The Best Bars To Catch All 32 NFL Teams In Chicago


Let’s face it, there are a whole hell of a lot of transplants in Chicago, and not enough bars to fill their needs to watch their favorite football teams. What they probably don’t know is the fact that there is a bar that specializes in pretty much every team that the NFL teams. With the season well underway, we’re about to deliver the information you need.

1. Atlanta Falcons – Kelsey’s (Lincoln Park)

Bummed out because the ATL is way too far away? Think there are no fellow Falcon’s fans out there in Chicago? Don’t worry, Kelsey’s is the official spot to watch the Falcons beat the sh*t out of anyone they play. They have plenty of excellent pub food to munch on, too. It’s the perfect spot to catch a game.


2. Arizona Cardinals – Joe’s Sports Bar (North Side)

Okay, so there really isn’t exactly a mass gathering of Cardinal’s fans anywhere in the city… maybe the city just hasn’t forgiven them for leaving all those years ago? Or maybe it’s just the fact that they hold the current record for longest streak without a championship win. Whatever it is, there simply isn’t a huge gathering of Cards fans in Chicago. You can always go to Joe’s anyway, though. Here’s to starting a new tradition.

3. Baltimore Ravens – The George Street Pub (Lakeview)

Wondering where the flock you can catch a Ravens game among fellow flockers? You won’t find a better spot in Chicago than at George Street Pub. Featuring one hell of a Black & Bleu Burger and plenty of craft drafts. You’re going to be set when you stop in.

4. Buffalo Bills – Delilah’s (Lakeview)

We know, we know… you’re still stoked that your team isn’t moving to Toronto. There’s even better news for those fans living in Chicago, though. You can catch every single Buffalo game among friends in a fun, exciting atmosphere. You can even grab $3 Genesee Cream Ale Pints on Sunday Game Days!

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills

5. Carolina Panthers – Timothy O’Toole’s Pub (North Side)

Sure, there isn’t a consistent official bar for the Panthers in Chicago, but quite a few fans still gather at Timothy O’Toole’s on a regular basis. With great drinks specials and solid wings, you’re going to be set even if you all don’t have your own bar yet.

6. Chicago Bears – Anywhere

There’s a bar at Soldier Field, right?

7. Cincinnati Bengals – Kincade’s (Lincoln Park)

Sometimes you just have to make the jungle boogie happen yourself, and plenty have done that at Kincade’s. Not only are there plenty of other Bengal’s fans to watch the game with, but they also set up a Cincinnati Chili Bar up for everyone to enjoy. It might not be the actual jungle, but you’ll feel right at home.


8. Cleveland Browns – Red Ivy (Lakeview)

Been feeling like you’re chained up in the Dog Pound in Chicago? Fear not, Browns fans! Red Ivy hosts more Cleveland transplants than you could even imagine. Sure, people may give you a hard time, but there’s no reason to lose hope. They even do half-priced pizza on Sundays! So, even if they lose, you can eat your sorrows away for cheap!

9. Dallas Cowboys – Commonwealth Tavern (Roscoe Village)

There’s a new home for America’s Team in Chicago, and it sits right in the heart of Roscoe Village. There’s a pretty large Cowboys fan-base in the city, and they’ve even gone out of their way to set up an entire Facebook page where everyone can unite. You can check that out here. The drinks are killer, too. Don’t pass up a chance to grab “The Dictator.”

10. Denver Broncos – The Irish Oak (Lakeview)

Maybe you’re a bandwagon fan, maybe you’re not, but we’re not judging either way. Broncos fans won’t find a better place to watch Manning throw some ridiculous bombs down the field. Maybe things fell apart last year, but they’re already shaping up another run. Grab a Corned Beef Sandwich and a Guinness while you’re at it. It’s an Irish Bar, after all.


11. Detroit Lions – Tin Lizzie (Lincoln Park)

Surely this year, right? Even if all else fails, you know that Megatron is going to put on a show for every Lions fan to talk about for the next few weeks. While you might get some dirty looks elsewhere, you’ll find a safe place in Tin Lizzie. You know you want to grab one of those Detroit-style coneys, too!

12. Green Bay Packers – Will’s Northwoods Inn (Lakeview)

Surely you must be nuckin futs. A place where Green Bay fans can gather to watch the game and it’s not even that far away from Soldier Field? Yeah, you heard that right. Not only that, but they come out in droves. Cheeseheads everywhere! Oh, and Cheese Curds! Get the Cheese Curds!

13. Houston Texans – Buy The Sunday Ticket!

Sorry Texans fans… you may just have to pay the extra money for Sunday Ticket.


14. Indianapolis Colts – Slugger’s (Lakeview)

Okay, so you might have to share the bar with fans from other teams, but it’s pretty much the best place you’re going to catch the game in the city. The back bar is usually packed with Colt’s fans and the area is huge. Some may tell you that you should just make the short drive to Indiana, but to hell with them!

15. Jacksonville Jaguars – Uhhhh…

Yeah, we don’t even think many people in Jacksonville watch these games. We’d only apologize if it weren’t true. Again, just get Sunday Ticket if you want to watch a trainwreck… I mean game.

16. Kansas City Chiefs – Toons Bar & Grill (Lakeview)

It’s time to break out the tomahawks! The city may be dominated by blue and orange, but you’ll be seeing plenty of red at Toons on gameday. Not only do they accept all Chiefs fans, but they even turn up the volume for the whole bar to hear. Their Cajun Catfish is also the bees knees. Really.



17. Miami Dolphins – Miami, Florida

“What? Dan Marino doesn’t play for the Dolphins anymore?” – Dolphins Fan From Chicago

New England Patriots Vs. Miami Dolphins At SunLife Stadium

18. Minnesota Vikings – Corcoran’s Grill & Pub (Lincoln Park)

We don’t blame you for moving away from that icy tundra up north, so we’re happy you found yourselves a little oasis in the city. The good news is that plenty of other Minne(snow)ta transplants got out of there too, an they gather at Corcoran’s to watch them play. Ah, there’s nothing like a Smithwick’s paired with Fish & Chips on gameday.

19. New England Patriots – Tripoli Tap (Lincoln Park)

Sure, sure… everyone calls you bandwagoners, but people always hate on successful teams. You’d think it would be easy to find others to support the Pats in Chicago, but there really aren’t too many. You’ll definitely find plenty at Tripoli Tap, where you’ll need to get there early if you want to get a seat. They pack this place every damn game. Every. Damn. Game.

20. New Orleans Saints – The Standard Bar & Grill (Wicker Park)

Oh when the Saints, come marchin’ in… they’re probably going to The Standard. Them along with more and more Saints fans every year. Even if you’re just a fan of Drew Brees for your Fantasy League, you’ll be accepted among plenty of others who want to see the same. Plus you can make your own Bloody Mary’s for only $5 on Sundays! Sounds like a little slice of heaven to us!


21. New York Giants – Racine Plumbing Bar (Lincoln Park)

It’s hard being a New York fan in Chicago, regardless of the sport. Racine Plumbing bar is still dedicated to all thins New York, though. Well, except for the Jets… but what are you going to do? You’ll get half-price wings and $4 drafts while you’re watching among friends, too!

22. New York Jets – Rebel Bar & Grill

Talk about some people that are crazy about the Jets! The owner, bartenders, and pretty much everyone in there on gameday are huge Jets fan. Not only that, but you can usually catch a solid musical act after the game. Oh, and their tacos… just yes.

23. Oakland Raiders – Nope… NopeNopeNope.

You expected to find a bar to watch the Raiders in this post… you have been misled. Looks like Chicago can escape the reaches of the black hole.


24. Philadelphia Eagles – Mad River Bar & Grill (Lakeview)

No need to roost alone, Eagles fans! In fact, Mad River plays pretty much any Philadelphia game you want to check out. Sure, you may never know who’s going to be starting the game, but you can guarantee that the Eagles are going to be competitors this year. While all the food is top-notch, you know you have to grab a Philly Cheesesteak. You know you want it.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers – Durkin’s Tavern

While the Steelers may be the most hated team in football, they also have the most loyal fanbase. Durkin’s is the official bar of the Steelers in Chicago, an it’s always packed full of black and yellow when the Steelers take the field. Yes, they’re taking over every city…

26. San Diego Chargers – High Dive (Ukrainian Village)

There aren’t many Chargers fans in Chicago, but High Dive is definitely the only place to be to watch the bolts go into battle. They also have some of the tastiest wings in town.


27. San Francisco 49ers – The Globe Pub (North Center)

Interested to see how the team’s going to do this year after all of the off-season shenanigans? Well, so are we. While we’re not avid 49ers fans, you’ll be among many of the 49er’s faithful while you’re there. Plus they have a solid beer selection. What else do you need?

28. Seattle Seahawks – Wherever Bandwagoners Unite!

Well, they won a Superbowl. Expect at least 5% of the population to turn into Seahawks fans.

29. St. Louis Rams – …

Maybe Michael Sam would have done something to help the Rams. Hell, maybe anyone could… Open tryouts, anyone?


30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jefferson Tap (West Side)

Even Tampa Bay has a small gathering a fans at a bar. Some of these other teams need to step their game up.

31. Tennessee Titans – Meh.

They’re really not that bad of a team, but there really aren’t a lot of Tennessee transplants around here.

32. Washington Redskins – Maeve (Lincoln Park)

Or you could just go to Commonwealth Tavern to piss off the Cowboy’s fans. We’d actually love to see that.


Think there’s a better place to watch your favorite NFL team in Chicago? Let us know by commenting below.