The 13 Creepiest Haunted Places in Michigan


13. The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse – Presque Island

The light may be extinguished, but the story behind the Old Presque Isle Light is one that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Some say that one of the old keepers locked his wife up in the lighthouse when she was getting reckless and that you can still hear her screaming out of rage from time to time. To add further mystery to the lighthouse, the light, which has been disabled for good, still shines every night from dusk to dawn. We know, it’s pretty bizarre.


12. The Whitney Restaurant – Detroit

Even fine dining can cause you to be the dinner guests to some irritated ghosts. The rumor is that the ghosts of the long-dead former owners of this mansion still come back to wreak havoc from time to time. Workers of the restaurant have reported everything from the elevators inside moving up and down without anyone in them to the chairs and glasses being upturned without anyone having moved them. The creepiest story out of this spot, though, are the reports that you can apparently see the ghost of David Whitney staring out of the window from time to time. Reservations, anyone?


11. The Bruce Mansion – Brown City

Have you ever seen a more stereotypical haunted house in your entire life? This looks more like the Adams’ Family house than anything else, and it has a pretty creepy past to match it. While the current owners no longer like to let people snoop around their house, the stories have turned out to have some fact to them. One such story is that one of the previous owners hit a man and buried him in the yard so no one would find out. These days the owners have admitted that they still hear voices and have doors slam shut without explanation.


10. Felt Mansion – Saugatuck

Agnes doesn’t want you in her house, and she’s not afraid of letting you know it. The house’s former owner only lived there for a short time before she died, but the mansion was her pride and joy. Just like the ghosts of other places on this list, she gets frustrated from time to time and will slam doors (even the bigger ones) just because she feels like it. What sets her apart, though, is the fact that she likes to pick on certain people, and a few have heard whispers telling them to get out. Something tells us that you wouldn’t have to tell them twice.


9. Mission Point Resort – Mackinac Island

Even one of Michigan’s most beautiful buildings has a few hauntings from time to time. It’s believed that the ghost of a young, heartbroken man still haunts the place after he killed himself. While this is up for debate, it’s not hard to believe that this would be the spot to bring someone you loved. Even if you don’t get any thrills from here, the entire island is supposed to have a pretty bloody past, and the likes of Fort Mackinac have drawn in ghost hunters from all around the country.


8. Traverse City State Hospital

Where do we start in a place like this? Not only did this spot house the mentally unstable, but it was also host to many whom died from the likes of tuberculosis, polio, and typhoid fever. Those deaths have given the place the reputation of being extremely haunted, but the layout of the place only add to it. Home to creepy, dank underground tunnels and creepy, caged rooms; the Traverse City State Hospital is about as eerie as it gets. If that wasn’t reason enough to suspect that something was weird about it, there’s also an apparent gate to hell on the property where demons linger around. Sounds like a lot of “nope.”


7. The Masonic Temple – Detroit

Another prime example of incredible architecture, Detroit’s Masonic Temple has been a hot spot for ghostly activities for decades now. If you ever feel like you’re being watched, you’re definitely going to be creeped out by the fact that many people who come through the doors walk through cold spots and feel like people are watching them the entire time inside. The building was the pride and joy of its builder, and it features hidden passageways and stairways all over the place. Unfortunately the building became so elaborate that it sent him into bankruptcy. In his depression, he leapt from the top of the building. His ghost has been known to roam the halls from time to time.


6. River Raisin National Battlefield Park

Home to the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812, it’s not hard to believe that the souls of those killed aren’t exactly thrilled to have people disturbing the battleground. Over five-hundred Americans died in this battle, which is probably why people can still hear agonizing cries of pain on quiet evenings. The real show, however, is when night sets in, and the “orbs” of those deceased can be moving quickly throughout the grounds and marshes around the park. War is hell, indeed.


5. The Henderson Castle – Kalamazoo

Now a Bed & Breakfast, the Henderson Castle is now the apparent home to a collection of ghosts from a variation of different time periods and backgrounds. Everything from a little girl, to a Spanish-American War Veteran, and even a dog, have been spotted around the castle, and they’re not afraid to get hands-on with the guests. While some have been known to reach out through phones and radios, others have actually been seen in full form, complete with clothing for the appropriate time period. This could be a stay you’ll never forget.


4. The Paulding Light

One of the most mystifying hauntings in America, the Paulding Light has been examined and investigated, but there’s still no real, logical explanation for why the light randomly appears. Some say that the lights are from the spirits of those who built the railroad, while others say that it’s the spirit of a Native American that continues to dance in the night. All you have to do is park and wait for the light to appear down the line. Many come to view this spot every year, and have even waited at the other end, but the light seemingly comes out of nowhere.


3. Old City Orphanage – Marquette

Talk about a creepy story… The structure itself looks like something out of a horror movie, but once you learn the story you’ll see exactly why people say it’s haunted. The word on the street is that a young girl stayed out too long in the cold and caught pneumonia, eventually dying. To teach the other children about the error in her ways and foolishness, the nuns running the place hung her body up for everyone to view. As far-fetched as this may sound, there have been far too many reports of people hearing the crying of children coming from the building at night to ignore.


2. Michigan Bell Telephone Company – Grand Rapids

One of the more notable of the abandoned buildings of Grand Rapids, the Michigan Bell Telephone Company has a surprisingly bloody history. Well, it’s not the building itself that has a haunted history, but the ground itself. Apparently, long before the building was constructed, a woman was beaten to death by her husband -with a wooden leg- and the husband then committed suicide in fear of the retribution. Not only did he kill himself, but he did it by slitting his throat with a razor blade. It’s no wonder why people say that they can still hear the couple fighting in the hallways. Yikes.


1. Pere Cheney – Grayling

Some people don’t consider Pere Cheney to be much more than a distant memory at this point, but there’s much more than the few remains of Pere Cheney than meets the eye. It’s amazing that a town as small as Pere Cheney was ravaged by so many diseases, but so many people in the town died that the numbers soon dwindled and the town was eventually abandoned and believed to be cursed. These days, nothing much remains in the town, but a strange moss grows everywhere, and a few ghosts and terrifying sounds have been experienced in the cemetery. Is the place really cursed? History may suggest so.


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