in addition to some new roller coasters and attractions. The waterpark looks especially promising a�� the park now features a 12,000 square foot a�?Wave Lagoona�? (presumably cooler than a standard wave pool) and an a�?Adventure Rivera�? (presumably cooler than a lazy river).A� There are a number of intricate waterslides and a�?raft rides.a�? Ita��s worth checking out for nostalgiaa��s sake, if nothing else.


8. Get Pumped Up at Core Combat Sports

Learn mixed martial arts right here in Louisville, Kentucky! Core offers classes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai kickingboxing and more. Core offers a state-of-the-art fitness facility and personal fitness consultants in addition to combat classes. If this isna��t the ultimate bromantic date, I dona��t know what is.


9. Go Deep Cavern Exploring at Louisville Mega Cavern

Seventeen miles of passageways lie beneath the City of Louisville a�� and theya��re open for tours! Check out the Zip Line course, ropes course or hop on a tram to take a tour of what lies 100 feet beneath our city.


10. Indulge Your Inner Beer Snob at Sergio’s World Beers

Remember that episode of Always Sunny where they tried to make their bar more a�?hipa�? by becoming one of those bars that doesn’t have a sign out front? A�Yeah, thata��s Sergioa��s. All joking aside, it is awesome. Youa��ll know it by the international flags hanging in the windows a�� pay attention, ita��s easy to drive right past. Ita��s worth the hunt, though, because Sergioa��s has the most eclectic beer selection with the most imports in the city. Sergioa��s serves over 1,000 different beers and has an ever-changing selection of beers on tap. Their food is pretty good, as well. The menu features a warning that some beers are a�?stronger than usuala�? so dona��t hesitate to take a cab if some foreign beer ends up kicking your ass.


11. Pizza, Pappy Van Winke and Ping Pong at Garage Bar

Yes, I said Pappy. You live in Louisville, splurge a little on some of the best bourbon in the world. Nothing quite makes a night out as great as dominating other bar patrons with your Forest Gump-esque ping pong skills. Think you’re good enough to run the table while holding a drink in the other hand?