The 9 Creepiest Haunted Places in Ohio


9. Music Hall – Cincinnati

With architecture this beautiful, it’s hard to imagine that a place like this could be haunted. Some of the most beautiful things hide the best secrets though, and that’s the case at Music Hall in Cincinnati. Once thought to simply be urban legend, it has recently been proven that Music Hall was built on top of a burial ground, and they found a number of skeletons when excavating to build the foundation. Today, people claim that doors open and close without reason and that there have even been ghosts watching from the balconies above. Whether that’s true or not, the story itself is enough to land Music Hall a spot on our list.


8. Victoria Theater – Dayton

You know a place is haunted when the employees have given a name to the resident ghost. It’s been said that “Miss Vicki” is a playful spirit who just likes to have some practical fun every now and then. It’s believed that she was an actress who used to perform at the theater she now haunts. The strangest part is that people say that they can hear her giggling from time to time and even smell her lilac perfume. She’s apparently the only nice once, and there are several others who’d rather wreak havoc. Miss Vicki, we’d be glad to meet you over the other ghosts any day.


7. Gore Orphanage Ruins – Vermilion

Some non-believers in Ohio still think that there was never a Gore Orphanage Fire, but some of the stories that come out of the area are too strange to be a coincidence. The story goes that a fire burned the orphanage to the ground, which ended up killing all of the children inside. The most commonly reported happenings are people claiming to see the ghosts of kids running around between the trees where the ruins sit today. If you listen closely at dusk, some claim you can even hear the kids laughing. Whether it’s true or not, it’s pretty creepy, and a trip down Gore Orphanage Road just may give you a little more than you expected.


6. Rider’s Inn – Painesville

When a building is this old you know there have to be some pretty crazy stories. The Rider’s Inn is one of the oldest inns still standing in Ohio, and there have been some interesting reports from those who have stayed in it recently. Some claim to hear yelling and banging on the walls in rooms next door when no one is occupying them. There’s even a rumor that won’t stay shut, even after it’s clearly been nailed to the wall. Even if there are no hauntings, the food in the tavern is solid. Sometimes it’s best to explore ghost stories on a full stomach.


5. Mudhouse Mansion – Colfax

Now, before we go any further with this place, and to save ourselves from any misunderstandings: Don’t go snooping around this place. The owner is apparently crazy and has her own force of security guards and will press charges. Let’s not kid ourselves here, what better things do people have to do out here than watch a creepy old house? The story is that a whole family got slaughtered in here, but take it from us and don’t proceed to find out. There’s something weird about a place that’s guarded so tightly. That’s all we’re saying.


4. Helltown – Boston Township

Looks like a dead end. Well, it’s not. The road keeps going back and lead to ruins of old homes and buildings that were deserted decades ago. Not many have a clear idea of what happened back there, but there are quite a few theories that are flying around. Some say that the government seized the lands to do strange experiments while others say that there were dangerous fumes coming from the ground that affected people’s health. Regardless of what the story is, people claim to hear phantom vehicles and see ghostly apparitions floating around in the nearby woods. It’s safe to say that we’re not going back any time soon.


3. Crybaby Bridge – Kirtland

The story behind this spot is pretty messed up. Apparently back in the day couple had a heated argument that eventually escalated to the point where a woman threw her newborn baby off of the bridge into the rocks and waters below. Who does that?! The reports here are that you can still hear the baby crying if you drive over at night. Others have said that they’ve seen the ghostly apparition of the baby’s mother pacing back and forth over the bridge. If that’s not enough, the area around the bridge has a ton of other haunted stories that are worth looking into.


2. Franklin Castle – Cleveland

Well, there have been a ton of cruel and unusual murders in this beautiful house, so we’ll start with that. The boarded up windows and ominous architecture speak for themselves in this case, but the good news is that there are regular tours of the house to any interested parties. It would be one thing if it were just one or two murders and deaths in this house, but there have been more deaths in this house than you can count on your hands, so there’s probably something to those stories. Some say someone might fix it up soon. Yeah… nope. Nope nope nope.


1. Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield

Remember the Shawshank Redemption? Of course you do! Well, this abandoned prison was the spot where they filmed it at. Although there are tours given from time to time, and they even have a Halloween haunted house that runs right through it, it’s definitely creepy to walk through. They offer a ton of options for tours through the rust-filled catwalks of the past, and every now and then people claim that strange things happen within its cells. It’s home to some of the craziest ghost stories in Ohio, and, with a history like it has, it’s no wonder why.


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