These Are The 9 Best Tacos in Cincinnati


1. Django

Nestled on a corner in Northside, Django is one of those places that looks just like any other restaurant from the outside. Step in through its doors, though, and you’ll see a vibrant, contemporary restaurant that has unique vibes. Featuring a full-service bar, a taco bar, and a slew of tables for sit-down dining. You’ll find that Django is perfect for both the casual lunch date or dinner with friends.

Django Tacos Cincinnati

The Impulcity Insider: 

To find out what makes Django such a popular spot these days, we had a chat with their Executive Chef, Andrew. Apparently, they’ve been aiming to create an atmosphere that doesn’t lose the ability for walk-ins to come in for lunch, but still allows for people to come in for a quality sit-down dinner at night. When asked about the perfect way to experience Django, “Oh, definitely just chilling out on our patio on a Saturday afternoon with a few friends; drinking one of our hand-crafted margaritas and eating a few of our tacos.”



Our Thoughts:

The way Django crafts their tacos is an art in itself. We were extremely impressed with the amount of time and effort that went in to each taco as we watched them being made. We thought it couldn’t get any better, until we were blown away by the complexity of tastes from each individual taco. The fact that the food is unbelievable, combined with their selection of unique margaritas, and the relaxing vibe of the back patio, make this the place to be if you’re looking for the best tacos in the city.

2. Bakersfield

If you’ve been to OTR, you’ve probably heard of or been to Bakersfield before. Unfortunately, a lot of people have yet to experience their wonderful Short Rib Tacos. Upon walking in, you can’t help but love the Western-esque vibe of the place. You’ll feel that you’re likely to dine with John Wayne re-incarnate. Beers in cowboy boots, Clint Eastwood on the TV, and around seventy tequilas on the shelf… we’ll be waiting for you at the bar.


“We set the bar high on day one. When you want people to respect the quality of your food, you don’t have any other options. We use higher quality ingredients in our tacos, and we won’t settle for anything less than that,” said their GM, Jeff.

The Impulcity Insider:

Jeff was definitely on top of things, as he greeted us at the door, and immediately expressed how excited he was to simply discuss the growth of Bakersfield, “I want people to know that things are made fresh every day. We have amazing people in the prep kitchen that hand-make our tortillas every day. Chances are that if you’re eating one, it was made within the past hour. We have the ultimate dedication to freshness and quality.”


Our Thoughts:

Most of the time you’ll try to go to Bakersfield on a weekend night, you’ll have to wait. There are so many people that have fallen in love with their tacos, and you’re going to be next. Come in there on a weekday afternoon if you don’t want to wait, or brave the masses on a Friday night. Either way, it’s always worth a visit. One bite into their Fish Taco and you’ll see why.

3. Mazunte

How can so much awesome fit into one restaurant? Literally everything in the place has been hand-carved or made from scratch, right down to their hand-squeezed lime juice in their margaritas (which are loaded by the way, some of the strongest we’ve had from a restaurant). That’s just one of the small pieces of the Mazunte puzzle though, because, my oh my, those Fish Tacos are amazing. Actually, all of their tacos will have you begging for seconds.


The Impulcity Insider:

One of the liveliest people we met on our taco tour, Mazunte’s manager, Adam, was thrilled to talk about why Mazunte has risen so quickly in popularity. He claimed that it was more about the authenticity, and down-to-earth way, that have made it in to what it is today, “I just wish people knew how much thought, time, and effort goes into everything. Everything is made from scratch around here, right down to the tortillas. We take pride in that. Even the lime juice for the margaritas is squeezed here every morning. We take this seriously.”

“We’re getting ready to build a new patio outside, complete with speakers, so that would be the best way to do it here pretty soon. For now, though, you can find us serving our tacos down at Neon’s on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. We love serving the people down there. It’s always a great time.” It’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular in recent months: they genuinely care about their customers.


Our Thoughts:

We already know that Neon’s always has some killer food. The fact that Mazunte is able to serve their tacos there says something in itself. We’ve yet to find a stronger margarita from a restaurant, and the made-from-scratch attitude they possess makes us truly appreciate the lengths to which a restaurant will go to provide the best tacos possible. They may be one of the newest places in town, but, from what they provide, you’ll be thinking they’ve been around here forever.

4. Gomez Salsa

What started as a small-time salsa operation has become one of the best places to grab a taco in the city. Melding together years of salsa tradition with a shell, Gomez is making one hell of a statement. Their little shop, complete with a walk-up window, is about to shoot to the top of the list of places you’ll want to grab a taco. Open late on the weekend nights, you’re going to love this taco oasis at 2AM when you’re stumbling away from the bars in OTR.


“We just want to grow with the city of Cincinnati. A lot of big things have been happening in OTR lately, and we love being a part of that. People’s feedback means the world to us, because our menu is constantly evolving based on what people want to see,” we were told by Andrew Gomez.


The Impulcity Insider:

Andrew, the proprietor, gave us the background of Gomez, and its humble beginnings. His family has an extensive history with authentic Mexican, and his passion for his business was obvious as we talked to him about his upcoming Summer Taco at Gomez, “It’s got this pineapple and mango combination on it, wrapped in a corn tortilla. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy. It’s definitely the best that I’ve ever made. ”


Our Thoughts:

If you’re proud of Cincinnati’s recent growth, Gomez is a place you have to check out. Gomez has been making salsas from a family recipe since his days in college, and it’s definitely been perfected since then. Even if you’re not big into meat on your tacos, the salsas alone are reason enough to grab a few. After seeing the line at the walk-up window, we think Gomez Salsa is going to be growing with us for quite awhile.

5. Tacocracy

Who needs a democracy when you can have a Tacocracy? We’re not sure exactly how that would go, but if we got to have these tacos every day, we’d all switch over in a heartbeat. Easily the most unique of the places we visited, there’s no shortage of originality throughout the entire restaurant. They have everything from an art gallery in their bathroom to a patio that’s adorned in old records, but even the interesting decor couldn’t distract us from their taco perfection.


“We’re really all just a bunch of artists here. Literally everyone that makes the tacos here does some form of art. We like to stay in-tune with what’s going on in Northside, and we like to grow a lot of our ingredients in urban gardens.” – Patrick (Cook)

The Impulcity Insider:

To find out what gives this place such a unique vibe, we caught up with one of their eccentric cooks, Patrick. What we found was that Tacocracy was a place filled with pride for Northside, “People should definitely come in here on the second Saturday of each month. We have an art show on those days, and everyone seems to enjoy the local and national art. Just good vibes all around while you eat some great food.” After taking a look around their Bathroom Art Gallery, we could see just what he meant about pride in the arts.


Our Thoughts: 

One of their signature margarita’s, the “Blackarita,” made with Black Current Juice, was incredible. We’d venture to say that it was easily one of the best we’ve ever had. They also have a crazy selection of vegan and vegetarian options for anyone eating on the healthier side. The tacos we tried were loaded with fresh, recently-grown vegetables, and their sauces worked well on everything. They were even bold enough to add apples on one of them. If you’re looking for quality local art and fresh, home-grown tacos, Tacocracy should be your first stop on your Tour de Taco.


6. Nada

Nada has become a staple of Mexican food in Cincinnati because of its commitment to the experience from the get-go. As soon as you walk in, you see the bar packed with people, Mexican beer on tap, and some of the classiest decor you’re likely to find in the city. Their tacos are artfully served, to a degree that you almost feel bad about eating them. Or not.


“People are always driving by, seeing the restaurant packed with people, and it’s probably because we’re pretty much a ‘party in a box.’ We like to celebrate with the people of Cincinnati, and offer up quality, Mexican cuisine while we’re at it,” we were told by their GM Chris.

The Impulcity Insider:

To find out why Nada has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city, we had a chat with Chris. His attitude for creating the perfect environment was infectious, and he presented us the tacos like a father would his favorite son. He seemed to be a fixture within Nada, “Everyone is in love with our Pink Grapefruit Margarita. We shake in sorbet to give it a more unique, frothy texture. You have to try it when you come here.” After coming in here, you’ll be wanting plenty of them to keep up with their “party in a box” atmosphere.



Our Thoughts:

Have you driven by this place at night? “Party in a Box” might be a little bit of an understatement after coming through Nada on a Friday night. We weren’t able to focus on the atmosphere, though, because we were too busy concentrating on the food in front of us. Their Baja Fish Tacos are a necessity for all taco-lovers. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re doing something wrong.

7. Taqueria Mercado

A favorite among the downtown crowd, Taqueria Mercado has become so busy that they’ve now begun serving their margaritas on tap. Alcohol alone isn’t what keeps people coming back. After trying one of their Al Pastor tacos with their house-made hot sauce, we can admit: we’re hooked. Everything about the place screamed authentic Mexican, but there was also plenty of hospitality as well.


The Impulcity Insider:

“We like to think our motto around here is ‘fun before service,’ because we just want to show everyone a good time before they even get their food. We’ve gained more regulars than you could ever imagine just because we always make people feel like they’re having real fun while they’re here,” we were told by one of their vibrant servers, Ally.


Our Thoughts:

Happy Hour is definitely the best time to be at Taqueria Mercado. Their margaritas are only $4 and beer is only $2. That’s something that you won’t find in Cincinnati, let alone downtown. The tacos are reasonably priced, and have authentic Mexican flare that you would want. They’re a little bit spicy, and definitely packed with everything you’d expect from the perfect taco.

8. Tacos Locos

Have you ever driven past a tiny food truck, wondering what they have there, but never taking the time to turn around and find out what it’s about? Well, this is one of those places that’s definitely worth turning around for. It may not look like much from the outside, but some of the smallest places provide the biggest tastes.


The Impulcity Insider:

David, the son of the proprietor, was more than willing to give us the inside scoop on what makes their tacos make people go loco. He seemed to take a lot of pride in what he and his father have created with Tacos Locos, “People think that we’re associated with another company, but we’re our own individual place. We take pride in that. We definitely make all of our own sauces and salsas too. Everything here is authentic. We’re just trying to get enough business so we can have a sit-down restaurant for everyone.”

Our Thoughts:

Look, just because it isn’t a sit-down restaurant doesn’t mean that you won’t find some damn good tacos here. Food trucks are on the rise, and Tacos Locos has been around for quite awhile now. They stay true to their family-oriented ways, and that’s something we should all be able to support. Family values, authentic, homemade tacos, and a meal on wheels. What more do you need when looking for tacos?

9. Taco Casa

Another place that’s hiding right in plain sight, but you’ve probably never been to; Taco Casa sticks to simplicity to make their addicting tacos. They’ve found a faithful following of taco-lovers throughout the years at their various locations, but have remained under the radar. Deciding that word-of-mouth was their best bet, Taco Casa’s Taco Salad is a little different than what you’d expect elsewhere on this list, but, don’t let it turn you away because it doesn’t have a shell: this Taco Salad kicks ass.


“We’ve been around forever because people love our food, but we don’t really go around advertising it. We just keep making our tacos and taco salads the way we have since the beginning. The people are happy when they come here, and that’s all that matters.”

The Impulcity Insider:

To find out what’s kept Taco Casa around for so long, we spoke to one of their managers, Matt. Right from the get go you could tell that he was proud of where he worked, and the act that he’s gotten to know the regulars at Taco Casa, “I just love being a part of a small business. You get to know the regulars and consistently put a smile on their faces with your food. It’s a very rewarding and down-to-earth experience.”

Our Thoughts:

The fact that this is the oldest, longest running place on our list should speak for itself. Taco Casa has been serving its delicious Taco Salad for almost 50 years, and it’s not going to go away any time soon. It’s centrally located, has friendly service, and isn’t nearly as expensive as most other places. If you’re looking for a cheap lunch spot for you and a couple of friends, this is the place for you.