The 11 Best State Pride Brands in America


When you want to show your pride for your state, you should always buy local and support local business. While there are quite a few imitators with inferior qualities and missions, here are the brands that we feel love and support their states more than others. While there are others that are dedicated to expressing state pride, these are the ones that stand out most. Now get out there and show some pride!

11. Volunteer Traditions

When it comes to traditions, few states have the background of Tennessee. The Volunteer State has a long record of going out of the way to make the world a little friendlier. Volunteer Traditions is not only traditional, but it’s also classy. Expect to find high-quality ties and shirts alongside the more casual state pride shirts that are sold within. They’re still pretty small for the time being, but something tells us that it won’t be long at all before everyone in Tennessee is rocking something from this store. Even if you’re not from Tennessee, you can find apparel from an assortment of Southern states on their site!


10. Texas Born Texas Proud

While everything is bigger in Texas, don’t expect anything over the top when it come to the conservative styles you’ll see. Then again, when you’re from Texas, you usually don’t really care what people think about how you’re dressing anyway. People tend to be proud of the fact that they were born and raised with Texas values, and Texas Born Texas Raised pays homage to that. Even if you’re a transplant, you can claim the state your own with this brand. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.




9. Ohio Against The World

When you’re from Ohio, you’re used to being forgotten about until the Presidential Elections come around, and the state hasn’t taken kindly to that. In fact, they’re pretty sick of it. Ohio Against The World is an up-and-coming brand that was recently shown off after Lebron’s return to Cleveland, and has been a hit ever since. While some outside the state might not understand what it’s like being from Ohio, any Ohioan can get behind the brand. Simple and to the point. We like.


8. Route One Apparel

On the more creative end of the spectrum, Route One Apparel will help any Maryland-lover stand out in the crowd. Whether you choose the bold Maryland flag shirts, shoes, or flip flops is up to you, but the flag actually makes for a solid design. While the more eccentric items are the most fun, they also have a few more conservative items for those wishing to tone down their affection for the state. Props to you, Route One Apparel, for not being afraid to experiment a bit.

Route One

7. Peach State Pride

When it comes to giving back to the community which they provide their apparel, few can even hold a match to Peach State Pride. Making a promise to consistently donate to charities around the state, they’re bigger than just another clothing company. That dedication to giving back hasn’t had an effect on the quality of their clothing, though. Easily recognizable, you’ll see the iconic Georgia Peach on many of their items, and the clothing comes in a variety of styles that are both simple and fun at the same time.


6. I Love New York

Easily one of the oldest and most recognizable among all of the state pride brands in America, I Love New York’s apparel is hard to miss. Not much has change from the get-go, and you can still expect to find the iconic shirt, but now they have a few variations on the design. They’ve even gone as far as to make magnets and wine glasses with the classic design. What else do they need to say, after all? Some people just really love New York.


5. Colorado Limited

Yup, that’s a member of Zac Brown Band rocking some gear from Colorado Limited. Another brand that likes to keep it simple, you’ll see a lot of apparel emblazoned with the traditional “C” of Colorado. It’s not the design of the clothes themselves that makes Colorado Limited one of the best, though, it’s the versatility. You’ll find swim suits, socks, and just about every other clothing item you can imagine at the store. Hey, we’ll give you props if you can wear a whole outfit of Colorado Limited gear. That’s dedication.


4. California Republic Clothes

California is chill, like, real chill, and California Republic’s line of clothes reflects that in every thread. Some of the cloths hang loose, while others are a little more tight-fighting, but each one of them keeps a simple design with a simple message: We love California. Some are simple state flag designs, but others are intricate and original patterns. It’s not just limited to shirts, though. Expect to find everything from shoes to hoodies among the selection as well, making their clothes perfect for any season in Cali.

3. Homage – Various States

Yes, yes, Homage is a chain of stores, but we look at it as if every store is its own entity. After hearing their story, it’s hard not too. Every design you’ll find on their shelves has an appropriate story behind it. They don’t just make stock state pride shirts; they make shirts with a story. Not only that, but they also get actively get involved in local charities and organizations to make the community around them even better. You have to respect a company that’s able to get to know every individual state they spread to on an intimate level.


2. Kentucky For Kentucky

Kentucky Kicks Ass! They don’t care if you believe it or not, but expect them to show their pride through some pretty epic clothes and accessories. You’ll see everything from gold-covered chicken wing earrings to maps that that feature every “badass county” throughout the state. While some may never understand the extreme pride that the brand takes in their state, frankly they don’t give a damn, and that unbridled spirit is exactly what makes Kentucky For Kentucky the best place to get your clothing in the state.


1. Down with Detroit

When you come from Detroit, you have to know how to roll with the punches, and Down With Detroit has been made better for the wear. Not only do the people behind the scenes have a great sense of humor, but it’s apparent that they love the entire state of Michigan. Yup, they even remember the Upper Peninsula in their designs. What helped them earn the top spot on this list, though, is the fact that they stay engaged with their customers beyond just selling clothes. It’s about increasing a sense of community in Michigan, and we can definitely get down with that.