The 7 Wildest Party Schools In Ohio


1. Ohio University

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is: OU is going to be raging. Whether it’s seeing people run down the street in giant penis costumes, chugging tequila on Halloween, or the hordes of drunken students that light shit on fire at Palmer Fest, students are always going to be getting wild at OU.


Well, what else can you expect? They’re kind of out in the middle of nowhere, and there’s not much to do aside from knocking a few back (or an entire case) after a long day of classes. We’re not saying Athens is boring, and it’s actually far from it, but the best ideas come from bored college students, and OU is a testament to that.


If you’ve yet to spend a drunken night at an OU party, then you’re simply missing out on a true life experience. Not only are they at the top of our list, but they’re also usually near the top of the national list of the “Top Party Schools in America.”

2. Miami University

They say that history repeats itself, and that’s the consistent theme when it comes to getting reckless at Miami. Speaking of history, how about the fact that three major fraternities got their starts there. Oh, and they’ve had plenty of run-ins with the law, but much to the pleasure of everyone who got to witness. If you haven’t checked out picture from a few of the chapter’s “going away” (getting kicked off of campus) parties, then you’ve been missing out on some real gems.


Not only do they have fraternities that know how to throw down, but they were also the first college in the state to start Green Beer Day, and it’s a spectacle to witness when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around every year. Thousands of students line the streets, chugging beer after beer, soaking themselves in the green-dyed beer. If that’s not crazy enough, most of the students have been known to be a little more privileged in life, meaning they’re more than willing to contribute to party supplies and providing everyone with more party favors than they can probably ever handle. Ain’t no party like aristocratic parties…

3. University of Cincinnati

Ah, the many, many nights spent house-hopping throughout Old Stratford. Don’t like the theme or people at one party? Don’t worry. All you have to do is hop over to the next house to find something that fits what you’re looking for. Not only that, but most people don’t even give a damn about the houses, because they’re obviously all worn down from year after year of parties.


Not only that, but Welcome Week is a complete shit show. All of the freshmen come out in force to get nice and wasted the weekend before classes started. What better way to start the college experience, after all? Then there’s always the Stratford-Paloooza that happens every year. Last year it got a little reckless, with “Turn Down For What” being blared at the cops when they showed up. We can’t wait to see what goes down this year…

4. University of Dayton

Yeah, we didn’t think that they knew how to party before they started kicking ass at basketball in the tournament. Turns out that we were wrong. Very, very wrong. In fact, they party all the damn time. All. The. Damn. Time. Sure, it might not get us rowdy as when they made it to the Sweet Sixteen, but they’re always down to have a good time.


Oh, and you thought Miami was the only place that gets into the Irish spirit on St. Patrick’s Day? Nope. In fact, Dayton’s celebrations were recently ranked at #1 for the best St. Patrick’s celebrations in the country. What, did you expect a Catholic school’s students not to have at least a little bit of alcohol in their diets?


5. THE Ohio State University

Being the largest school in the world has to mean that they have some huge parties, right? You know it. If you’re in town when they beat Michigan… yikes. Just stay the hell away from Mirror Lake, because you can bet your ass that a horde of testosterone-driven college students is about to storm the place. Even in their best efforts, the university hasn’t been able to keep them out over the past few years…


It’s not just celebrating a victory that makes OSU a solid party school, though. They know how to get down in general. In fact, even their old president used to get involved in the action. Yeah, it’s that legit. You won’t see them making the top of a national list, but that’s just because they’re partying all over the city in their own groups. There are just so many of them. If they organize, though… God save Columbus.

6. Kent State University

It might not seem like it at first, but, yes, Kent State can keep up with the best of them when it comes to parties and having a solid festival. In fact, many have argued that Kent State’s “College Fest” is one that rivals what the bigger schools are able to make happen. After watching a few videos, it definitely looks like a good ass time.


While it has gotten a little reckless over the past few years (riot cops came in), people have said that the past year was much more tame, and just one of the best times they’ve had while in college. Just a typical weekend up there is always a good time, though, and the drunken hospitality is one of a kind. If you want to party hardy, Kent State won’t let you down.

7. Bowling Green State


This is kind of one of those hidden gems when it comes to partying in Ohio. While a lot of it comes from their downtown 18+ bars, they still have their fair share of both fraternity and sports parties. In fact, their Thirsty Thursday probably can’t be beat throughout the state, and pretty much every weekend has a least one epic house party, which is saying something for a smaller school.

Not only that, but things aren’t super inclusive when it comes to a lot of fraternity parties, so they won’t be dicks when you want to come in. Well, most of them, at least. Just know that if you ever find yourself near Bowling Green State on any given weekend, you’ll probably be able to find somewhere to rage. Oh, the nights at the bars…