The 11 Best Bloody Marys In Louisville


Brunch is the best way to cure your hangover blues, and Bloody Marys are basically food. Drink your breakfast this weekend. They have tomato juice and vodka, which totally give you essential A�minerals and nutrients.

1.A�Outlook Inn


The Outlook is one of Louisville’s bars that has endured the test of time. The drinks are reasonably priced, the pours are generous and the bar is packed full of regulars. It’s a laid-back place to enjoy the afternoon, evening or late night hours. Plus, their Bloody Marys are legendary.

Bloody Mary (7)

2.A�Against the Grain


ATG is known for its beers, but it’s a lesser-known fact that they also have a killer build-your-own-Bloody-Mary bar. What could better with pork belly on a stick than a Bloody Mary? Maybe a fine Against the Grain beer, but you can always have that for dessert.

Bloody Mary (4)


3. The Village Anchor

The Village Anchor offers not one, but three different phenomenal choices of Bloody Mary. The Proud Mary is your standard Bloody Mary with just the right amount of spice and a skewer of peppers. The BLT Mary is made with bacon-infused vodka, zesty tomato juice, “Candied Anchor Bacon,” garnished with lettuce, tomato with bacon salt on the rim. The Spicy Bloody Harry is made with “secret spices” and a skewer of hot peppers.A�A�

village anchor bloody mary 3

4. Rubbie’s Barbecue and Brew

South End

Rubbie’s is a hidden gem of the South End that just so happens to make one of the best Bloody Marys in town. If you’re ever in the mood for some exceptional, homemade comfort food, Rubbie’s is a place you can’t afford to miss. All things fried and barbecued are done the right way here.

Plus, their Bloody Mary is insane – just look at it.

rubbies bloody mary y

5.A�TheA�Silver Dollar


If you like ’em hot, the Silver Dollar will deliver. When The Silver Dollar says their Bloody Marys are made-from-scratch, they don’t mean they started with tomato juice – they started from fresh tomatoes. Spicier than the average Bloody Mary, you can be sure you’ll be sweating by the time you’ve made it through your first. So good, you may need more than one.

Silver dollar bloody mary




Harvest is known for its farm-to-table comfort food, and its brunch is no exception. A Bloody Mary is a perfect complement to chrizo gravy and biscuits. Soothe away your hangover blues at this fine establishment – but it’s a pretty nice place, make sure you pull yourself together first.


7.A�Toast On Market


Here’s another place you’ll have to clean yourself up to blend in among a respectable crowd that didn’t get wrecked the night before, but the struggle is well worth it. Toast prides itself in quality and they certainly don’t skimp on the Bloody Marys.

Bloody Mary Celery

8.A�TheA�Monkey Wrench


In addition to an all-new brunch menu, The Monkey Wrench features a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. You can be the master of your own [breakfast drink] destiny and perfect your own recipe.

Bloody Mary 3

9.A�Garage Bar


Hand-crafted cocktails abound at Garage Bar, and it is only appropriate that the Bloody Mary be one of the best. The word “artisanal” is thrown around often when describing Garage Bar. Come sink your teeth into a unique twist on Southern-inspired brunch.

Bloody Mary 5

10.A�Back Door


Like most drinks at the Back Door, their Bloody Mary has a heavy pour and the most stretch for your dollar. You can’t order this Bloody Mary for brunch because the Back Door isn’t open that early, but if you’re feeling adventurous and ready to sweat, this Bloody Mary is the one for you. Goes great with their delicious fried food.

Bloody Mary (5)

11.A�A�Loop 22


This southern rotisserie boasts the best garnishes in town. Add as many garnishes as you’d like – everything from the standard pickles and olives to A�pepperjack cheese cubes to bacon or even lobster tail.

Bloody Mary (6)

Featured Image Credit: Edson Hong