The 7 Scariest Haunted Houses Around Louisville


1. The Haunted Hotel


What keeps The Haunted Hotel at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to the best haunted attraction in the heart of Louisville? Well, a lot of it stems from dedication. The actors are fully dedicated to the characters they play, the special effects are top-notch, and the fear is authentic. If you don’t like the sight of high-intensity gore, this one isn’t for you.  Ah, the bloody brilliance is beautiful.

2. The Devil’s Attic


Word on the street is that the devil himself has taken interest in this hot spot. His minions are running throughout, tormenting and terrorizing all the locals who dare to venture inside. They’ll harass you with a vengeance. They literally pop out of nowhere when you least expect it, and the element of surprise is definitely the strongest suite of this house. Just when you think everything is calming down, the characters catch you by surprise and get your heart racing again. This is a thrill from start to finish.

3. Fear Fair


If you’re a fan of American Horror Story or Silent Hill, you’re going to eat this place up. The scenes literally look like they were directly inspired from both, and the results are phenomenal. There’s blood all over the place all the time, and zombies are aplenty as you feel your way through tight turns and dark corridors. Seriously, though, in between your running and screaming, take a second to admire the scenes they set up.


4. Nightmare Forest


Damn, this place can get just plain disgusting. In fact, we’d say that they push the boundaries more than anyone else with some of the nastiness that they show off. Sure, you might throw up in your mouth a little as you walk through, but that’s all part of the fun. After all, who doesn’t want to see massive amounts of blood, guts, and brains splattered all over ever surface of a room? Yeah, it’s gonna be messy.


5. Industrial Terrorplex


When you think of old school haunted houses, you think of a lot of great special effects and disorientation, and the Industrial Terrorplex captures that essence perfectly. With the future spot of the present Terrorplex in question, this may be the last time to catch the show at the original spot. There are four unique attractions, each with their own interesting identities. If you think you can knock it all out in one setting, go for it, but be prepared for more thrills than you may be able to handle.

6. Baxter Avenue Morgue


Sh*t’s about to get real if you take the trip to the Baxter Avenue Morgue. Instead of getting corny with their sets, sometimes they just get plain bizarre, but it’s an enduring trait that makes it more memorable than many of the others we ventured to. If the picture above isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the video below will. Be prepared for some sights you won’t soon forget.

7. Waverly Hills Sanitorium


Any true Louisvillian knows the story behind Waverly Hills. Hell, half of the damn country does after all the press it’s gotten over the past few decades. Knowing how may people have died there, it’s no wonder why so many people take the actual overnight tours of the place. While the haunted house that runs through it may be a little more tame, you just never know what you might see there. The overall hauntedness of this spot makes it creepy enough to earn a spot on the list.

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Featured Photo Credit: Antonio Pantoja