The 50 Strangest Abandoned Places By State

1. Alabama – The Abandoned Set of Big Fish

Big FishA�is a classic, and definitely holds memories dear to many who’ve watched it. That’s why it’s kind of haunting to take in the view of these abandoned sets. They’re still excellently preserved, but will eventually be lost to the elements over time.


2. Alaska – S.S. Coldbrook

Sure, there are plenty of creepy, abandoned ships on the shores of Alaska, but this one stands out among the others. There’s something especially haunting about this towering, rusty hulk of a ship. Yet, the backdrop of the ocean makes it startlingly beautiful.


3. Arizona – The Airplane Graveyard

The famous airplane graveyard of Arizona may have gotten a facelift from some of America’s most epic street art artists, but it’s still bizarre to see. Row after row of scattered plane skeletons stretch on for miles, and it’s something you need to see before you die.


4. Arkansas – Dinosaur World

This is definitely one of the more fun abandoned places in America. 65 acres of dinosaur and caveman statues are just waiting for you to take a selfie with them in Arkansas. Sure, they may not be as nice as they once were, but there’s plenty of room for inappropriate pictures for the creative mind.


5. California – Bodie Ghost Town

The gold rush left tons of mining towns abandoned throughout California. Seeing these old ghost towns is like stepping back in time for a little bit. It’s really hard to believe that people inhabited these places less than a century ago…
Bodie Ghost Town Storm

6. Colorado – Crystal Mill

Mills used to be a huge part of society prior to the industrial revolution, and few are preserved at this point. This Crystal Mill in Colorado, however, has stood the test of time, and still sticks out distinctively among the surrounding landscape.


7. Connecticut – Hearthstone Castle

You’d think this spot was taken right out of Medieval England and dropped right into Connecticut. You may be surprised to learn that it was only built in the 1800’s, though. It’s easily the most unique piece of architecture in the state.


8. Delaware – Dead Sentinel Lighthouse

While there are a ton of abandoned lighthouses along the east coast, few are anywhere near as old as this one. Although its light may not shine anymore, and it’s slowly weathering away, it’s well-preserved, and an amazing sight to behold.


9. Florida – The Dome Houses of Cape Romano

Yes, there are a lot of strange abandoned places in Florida, but none are quite as odd as the random Dome Houses by Cape Romano. Their origin is a complete mystery to some, but they definitely have some strange architecture. You’re not going to find structures like this anywhere else.


10. Georgia – The Georgia Lunatic Asylum

Ah, nothing’s quite as welcoming as an abandoned asylum. That’s probably why there are so many reports of hauntings within this abandoned asylum-turned-hospital. It now sits broken and desolate, and the inside looks like a scene out of a horror movie.

11. Hawaii – The Bus Swallowed Whole

Any time lava runs into a bus, the lava is going to win. That’s definitely the case here, where the abandoned bus was devoured by the smoldering sludge. It now sits with just a little but of the top still showing; rusting away with time.


12. Idaho – Abandoned Bay Horse

The mining boom brought a lot of people towards the mines they worked in, but, after they were no longer profitable, the towns quickly emptied out. Bay Horse is one of those towns, and now they buildings are slowly withering away.



13. Illinois – Chanute Air Force Base

It’s not every day that you’ll stumble across abandoned air force hangers, but that’s exactly the case here. The dust is thick in the air at this spot, and it coats pretty much everything in mounds. Some say that phantom airmen walk around the grounds of this place, but few have actually seen anything.


14. Indiana – The Palace Theater

Some towns have just been ravaged for various reasons over the past century, but few loses can compare to what was the once-beautiful Palace Theater in Gary, IN. Light now shines through its roof, and the artwork is weathering away with time.

Abandoned Theaters - Urban Exploration

15. Iowa – Keokuk Railroad Station

In the height of the 19th century, railroad architecture was huge. As planes took over the travel market, however, places like this old railroad station were thrown to the side. Although it recently got a restoration grant, it’s crazy to imagine how busy it was in its prime.


16. Kansas – Joyland

Joyland no longer brings joy to anyone, save for some of the fond memories that the locals have. Restorations have been set in motion, but nothing full-scale has been attempted yet, which is a shame, because this park is a classic.


17. Kentucky – The Ghost Ship

The hull of this creepy ship rests on the banks of the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Louisville, and it’s pretty amazing. It’s now covered by rust and plants, but that doesn’t take away from the impressiveness of this hulking skeleton.



18. Louisiana – Six Flags New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina wasn’t kind to one of Six Flags’ biggest parks, and it hasn’t opened since. This abandoned spot looks like something out of a kid’s nightmare. You may not see any creepy clowns there, but this place will definitely give you the chills.


19. Maine – Abandoned Locomotives

What? Did you forget that the state of Maine existed? C’mon, it’s actually a pretty cool place. These ancient locomotives are definitely epic. What’s weird is that they’re literally just out in the middle of nowhere. Regardless, they’ve reached their final stop.


20. Maryland – The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest used to be a place where kids of all ages could come to have fun, but these days nothing remains but the rusty remains of the castle and a few other aging attractions. Some have been saved and preserved, but there are still tons of remnants scattered throughout these woods.


21. Massachusetts – Plymouth County Hospital

How is this building even standing anymore? Some are starting to think it’s cursed. After closing down in the early 90’s, it’s caught on fire and been the subject of paranormal researchers from around the state. Just look at it! It’s not hard to believe that it might be haunted.


22. Michigan – The South Manitou Shipwreck/h2>
This is an epic shipwreck in the fact that you can pretty much just kayak right up to it without being in deep water. The ship (Fransico Moran) ran aground back in 1960, and has been resting in this place ever since.



23. Minnesota – The Old Hamm’s Brewery

Minnesota, like many other American cities, once had a golden age of brewing beer, but these days its two largest breweries set dormant. While there has been plenty of progress in trying to get these places to be less empty, some of the buildings still look like this…


24. Mississippi – Nitta Yuma

Nitta Yuma literally looks like a page straight out of a history book. It’s pretty much just another city that fell on hard times, but it’s rare to see a city that’s so well-preserved after all this time. Definitely take half a day to just meander around these rural ruins.



25. Missouri – Abandoned Lebanon Railroad

There are plenty of worthy candidates for the strangest abandoned places in Missouri, but these rail lines are just haunting. Now that the leaves are falling, it would be the perfect time to go wondering down these lines. They’re both beautiful and mesmerizing at the same time, as they’re now overgrown with lush plantation.


26. Montana – Nevada City

Nevada City in Montana is one of the best places to check out abandoned structures of all types. Rusty railroad cars and old, wooden dwellings make up the remnants of this ghost town, and you pretty much have free reign to explore.


27. Nebraska – Devil’s Nest Ski Resort

To be fair, Devil’s Nest’s Ski Resort was doomed from the start. If it wasn’t the funding, it was the fact that it was too warm there to have a long season for skiing. Today, you can still see the chair lifts and the various remnants around the property. Just don’t trespass, because this place is watched carefully.


28. Nevada – The Neon Graveyard

So, this place isn’t completely abandoned. Obviously someone has been hoarding all of these giant, neon signs. It isn’t the fact that the place is abandoned so much as it is that all of these brilliant signs are. You definitely want to add this one to the bucket list, because you won’t find a collection like this anywhere else.


29. New Hampshire – Madame Sherri Castle Ruins

What was once a beautiful castle-like house is now crumbling away out in the woods of New Hampshire. The only thing that remains is a little bit of the crumbling foundation and the remnants of a long, spiraling staircase that once led to the house.


30. New Jersey – Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Nothing like an abandoned asylum to give you the creeps, and you’ll find more than enough to give you chills at New Jersey’s Greystone Park Asylum. While graffiti has been spread all over the place, there are still plenty of creepy remnants from past visitors that make you wonder if the place isn’t haunted. You just never know what you might see at this spot…


31. New Mexico – Folsom

Among the plains of New Mexico, a tiny, abandoned section of town sits collecting dust. The town of Folsom, and its historic hotel, was once a place frequented in the days of the Old West. Today, the buildings are still preserved, but definitely ghostly.


32. New York – Bannerman’s Island

Ah, nothing like a creepy abandoned castle on some random island to get you in the mood to explore. It used to house military-grade weaponry, and, ironically, the weapons blew up inside the castle, causing part of the castle to collapse. These days, there are tours around the island, and the building is still a sight to behold.


33. North Carolina – Wizard of Oz Theme Park

Now this is one of the stranger ones for sure. In the mountains of North Carolina, a defunct Wizard of Oz Amusement Park remains intact. In fact, although abandoned, the owners of the property still allow tours once a year. Yep, you can follow the Yellow Brick Road.


34. North Dakota – Thelen

Thelen is the true definition of a ghost town. The buildings are all becoming dilapidated, and you can hardly tell that people even lived in some of these places at one time. Seeing how it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, it will slowly be taken back by the land it was built upon.



35. Ohio – Chippewa Lake Amusement Park

Chippewa Lake was once a place where many families would come to make memories together. Now, what was once the largest roller coaster in the park sits in a swamp, and the old Ferris Wheel is rusting away. It’s crazy to witness the loss of such an attraction.



36. Oklahoma – Skedee

Out of all the abandoned towns we’ve stumbled upon, none of them are as strange or mystifying as the little town of Skedee. It literally looks like the entire town just decided to up and leave one day, leaving everything from clothes to cars behind. While there are a few whom remain, this place is open to exploration.


37. Oregon – The Mary D. Hume Shipwreck

The hull of the Mary D. Hume may no longer be in service, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t protected by the government. It’s now covered by algae and rust, but there are still thousands who come to visit her every year. Seeing how she’s protected, she’ll be there for years to come.


38. Pennsylvania – St. Peter & Paul Church

Anyone remember the filmA�Dogma? Well, parts of it were filmed in here, and the church is still as creepy as ever. The Neo-Gothic architecture is quite a spectacle after being abandoned for awhile. Have to give props to the photographer here. This image really captures the true essence of the place.


39. Rhode Island – Brenton Point

Rhode Island is notorious for having over-the-top old school houses, but some of them came to an unfortunate end. That couldn’t be truer with this case, outside of Newport. In fact, if you look close enough, you can find tons of theses decaying houses around the area.


40. South Carolina – Cypress Gardens Ruins

What’s that? You say this looks familiar? Well, it just might be. If you’re a fan ofA�The Patriot, then you saw this abandoned spot in a scene from the movie. While it was used in the movie, it doesn’t see much attention these days aside from the explorers rowing around the marshes.


41. South Dakota – Ortley’s Grain Elevator

Although grain is still plenty in the Great Plains, this old grain elevator hasn’t seen much use any time lately. You can find plenty of these abandoned structures scattered across the Midwest. but few stand as well as this one.


42. Tennessee – Tennessee Brewing Co.

What was once a proud icon of southern brewing has been sitting dormant for the good part of a century. While there have been plans to renovate it, nothing serious has come to fruition, and the spot remains abandoned. Here’s hoping that big things finally happen for it in the near future.


43. Texas – Sea Arama

You definitely won’t find flipper jumping around in this spot anymore. Sea Arama was groundbreaking when it opened as one of the first large marine parks, but it just never achieved the success that it had hoped for. Now the place is dank and dingy with nothing to see but graffiti.


44. Utah – Flaming House Ruins

The roof is on fire! Just kidding, that’s just the crazy way that the rocks have formed over the ruins of this ancient house once used by Native Americans. Obviously no one has lived there for quite some time, but the natural beauty of the place is just breath-taking.


45. Vermont – Abandoned East Mountain Radar Base

The height of the Cold War brought speculation of a missile crisis to a whole new level, which caused many radar stations to be built along the East Coast. Now that the fear is long-over, these stations now sit abandoned at the summit. It’s crazy how the government just leaves structures like these just sitting around…


46. Virginia – Abandoned Renaissance Faire

Fancy a joust? Well, you’re going to have to look elsewhere, seeing how this Renaissance Fair is no longer in service. It lived a short, sad live (1996-99), and now no knights nor fair ladies will see it in its full grace. It’s for sale, though. Anyone got $3.5 Million to blow?


47. Washington – Satsop Nuclear Power Plant

Some things were just never meant to be. After seeing some of the terrible disasters involving nuclear power, Washington didn’t want to have anything to do with it. With so much adversity to having a plant, construction ceased on this plant, leaving nothing but a hollow skeleton to see.


48. West Virginia – Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Talk about a nightmare… Instead of removing the ruins of this once-loved park, they now sit, rusting away year after year. When the wind blows, there’s a eerie creak that comes from the swings and Ferris Wheel, and it’s pretty unsettling.


49. Wisconsin – Door County Mushroom House

Yeah… not so sure about the story behind this one, but it looks like is should be in the shire rather than in the Wisconsin countryside. Regardless, it took quite a bit of ingenuity to make this house happen, so you have to respect that. Still though, this is pretty weird.


50. Wyoming – The Smith Mansion

Well that’s… interesting. Yeah, this mansion is one of a kind, and you’ll only find it in Wyoming. The good news is that the locals have an interest in preserving it, so you won’t have to worry about it falling in any time soon.


Have another favorite abandoned spot from your state? Feel free to share it in that comment box below. We’re always looking to add new places to our bucket list!