The Best Sushi In Louisville


SapporoA�Japanese Restaurant

One of Louisville’s favorite sushi restaurants, located in the heart of the Highlands and downtown near 4th Street Live. It’s everything you’d expect from a hibachi grill and sushi bar, but with a sleek, modern atmosphere. The sushi menu offers traditional favorites like the Crunch Munch and Calfifornia Rolls, as well as diverse and original house rolls. The VIP roll is torched by a small fire that is lit underneath the plate and is served while still aflame.

Happy Hours offer discounts on sushi, wine and sake, so your experience can be as inexpensive or extravagant as your heart desires.


Credit: Sapporo Japanese Restaurant


Self-proclaimed to be “Louisville’s Only Japanese-Owned Japanese Restaurant,” hiko-A-mon uses organic ingredients to craft their creative and delicious specialty rolls. The ambiance is colorful and inviting, Locals praise its authenticity and the Ramen also comes highly recommended, which is rumored to be the best in Louisville.

This is a place known for its beautiful presentation, excellent service and originality. The Westport Roll is a house favorite, with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado topped with tuna, mango, honey and lemon sauce.

If Westport Village is a journey for you, check out the new location coming soon to Muhammad Ali and 4th Street.

hiko-a-mon2Credit: Coffeesmith

Oishii Sushi

Reasonably priced sushi with unique specialty rolls. The restaurant is cozy and the staff is friendly and helpful. There are a variety of options with cooked fish in addition the traditional options, so if you’re bringing a beginner with you, that could be a good selling point.

The Hawaii Roll is a sweet and savory option, with mango, shrimp, asparagus and cream cheese.

oishiiCredit: Oishii Sushi

Dragon King’s Daughter

Not your traditional sushi restaurant, but an exciting new twist on contemporary Asian Fusion. The only place in Louisville where you can get tacos AND sushi. The Crunchy Munchy Lobster roll comes highly recommended, and don’t be afraid to try things that sound unusual.

This is also a great place to stop by for their late-night happy hours for discounts on drinks, sushi and their extensive beer list.

dragon kings daughterCredit; Dragon King’s Daughter

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger’s signature rolls are extravagant, beautifully presented and served in large portions. Come for the friendly service, stay for the fantastic sushi. The 007 roll is recommended by the regulars, served with spicy crab and tempura shrimp, topped with super white tuna and lime slices.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Tropical Tuna with coconut.

wild gingerCredit: Wild Ginger


Kansai Japanese Steakhouse

Kansai is known for its beautiful decor and atmosphere as much as it is its artfully crafted sushi. If you’d like an entertaining evening at the Hibachi Grill, or just a quiet dining experience at the sushi bar with expertly-seasoned sushi, Kansai is an excellent choice.

If you’re into spicy sushi, try the Dynamite Roll: Tuna, avocado and cream cheese topped with oven baked spicy crab and scallops, served with tempura flakes and Unagi sauce.

kansaiCredit: Kansai Japanese Steakhouse

Osaka Sushi & Japanese Cuisine

Osaka is a no-frills kind of sushi place. If you’re looking for quality and generous portions, this is the place to go. The wine list is impressive and the sushi is reasonably priced. Try the Osaka Roll! It’s torched as it’s served.

Sushi4Credit: Dan | Hacker | Photography

Sake Blue Japanese Bistro

Sake Blue features creative takes on sushi and a trendy, modern atmosphere. Their sushi menu features many options with cooked fish and some with chicken in addition to standard favorites like the Philly and some vegetarian rolls, so there are options for those who are new to experiencing sushi who may be put-off by the whole “raw” thing.

blueCredit: Sake Blue Japanese Bistro


The sushi menu features traditional favorites in addition to more Americanized favorites, the kind that are deep-fried with cream cheese. The service is friendly and helpful. The Pink Lady roll is a favorite.

wasabiya5Credit: Wasabiya

Asahi Japanese Restaurant

Asahi is known for its friendly service and excellent sushi rolls. It’s affordable and the options are extensive. The rolls are a good blend of the traditional and a bit more creative sushi fare.

Try the Tempura Sweet Potato Roll, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Philly RollCredit: Yuen Yung

Featured Image Credit: Abby Rosenberg