The 7 Best Places to Go On Your First Tinder Date in Cincinnati


What’s the first rule our parents taught us when we were young about meeting up with people we’ve met online? Meet somewhere public! Or was that just my parents? Whatever, either way, it’s good advice. Especially when you don’t know if the person at the other end of your phone has the same, er, wholesome intentions as you. You need to make sure you can make a swift exit. But I’m sure it’ll be totally great…

1. Neons

If you’re looking for a place a little more private, Neons might not be your best option. But if you’re looking for a place where you can literally get lost in the crowd if the date starts going sour, Neons is where it’s at. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, chances are you’ll know at least ten other people there, so they can always rescue you if need be. Plus, you can also see if your date is the kind of person who goes to a craft beer bar and orders craft beer, or Bud Light after Bud Light after Bud Light.


2. Igby’s

You can at least pretend to be classy if you guys hit up Igby’s for your date. You won’t look silly sitting at the bar and twirling your tiny little straw in your mixed drink, trust me. If your date doesn’t show, or if you flat out aren’t interested, there will probably somebody else here that’s into you, so the night won’t be a total loss.


3. Rhinegeist

Take off the slightly awkward edge by taking your Tinder date to Rhinegeist. There are plenty of beers for you to pick from to get a bit inebriated, and the two of you can spend the whole date playing cornhole and ping pong all night. Hint: if they aren’t having a good time, then they might not be “the one.”


4. Anchor Grill (Covington)

Listen, buddy, if you can’t handle me at my Anchor Grill, you don’t deserve me at my The Anchor-OTR.

Anchor Grill

5. Longworth’s

Perhaps the best course of action for a Tinder date is to go to an area with tons of bars. This strategy works because if things go well, then the two of you can bar hop until, well, you know. And if things go poorly, you can bar hop alone! At Longworth’s, you can at least count on plenty of other drunk people to make a good buffer, and a dance floor to show off all your cool moves.


6. Jefferson Social

Just think, if you go to The Banks, and the date is going well, you and your Tinder date can go make out on those bench swings that over look the Ohio River. It’s the perfect set up. Jefferson Social’s got a craft beer selection and mixed drinks that’ll keep you both satisfied. Plus, tacos. If they don’t like tacos, it’s probably just not going to work out.

Jefferson Social

7. Myrtle’s Punch House

Just think, your Tinder date might not have visited one of the best new bars in Cincinnati yet. That means you’re going to look totally cool for suggesting it as a meeting spot. Also, the two of you can split a punch bowl, which will kind of be like some sort of bonding experience or something. It’ll be all romantic and what not, if you’re into that kind of thing.