The 9 Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in America


9. Cleveland

Cleveland may not be one of the larger cities in the country, but that doesn’t mean they don’t celebrate like one. The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has a history that stretches back through the better part of a century. Kegs n Eggs are aplenty and you’ll see more kilts than you can imagine as the bagpipe’s wail through the streets of the city. Just be prepared to be up early if you plan on celebrating up here. The pubs open at the crack of dawn on the day of the parade, but who doesn’t want to get loaded on green beer, anyway?


8. Holyoke

Not all St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations are about drinking as much as you can. We may not be able to attest to what people do after Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day Road Race, but we love the dedication by the runners. Thousands upon thousands of people, many adorned in green, run, jog, or walk this 5K every year, and it’s quite the spectacle. That’s just the beginning of the fun, though. Holyoke continues the fun with an impressive parade through the streets. With all the snow they’ve been getting up there, we can guarantee that the celebrations will be even more interesting than usual this year.


7. Seattle

Another city that gets into the spirit by taking a nice stroll through the town is Seattle, where the St. Patrick’s Day Dash averages around 17,000 runners annually, which should come as no surprise as it’s one of the country’s healthiest cities. After the race, people head over to the Seattle Center to celebrate the annual Irish Festival where you’ll find plenty of creative outfits and pints of beer. Seattle may be one of the American cities furthest away from Ireland, but the Irish spirit is strong.


6. Scranton

Scranton is another one of those smaller cities that rolls in deep for their favorite holiday of the year. The main attraction here is the parade, which goes on and on with festive floats and costumes that never cease to amaze. Even the dogs get involved in the festivities, which makes the festivities even better. In case you’ve never seen a pit bull in an Irish hat, we left the picture below just for you. You have to respect a smaller town that goes out of their way to organize an event at this scale.


5. New Orleans

You thought the beads went away after Mardi Gras ended, you have been misled. The Mardi Gras celebration passes, but the party never leaves in New Orleans, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception to that. You’ll still see beads everywhere, but they’ll all be green, white, and gold. You may not find a pot of gold, but you’ll find plenty of booze to go around, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a giant block party. Be ready for people to challenge you to chugging a few beers. It’s just bound to happen.

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4. Savannah

One of the biggest surprises for St. Patrick’s Day is how many people come out in force in Savannah, GA. We were shocked to learn that hundreds of thousands come out to celebrate. Savannah earns a spot on this list if for nothing else than the overall effect given off by the festivities. It’s incredible to see this many people come together for anything, but add a bunch of green beer and creative costumes and you’ve found yourself one of the impressive celebrations in America. Be ready for a party.


3. New York City

Although a city with a population like this has an unfair advantage, it’d be a joke to not include them on this list. Expect everything you would everywhere else, just on a larger scale. We will say that the best part about the celebrations in NYC is the creativity and variety of costumes that you’ll see along the street. Our recommendations? Grab a beer and do some people watching. With this many people around, you’re sure to see something that you won’t soon forget.


2. Boston

When it comes to pub crawls on St. Patrick’s Day, no one comes close to Boston. The Irish have a long, decorated history in Boston, and you need look no further than the NBA mascot to tell. Regardless of the past, the bars of Boston seem to outdo themselves year after year as thousands pour in to the bars in an attempt to get a beer from every pub along the way. If you’re going to do a pub crawl at some point in your life, it needs to be the one in Boston. It simply can’t be beat.


1. Chicago

How hard does Chicago go when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day? Well, they dye their entire river green, so there’s that. Yes, over 100,000 people gather along the banks of the river to enjoy the festivities. We’re not sure how they’re going to handle all the ice this year, but something tells us that they’ll get creative with it. While that’s pretty much all that needs to be done to win the title, the parade is also one of the most epic in the country as well. You haven’t done St. Patrick’s Day right until you drink a green beer by a green river.


Where do you go to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Share your stories of shenanigans in the comment box below!