The 13 Best Date Spots In Columbus


A Walk Through Whetstone

Roses, roses, and more roses. What could be more romantic than a slow walk through a park full of roses at sunset? You’ll get to talk about future plans, get lost in one another, and relax as you take in the scenery. Just don’t forget to bring her roses beforehand if she’s into that sort of thing.

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Dinner By Candlelight At Moretti’sA�

When the moon seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, hopefully you’re with that special someone at Moretti’s. What says I love you more than eating enough carbs to last you both an entire year? Plus, Moretti’s has a huge list of bottled wines that will fit pretty much any budget. Just make sure to make a reservation, because the place is always packed.

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Bring Out Your Inner-Kids At COSI

While you can’t quite study your versions of anatomy while you’re there, you can definitely play around with the interactive exhibits instead. Whether one or both of you love science, you’re sure to learn something new or different about the world when you go. Just try giving a kiss in the rotating tunnel. It’s the only time you might be able to get away with missing her mouth.

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TryA�Classy Pastries At Pistacia Vera

If you feel like splurging on your date with some fancy-ass pasteries, Pistacia Vera is the place for you. Their crazy collection of macaroons is phenomenal and they even have a cake sprinkled with gold shavings. If your lady is the type that enjoys the finer things in life, feel free to spoil her with all the sweets her heart desires. Our personal favorite? The Coconut Creme Macaroon.

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Do The Tour De TruckA�

This one is a little more original than most. Just tell your date that you’re going to pick them up for dinner, but then drive all over the place to try something from as many food trucks as possible. Will you hate yourselves for the amount of food you consume? Yes. Will you probably love each other even more anyway? You know it. Or you could just take her to the Food Truck Festival, too…

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Brunch At Katalina’sA�

Word on the street is that their Nutella Pancake Balls are definitely an aphrodisiac. It’s always pretty busy, full of couples with their dogs… it may very well be a fact. Even if it’s not, they’re easily the best pancake balls we’ve ever had. Make sure to order their Sweet & Spicy Bacon while you’re at it. After all, who doesn’t like food?

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Catch A Show At Shadowbox

They say that laughter is the cure for all things, and a comedy at Shadowbox is sure to do the trick. If someone you love is down in the dumps, a few chuckles here could have them feeling better in no time. The best part? World of Beer is right next to it. If they’d rather drink their sorrows away, that is.

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Cocktails With A ViewA�

It’s no secret that the Scioto Mile is one of the more popular areas in Columbus, but within its confines is a real gem in Milestone 229. Their cocktails are always phenomenal, and it’s one of the most romantic views of the city. If you can deal with the limited menu, and just enjoy the tipsy company of your special someone, you don’t want to skip out.

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Check Out Artsy Stuff In Short NorthA�

If you want to get some points towards being a cultured couple, there are plenty of art galleries in Short North to make you feel sophisticated. Or, if you’re like some of us, you can always make fun of the hipsters and chuckle at the paintings of naked women. We’re all a little immature, right? At least you can get some legit Artisan Coffee while you’re at it.

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Go Karting + Putt Putt + Lazer Tag At Magic Mountain

Yeah, we realize that you probably did all of this stuff when you were a kid, but it’s still just as good when you get older. Gang up on little kids at lazer tag or get competitive with your mini golfing skills, but don’t forget to race each other at go karts before you leave. Yeah, you should probably just let her win…

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Take A Walk On The Wild Side At The Zoo

Columbus Zoo continues to be one of the, if not the, best in the country. If your date doesn’t like coming here, then you should probably find someone a little more fun to be with. With everything from Polar Bears to Elephants, you’re sure to find one of your childhood favorites. Seriously, why sit at home watching Discovery when you have this zoo right in your back yard?

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The RefectoryA�

Ah, elegance at it’s finest. Over 700 wines? Are you serious?! We didn’t believe it at first, but damn, they have more types of wine than we’ve ever seen before; all in one place. They also have some of the classiest-looking desserts and entrees in Columbus. Seriously, all of their stuff looks like something off of Food Network. It doesn’t get more gourmet than this.

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Ride A Hot Air BalloonA�

So, you want to show off, or take someone out for a special occasion? Look no further than the unique experience of flying in a hot air balloon. The flight typically lasts an hour, but it feels like you’re floating above the ground for a lot longer than that. You’ll probably have to save up for a bit (it’s $600), but it will be an unforgettable experience with whomever you decide to take. Your relationship is about to reach new heights.

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