America’s Top Creepiest Abandoned Places

Some of these chilling places have very dark stories woven into american history while others are just business ventures gone sour. Can you spot the difference?

Coosa River Ammunition Storage Bunkers


If you’re not looking closely, you’ll easily miss this one. Hell, even if you’re really looking you may still miss it. The only giveaway for these bunkers is a rusty door, which leads into a space much larger than it appears from the outside. Once used to store various forms of ammunition, there’s nothing left inside anymore, but this is one of those places to hunt down if you’re in the mood to explore. Many people have tried to find these, but miss them among the trees and bushes surrounding them.

Old Bryce Hospital

Well, this is creepy. Nothing screams haunted quite like an old, abandoned hospital where people obviously died. The paint peels from the walls in an odd way, an there are various remnants of old hospital and waiting room equipment all over the place. They’re all soiled now since all of the windows are busted out, and it makes the place even creepier. Watch out for asbestos and bring a mask if you’re hoping to explore here. You can never be too safe with that kind of thing.

The Ice Cream Castle

We’re not sure how it got the name, but we saw nothing to do with ice cream when looking through. It’s pretty odd; the way that this building as fallen apart, but it almost looks like an explosion blew off the top of the roof or something. Regardless, you won’t find many structures with architecture like this in Alabama. Venture forth with caution, as there have been reports of trip wires being set up to keep people out. This building really looks out of place compared to everything else. It’s a shame it’s in this state of disrepair.

The Abandoned Train of Andalusia


The salty moisture of Alabama doesn’t take too kindly to metals, and the abandoned train of Andalusia is proof of that. Every side of the train is spotted with thick rust, and ivy spurts out from the old doors and windows. The decline of passenger train travel left many of these old cars without a home. While many have been scrapped or placed in museums, this one was left behind. This one won’t take up too much time to check out, and makes for some solid photography.