The 10 Most Beautiful Bacon Dishes In Cincinnati


1. The Trailer Park Dog – Senate

Oh, baby… the Trailer Park dog may have an interesting name, but it’s the furthest thing from being trash. If you love bacon (who doesn’t), and you love all things good in the world, then this is the dish for you.


This bad boy is a bacon-wrapped hot dog, loaded with cheese, cole slaw, and crushed BBQ Grippo’s, and it tastes even better than it sounds. Throw some of Senate’s epic poutine on the side, and you’ve got yourself one of the best meals in Cincinnati.

2. Chocolate Covered Bacon – Jenco Brothers

What a classic. Some say that it’s hard to mess up Chocolate Covered Bacon, and that may be true, but it’s definitely not easy to make it taste this damn good, either.


There’s nothing overly complex about it, but there is a clear difference. what we noticed was that the bacon below the chocolate was both saltier and crispier than others that we’ve tried. The blend of crispy, salty, and melty chocolate is both simple and perfect. Good luck settling at just one piece.

3. Bacon On A Stick – Urban Grill Food Truck

This is just further proof that you can put anything on a stick an eat it. You can forget about the kebab veggies at home, though, because this bacon on a stick is for meatatarians only.


Sure, we could explain to you how it tastes, but, well, it tastes just like… bacon. Pure. Delicious. Bacon. Sometimes you don’t want anything more than a thick, juicy piece of bacon anyway. Thanks for sticking to the basics, Urban Grill Food Truck.

4. Bacon Wrapped Dates – A Tavola

Dates are kind of healthy, right? This makes it a little healthier, yeah? No, okay. To be honest, we don’t really care. The sweet, natural dates have their juices run out on the surrounding bacon when they’re exposed to the heat, and the result is blissful.


Instead of the crunchy bacon that some are used to, this bacon still has the salty accents of normal bacon, but has a more flexible texture. Natural sweet and greasy bacon? Count us in.

5. Porkopolis Gelato – Dojo Gelato

It’s a rare occasion when Dojo Gelato releases this beautiful creation, but when they do… it should be considered a city-wide holiday. There are tons of ways people get creative with gelato, but none are quite as delicious nor unique as this stuff.


The creaminess of the gelato mixed with the chewy, salty bacon is enough to make just about anyone’s day. The only thing we want is more of it! Dojo Gelato, bring this stuff back ASAP!


6. Friar Bacon Bock – Listermann Brewing Co.

Yeah, prepare yourself for this one. The beer geniuses over at Listermann have combined the tastes of two of the worlds greatest things: bacon and beer. We’re not quite sure how they nailed this one down, but they absolutely killed it.


The taste of smoked bacon rolls in right alongside the caramel malts of the beer. To be honest, this smells like more of a breakfast than a beer when you first open it up, but that just comes with the style. We’re still in shock about this one. It’s a seasonal beer, so it doesn’t last long. Just make sure you get it when you can!


7. The Bubba Bar – Chocolats Latour

Yes, yes… it doesn’t exactly have bacon inside of it, but the bacon taste still resonates so much from within, that you’d swear it was in there. That probably has a lot to do with the Bacon Salt that’s been mixed in to each one of these bars.


Not only does it have that salt, but it also has caramelized cashews and oregano in the batch as well, which tastes the character profile of this bar way over the top. The most interesting thing, though, is that you can taste the amount of work it’s take to perfect this decadent bacon treat in each bite, and we’re impressed.

8. Barbecued Shrimp Casino – Washington Platform

Is there anything we can’t wrap in bacon these days? It’s starting to look like no, but who’s complaining? We’ll take anything and everything wrapped in glorious pieces of bacon. We were definitely stoked to hear that Washington Platform had jumped on the bandwagon of wrapping stuff in bacon, because their Barbecued Shrimp Casino was a real treat.


Instead of being boring, and just wrapping the shrimp in bacon, they took it a step farther by basting everything in sweet, tangy barbecue. The result left us satisfied for the next week straight. You can bet your ass we’ll be coming back real soon for this tasty treasure.


9. The Maple Bacon Doughnut – Holtman’s

If you live in Cincinnati and you still haven’t tried this delicious donut, we feel sorry for you. The Maple Bacon Donut from Holtmans is a Cincinnati classic, and it’s easy to see why. When you come in first thing in the morning (wait outside for it to open if you have to), you might be lucky enough to find one of these donuts that’s still warm.


Compliment it with a cup of milk and you’ve got yourself one of the finest items Cincinnati has to offer. Maple and bacon really should just be together. On everything.

10. The Bacon Wrapped Filet – Gordo’s

Some traditionalists will tell you that wrapping bacon around a filet is blasphemy, and it ruins the taste and experience of a prime piece of steak. We’re here to tell those people that they’re crazy. If anything, the bacon just adds to the juicy, meaty accents contained withing the high-quality piece of steak.


They pair this steak with Parmesean Potatoes and asparagus to make this meal one of the best deals you can get for what you pay. Pffft, bacon ruining anything. Get out of hear, ya animals.

Have any other bacon-filled meals you want to tell us about? We’d love to hear your stories in that comment box below!