The Best Hot Browns In Louisville


Keep an open mind about the Hot Browns served by bars. After all, let’s remember that this was a dish created to be a greasy treat to sober you up after you’ve had one too many.

Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel gave the world this most rich, savory and delicious dish, which has been dubbed “The Ultimate Drunk Food.” It was created by Fred. K. Schmidt in 1926 in the kitchen of this historic hotel and tasting the original creation has become a pilgrimage for foodies across the country. It has been featured on The Today Show and Man Vs. Food, among many other publications and TV shows.

This open-faced turkey sandwich is baked golden-brown, swimming in mornay sauce, and topped with bacon, tomatoes and pecorina romano cheese. Tasting the original is essential to being a Hot Brown connoisseur.

1Credit:A�The Brown Hotel

Troll Pub Under The Bridge

The Troll Pub offers a unique ambiance. It is appropriately named, as it is literally located under a bridge, and it adheres to the pub-and-troll theme by creating an atmosphere of brick walls and a dungeon-kind-of vibe.

Despite the troll out front and the laid-back, almost sports-bar-like kind of appeal, this place offers quality cuisine (the Hot Brown being no exception). A�Their Hot Brown is served on toasted sourdough bread and prepared traditionally, with thick-sliced turkey, mornay sauce, tomato and bacon.

Kentucky Hot Brown Anita Aguilar ResizeCredit: Anita Aguilar

The Village Anchor

This “Parisian-Bistro-meets-English-Pub” located in the heart of Anchorage offers a sophisticated and elegant, yet still delightfully down-home dining experience.

The Village Anchor thinks outside the box a bit with its interpretation of the Hot Brown. Known as “The Hotter Brown,” this dish is made with pulled roasted chicken, house-made sourdough stuffing, cheddar-Parmesan mornay sauce, grape tomatoes and Candied Anchor bacon. If you’ve had your fill of standard Hot Browns and are looking for something just as delicious yet different enough to feel new, The Village Anchor should be a destination.

Village Anchor Hotter Brown ResizeCredit:A�The Village Anchor

HighlandsA�Tap Room Grill

The Tap Room may be a modest place to experience one of the nation’s greatest original creations, but the Hot Brown was born of necessity for a late-night drunk snack. And by “snack,” we mean a sandwich you have to eat with a knife and fork, dripping with Mornay sauce, stacked with thick-sliced turkey and bacon.

The Tap Room’s take on this Louisville classic doesn’t disappoint. Give it a shot next time you’re craving a Hot Brown after-hours.

tap room hot brown yCredit: Morgan E.

Goose Creek Diner

This is a no-frills, friendly diner with Southern comfort food fare. It’s good-old, down-home Southern cooking, just like grandma used to make. This is a casual lunch or dinner spot to enjoy all things deep-fried and “homestyle.”

Their Hot Brown can either be served the traditional way, with Turkey, or their own signature “James Brown,” made with roast beef instead of turkey.

Goose Creek Diner Hot Brown ResizeCredit: Goose Creek Diner


A pinball arcade/concert venue/bar may seem like an unlikely foodie destination, but believe it. Zanzabar’s version of the Hot Brown is as delicious as it is innovative. The “Mata Hari Hot Brown” is served on Klaus’ pretzel bread, topped with turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and swimming in Baby Jesus’ (a delicious beer, if you’ve never tried it) beer cheese. It’s served in an iron skilled and ready to conquer the hunger you worked up after all of those arcade games.

zanzabar hot brown foursquareCredit: David Kelm

Hilltop Tavern

Hilltop is a friendly neighborhood bar with the art of local artists adorning the walls, a ping pong table in the middle of the room and hot delicious food served from the kitchen ’til all hours of the night. The beer cheese is to die for, but for now, we’ll focus on the Hot Brown.

Served on Texas Toast, topped with smoked turkey, bacon, tomato and smothered in cheese sauce, Hilltop’s Hot Brown is definitely a contender in the race of “best Hot Brown.”

Kentucky Hot Brown ResizeCredit: Chica and Jo

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