The 12 Best Food Trucks In Chicago


1. The Slide Ride


How can all-natural burgers taste so damn good?! We’re not sure what the owner does to these one-of-a-kind beauties, but they’re absolutely incredible, especially considering the fact that they come from a food truck. They definitely don’t look like any burgers we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying, but their so unique and flavorful that we were blown away when we took the first bite. You have to try the Jalepeno Jack Burger. It’s a life-changer.

2. Husky Hog BBQ Truck


Oh, BBQ, sweet, sweet BBQ… When it comes to that backyard bbq feel, Husky Hog’s Food Truck has perfected the art. It’s nothing overly complex that makes Husky Hog so amazing. It’s the fact that they stick to the simple way of doing things, and the outcome is amazing. All they had to do was put their delicious, original-recipe sauce all over the meat, throw it on a bun, and offer it with a side to make everyone fall in love with them, including us. If you want our recommendation, get the Shredded Chicken (Breadless), with a side of Bacon Baked Beans. Ah, simplicity.

3. Babycakes


Did someone say… gourmet pancakes? Yes, actually. You thought you knew all there was to know about pancakes, but you were so, so wrong. In fact, we would go as far as saying that Babycakes has flipped the entire script when it comes to how we view pancakes. We’ll never be the same again. Instead of sticking with the monotonous, boring syrup and fruit routine, they go way outside of the box, and the results are amazing. With so many options, it’s hard for us to suggest just one, but the Cotton Candy is one you’re never going to forget. That’s for sure.

4. 5411 Empanadas Truck


Empanadas that come to us? Yes please. Not only do they come to us, but 5411 has an excellent selection. Whether you’re looking for something extra meaty or something on the lighter side, they’ll have you covered. Not only do they have classics, but they’ve even gone as far as to make a Banana & Nutella Empanada. Yes, you heard that correctly. Oh, and don’t even get us started on how delicious their Chimichurri Sauce is. It has a collection of flavors that perfectly complements the meatier empanadas, especially the Beef.

5. Tamale Spaceship


This is one of those trucks that’s a true experience to stop by. Not only are the tamales unique, but the guys working behind the counter are always wearing these badass luchador masks. It looks kind of wild at first, but it’s actually a pretty sweet concept. Not only is that unique, but so are the names of the tamales. The “Picturesque” is a delicious tamale made with pork, tomato-habanero salsa, purple pickled onions, and it tastes just as good as it sounds. Don’t forget to grab some fresh guac and a Mexican Coke while you’re at it. The experience wouldn’t be complete without them.

6. Flirty Cupcakes On Wheels


Mmmm… cupcakes. Sure, you may have to drink a whole gallon of water to make up for the amount of sugar you take in for every cupcake you eat, but has that ever stopped you before? Nope. That should be especially true for the sugary-goodness of these bad boys. Whether you like Red Velvet, Oreos, or something that’s just plain chocolaty, there’s going to be something here for you. Honestly, though, you can’t go wrong with anything. We’ll take one of everything, please.


7. Soups In The Loop


You feel that? Yeah, that’s Old Man Winter knocking on your doorstep, and it’s only September. With this year’s winter supposed to be even worse than the last, you’re going to need some warm, hearty soup. No, not that Campbell’s shit you have stowed away in the cabinet. You need something homemade, just like mom would make it. Good thing Soups In The Loop is around to fight off those winter blues with an assortment of hot, delicious soups. The Chicken Lemon Soup will be perfect for fighting off the sniffles in few months. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

8. The Eastman Egg Company


Exciting things are happening for Eastman Egg Company. After patrolling the streets with their food truck for quite awhile, they’re getting ready to open their first store in the loop. Don’t worry, though. The Food Truck will still be bringing their delicious sandwiches all over town. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, their sandwiches have a little bit of everything to keep your day going strong. While all of their sandwiches are packed with flavor, we love to keep it simple with the Doc complete with a delicious Iced Coffee.

9. Haute Sausage


Sure, the sausage may be in the name, but this Food Truck is about way more than just that. That’s not to take away from their spicy, unbelievable sausages. We’re just saying that there’s more of an art to their craft than you may take in at face-value. Their Smoked Gator and El Puerco were the ones that were most memorable to us. Well, that and that oh-so-unhealthy-but-so-good Brisket Poutine. Wow, just wow.

10. The Fat Shallot


How can a Food Truck have this many high-quality items to choose from? We don’t know, but their Reuben was absolutely phenomenal. In fact, every sandwich we’ve tried to date was just as good as the first. Even their Grilled Cheese was out of this world! Instead of being boring and just throwing two pieces of shitty cheese in between two pieces of bread, they decided to use Muenster Cheese and then added sauted spinach and caramelized onions on sourdough. Some places make the simple into something extraordinary, and Fat Shallot is definitely one of them.

11. The Perogi Wagon

pierogi wagon

Polish food is definitely a necessity in Chicago, but few Polish traditions are as excellent as that of the pierogi. Sure, you can find plenty of them throughout Chicago, but few actually come right into your back yard on a regular basis. One thing’s for sure, though: Pierogi Wagon knows what’s up when it comes to those epic little pierogis. Their options aren’t expansive, but they don’t need to be. Just get the Cheddar & Potato, topped with bacon and sour cream. Just do it.

12. Beavers Donuts


Donuts! Nothing makes our lives better quite as much solid donuts and a warm cup of coffee in the morning. There’s no need to go to any of the chain stores with the introduction of this Food Truck, which we think has some of the absolute best donuts we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. They recently unveiled this new Pumpkin Pie Donut, and it’s perfect for anyone who gets into pumpkin spice. Grab that and a cup of dark roast and your blustery autumn day is going to get so much better. That’s a guarantee.

Featured Image Credit: Chicagonow