Cincinnati’s 10 Best Happy Hours


A�1. MOTRA�(M-F 4-7:00 P.M.)

All you had to do was talk about the fact that they sell $1 beers during their happy hour, and we were in. Sure, it may be Burger Beer, but at least it’s made right here in Cincinnati. Even when it’s not happy hour, you can still get a pint of Hudy Amber for $2.50. You gotta love Cincinnati beer. Or don’t, but you’ll still buy it, because it’s cheap! Don’t forget to grab a Beer Cheese Pretzel while you’re there. You’re going to need it to sober up a bit!


Credit: MOTR

2. The Righteous Room (M-F 4-8:00 P.M.)

Happy Hour at the Righteous Room definitely makes us pretty happy. Half price everything?! Yeah, you heard that right. Half. Price. Everything. That’s not to mention that it has one of the best overall ambiances in the entire area. Come in for a late afternoon drink before heading over to OTR or prior to going out for dinner on a date night. You don’t have to head to OTR, though. You could just stick around for more drinks on Friday night. Their back patio is one of the best in the city.


Credit: Righteous Room

3. Murphy’s PubA�(M-F 5-8:00 P.M.)

Yeah, we’re still going to refer to it as our own “adult playground.” How could you not, though? Their Happy Hour features $2 doubles and plenty of other ridiculous deals for everyone to enjoy if you’re looking for a good time. Plus they always deliver with free hot dogs as snacks to sober up all of their patrons who’ve gotten a little too happy over their happy hour. You also have to play at least one game of darts while you’re there, too.


A�4. Brass TapA�(M-F 3-7:00 P.M.)

So, you want to drink local, but don’t want to pay an outlandish price for just one beer. We feel you, and so does Brass Tap. During their Happy Hour, you can get $3 Local Drafts from start to finish, and with so many choices from all of the excellent local beer choices, it’s no wonder why people pack this place on many afternoons. Solid crafts really don’t get any cheaper.


Credit:A�Brass Tap

5. Northside Tavern (M-F 5-8:00 P.M.)

No matter what your tastes are, Northside Tavern will have something to appease your need for cheap drinks after work. Whether you like, wine, whiskey, or bourbon, you’re going to find a special for less than $5 during their happy hour. Everyone likes getting their buzz on for under $20. If it costs more than that, you should probably get your liver checked.



6. O’Malley’s in the Alley (M-F 3-7 P.M.)

Well, we all know how the Reds have done this season, but that’s all the more reason to get pleasantly drunk before we go to the last few games of the year. With O’Malley’s being right near both stadiums, it’s no wonder that a ton of pregamers come in here to get more than enough of their fill. Their Happy Hour features $4 Call Cocktaiks, $3 Wells, a $1 off of both bottled and draft beers, and plenty of drunken shenanigans.


Credit: O’Malley’s

7. The Comet (M-F 4-7:00 P.M.)

Sure, sure… you do get $4 drafts during The Comet’s Happy Hour, but that’s not what makes this happy hour so excellent. Instead of just giving you cheap drinks and being done with it, The Comet hooks you up with a special on tacos that’s good enough in itself. For just $1.50/taco, you can satisfy your deepest longings for some amazing tacos. With these prices you’re going to need something to absorb the alcohol anyway.


Credit: The Comet

8. Nada (M-F 3-6:00 P.M.)

Nada’s “Tres to Seis” menu is what’s up. It’s pretty simple, but, with the quality that Nada delivers on a consistent basis, you’ll be glad to get what you can for such a low price. For a few hours, they lower the prices of select appetizers and drinks, and everything on their menu is amazing. The real special, though, comes from their magnificent $5 margaritas. Throw some guac and chips on the side, and you’ll be feeling pure bliss.


Credit: Nada

9. Scene Ultra Lounge (Tu-F 4-8:00 P.M.)

Sure, you may not like to dance on their busy nights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the place for other reasons. Their list of solid apps and drinks only gets better when you can get them for half off, which is exactly what happens during one of the happiest Happy Hours in all the lands. Make sure to grab yourself a quesadilla or specialty pizza when you’re on there, and you can always catch an acoustic act on Thursdays, which makes for a chill way to start off your night.


10. Kaze (4-7:00 P.M Daily)

Sure, a $5 drink may not seem like it’s a special to some people, but when it’s a high-quality, hand-crafted cocktail, this is one hell of a special. Instead of settling for some mediocre well drink for $2 less, you should come in here for a drink that you won’t soon forget. Their bartenders make some of the best drinks in Cincinnati, and you’ll only find them at Kaze. Plus you get some amazing Ramen for only $4. Gotta love a good special.


Credit: Kaze

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