6 Places To Get A Killer Hot Dog In Cincinnati

6. Wurst Bar In The Square

Wurst Bar is so far from the worst. It’s food is the best on so many levels. The amount of options is prime. If you’re just feeling a snack, get the Flying Pigs In A Blanket with beer cheese. Their Abe Froman is a Chicago Style Beef Hot Dog topped with neon relish, spicy peppers, shaved onion, brown mustard, sauerkraut, and fries. It’s too good.


The Roonie is chicken-garlic-truffle sausage with fried onions and boursin cheese. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The Hans Gruber is a “ruthless” German brat topped with peppers, onions, and vienna dusseldorf mustard. All we have to say to that is Yippee ki yay.

5. Senate

Senate’s got a bacon wrapped beef hotdog. Basically, that’s all you need to know. The Trailer Park is not only wrapped in bacon, but it’s got american cheese, coleslaw, and crushed Grippos. So that’s awesome. They’ve also got the Korean dog that’s got homemade kimchi, braised short rib, and pickled cucumber.


There’s also franks named after Nick Lachey and Lindsay Lohan, two great human beings, which already makes you curious about them. So, essentially what we’re saying is none of these quirky and ridiculously tasty options should be left untried.

4. Mr. Hanton’s Handwiches

This place deserves a big hand for the handwiches they’re rolling out. They’re bigger than a hot dog, but not quite a sandwich. Check out their location downtown or their food truck calendar to know where they’re going. Now if you’re not having too much luck in the dating department, the Hot Chick is here for you.


She’s 100% authentic, made of chicken apple sausage with habanero mustard, BBQ sauce, bacon, and chopped onion. The Shamma Lamma Ding Dog is as great to eat as it is to say. It’s lamb sausage with sliced tomatoes, chopped onion, cool cucumber sauce, and celery salt. Hanton really is anything but typical.

3. Sammy’s Gourmet Burgers And Beers

Sammy teamed up with Nathan for some of the best dogs around. They both beat Oscar Mayer any day of the week. Yes, Sammy’s serving up good burgers on the daily, but there’s 7 hot dog choices on their menu that’ll make you want to order one of everything. Go for the Ragita Dog that has Mexican melting cheese, corn, cilantro, ranchero dressing, and green pepper.


The Mushroom Dog’s got the same melting cheese, mushroom, and onion. They’ve also got a Classic Dog for those who are feeling pretty basic, but still want something quality. All options rock since they start with the stellar beef that Nathan’s is known for. Anything else on top is just a bonus.

2. Blue Ash Chili

Cinci loves their chili. You could for the the Classic Coney with chili, mustard, and onions. Or the essential Cheese Coney we’ve all come to know and love. Their Slaw Dog takes the Classic and adds homemade cole slaw on top while their Coney Bowl is a big bowl of chili and cheese with three hot dogs in the mix.


Follow their Twitter to find the Chilimobile on the road or stop by for a coney with a side of gravy cheese fries, fried jalapeno caps, or fried pickles. They’ve been a local favorite since 1969, and we promise you’ll be ordering these bad boys in plates of two or more. You won’t regret it cause chili is never a bad decision.

1. Eli’s BBQ

Sammy isn’t the only fan of Nathan’s dogs. Eli’s is all over them with their cole slaw, BBQ sauce, and pork crispins. They take a quick dip into the deep fryer after being in the smoker and are served on a grilled bun. Everything they put on top tastes great alone, but together, it’s magic.


Get a side of their mashed potatoes or mac & cheese to go with it. It’s an oozing mess of a meal, but your stained shirt will be the least of your worries. You’ll be too busy figuring out the next time you’re free to come back for some grade-A BBQ.