The 9 Creepiest Places Around Columbus


You know how you hear all those crazy stories about ghosts or creepy abandoned places? Well, we got curious about where we could find them around Columbus, so we surfed the net and listened to the word on the street to find out exactly where we should go to find the best places that would scare the absolute shit out of us. Luckily, we found more than enough to keep our hearts racing over the past few weeks. Every night, we went out on a new mission, searching for the paranormal, and, many times, we believe we found exactly what we were looking for. If you’re looking for a thrill, head to a few of these places at night, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Columbus, we present to you the creepiest places in your city.

1. Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery


When it comes to war camps, you can pretty much be guaranteed that crimes against humanity were being committed within their gates. Camp Chase was a Confederate War Camp that housed many POW soldiers at one time, but, now, all that remains are the graves of many soldiers who either died from their wounds or while in the camp. Now they say that you can catch many orbs and ghosts haunting the cemetery late into the night; perhaps seeking revenge for their imprisonment.


Upon checking it out at night, we can definitely assure you that there’s something supernatural about the place. We felt random bursts of cold air every now and then (in the middle of the summer), we thought we saw a ghostly apparition skulking between the rows of headstones, and there the air itself seemed to be stagnant and still quite often. Ultimately, it’s just weirds you out because of both the history and stories behind it.

2. The Kropp Road Haunted House

We’ll just start out by saying that this is on someone’s private property, and the owner doesn’t necessarily want people creeping around, so explore at your own risk! No one knows the exact back story for this place, but there are tons of different theories. One that seems to be most prevalent is the idea that a man was killed or died in there, and now haunts its halls. Others have reported that they’ve had their batteries drained in both flashlights and phones. With all of the stories, we had to investigate.


Credit: Forgotten Ohio

We went there in the cover of night, feeling our way into the house. The house stood, towering in the moonlight above us. It was obviously deformed, and had taken serious structural damage. We only made it a step into the house before we noticed something. We stopped moving, and heard what seemed to be footsteps creeping across the floor above. We didn’t believe that the warped floors could actually support anyone, though. While our batteries stayed at full strength, we kept hearing weird sounds, and it was enough to make us feel uneasy after a few minutes. So we got the hell outta there!

3. A�Walhalla Road


So there’s no real confirmed story about this place having a rough past or anything of that nature. This is just one of those places that naturally creeps people out. There are, however, quite a few rumors of a man who chopped his family up with an axe haunting the woods. So there’s that. The branches from different trees and plants also reach out into the road and tower above, making it difficult for any light to get through; especially at night. Upon turning our car’s headlights off, everything became pitch black for the most part, and we were pretty much sure that no traffic would be coming through at 3AM.


After stepping out of our car, it was apparent what would be the most hair-raising part of this journey: the silence. Leaves would randomly rustle as we walked towards the Calumet Bridge. Maybe it was just a deer? Who knows. Some say that the bodies of the murderer’s family can be seen hanging on the bridge from time to time, but few people have actually claimed to witness this. If you see something, let us know, but we only got weirded out by the noise and rustling of the leaves. You just never know what can be in there…

4. Mirror Lake – OSU


We know, we know… it’s not that creepy during the day, and it’s definitely not creepy when OSU beats Michigan, and thousands of college students go wading in. Sometimes, however, there’s a crazy story that dates back long before any current student was there. Apparently, back in the 60’s, two rare occurrences caused this area of OSU’s campus to become haunted. First, a runner was murdered while taking a lap around the lake. Secondly, someone actually drowned while in the lake. So, yeah, bet you didn’t know that.


The word on the street is that if you’re down there late at night, you can still see the phantom runner, taking his laps around the sidewalk. You can even hear the man who drowned, too. He’ll be screaming for help as you walk past. This is only under certain circumstances, though. We’ve never heard anything, but we’ll leave it up to you all to continue investigating for us.


5. The Berliner Park Bike Path


Next to the Scioto River runs a bike path that is said to be the home of various ghosts, many of which are believed to have either kill themselves or have drowned in the river. With a steep dropoff at a point where a bridge used to span, it’s not hard to believe that this may very well be the case. Some of the ghosts are said to walk along the bikepaths, which has caused quite a few bikers to wreck trying to avoid them.

When we stopped by at night, there was definitely a menacing feeling in the air. One of the people with us thought that she heard a whisper in her ear, and people claimed that they kept seeing things out of the corner of their eyes, but there was no single, uniform sighting. The air kept being tense until we were long out of the sight of the river, making it feel like someone was following us. Yeah, it was weird.


6. The Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters


Credit: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly creepy, but it makes for an excellent story. The building, now a historically-preserved one, is said to hold the ghost of a woman that many refer to as the “Pink Lady.” Yeah, we get it, the color pink isn’t supposed to be very intimidating, and everyone loves a Kappa Kappa Gamma, so it doesn’t seem like it would be too intimidating, but more than one person has claimed to see the ghost, adorned in pink, roaming throughout the halls of their present headquarters.


Credit: Betsy Butler

While we didn’t get to investigate, the fact that so many people have claimed to see her should stand in itself. To any of the members of Kappa or anyone who gets the chance to tour the place, let us know if you see her. We’d love to get to know her. Just kidding. We’ll take your word for it.

7. The Columbus Antique Mall


This is one of those places that has quite a few, very unique, reports of sightings and hauntings. From ghostly old ladies gossiping on a bench to phantom children playing with toy trucks, people have claimed to see a great deal of things. They’ve even reported seeing a man in a black cape running around, which later caused the employee who witnessed the apparition to resign their post. We also learned that the spot held a former funeral parlor, adding to the mysticism of the place.


When we caroused through, we did notice that a bench (often associated with the old ladies) did, in fact, have an overwhelming smell of Italian sausage, but it’s said that only a few people actually smell that scent. Aside from that, things appeared to be business as usual. A few people even say they feel something brush past them all the time, but there being nothing there; even in broad daylight. So, regardless of whether you’re interested in the antiques, you should definitely stop in to see if you get a brush with one of these apparitions…

8. The Lofts Suites and Hotel


The story behind the Lofts has been one to be shared by many around Columbus, and for good reason. They’ve even offered tours just for the purpose of searching for the “Lady of the Lofts.” In fact, she’s been seen in pretty much every floor of the hotel; all the way down to the bottom floor, in the basement. Of course, it’s a classy hotel, but the encounters have given quite a few people the spooks in recent years.


They say that the lady is skittish, and is therefore quick to flee if you see her. She apparently wears an old-style corset and boots. There’s even a red pipe that you’re supposed to stare at if you want to see her at night. They say if you stare at it that you’ll see her out of the corner of your eye. While we can’t confirm that it was an apparition that we saw, something definitely did seem to dart in and out of sight down the hall. It was pretty wild.

9. Studio 35

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scary movie? How about a scary movie that’s accompanied by a real-life haunting? Well, that’s what’s believed to be the case with Studio 35, which apparently has its own ghost. In fact, you’ll even get the opportunity to sit in the same seat where the ghost is regularly seen. Workers and patrons alike have claimed to seen the ghost both in his regular spot and walking down the aisles.


If this isn’t weird enough, there were also pictures of dead children found in an old closet in the place. Yeah, weird, right? Although it was commonplace to have those kind of pictures back in the day, it’s still creepy just thinking about it. While we didn’t see any ghost (we sat around his seat), we certainly felt an ominous presence, like some kind of heavy weight was on our shoulders. You’ll have to go. Who knows, you may catch sight of more than just an excellent flick.

Have you had any haunting experiences? Don’t be afraid to comment below!