The 8 Most Decadent Desserts in Louisville


A meal just wouldn’t be complete without it… yes, we’re taking about dessert. Even as a kid, you’d feed the dog anything you didn’t want to eat just so you could enjoy a little bit of ice cream or a brownie, but now, you’ve grown up. That doesn’t mean that your taste for delicious desserts has faded in time. No, now you probably have a more refined palate, but there’s good news! Just as you’ve gotten better with time (hopefully), so have desserts. This is why we went on a hunt to find the best desserts to get a sugar high from. Sure, we experienced many food comas, but we loved every single one…

1. The Buttermilk Crunch – Mark’s Feed Store

Sweet mother… what a genius idea. Whoever crafted this beautiful piece of sugary delight deserves an award… or the top spot in out list. Seriously, though. The Buttermilk Pie is already wonderful by itself, but throw it in a mug along with caramel, nuts, and a heap of Vanilla Ice Cream, and you’re pretty much experiencing heaven on Earth. Honestly, they’ve done an amazing job of capturing what a true Southern Comfort Dessert should be like. Oh, and if you go there after 4 P.M. on Monday, you’ll get it for free with the rest of your fantastic meal. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re depriving yourself of something beautiful.

2. The Peach Cobbler – Decca

Peaches are pretty much the best fruit known to man, and it’s for that reason that you haven’t completed your summer without enjoying a cobbler while the fruit is still in season. They pretty much have delicious cobbler for every season at Decca, but none will top this one in both taste and impressiveness. The sweet, warm peaches wait below a soft, fluffy Short Bread cover and Malted Milk Ice cream that completes the mix of sensations. What else can make it even better, you ask? Definitely one of their White or Rose Wines that they change out on a monthly basis. Ah, who doesn’t enjoy a decadent dessert with a classy side?

3. The Flan – El Camino

Okay, so a lot of Authentic Mexican restaurants can make a solid flan, but, every now and then, someone does something simple to make an average dessert taste absolutely amazing. Every now and then you’ll get a flan that you can tell has been around a bit too long, but not at El Camino. There, they make it fresh every day, and it’s made apparent with every bite. Not only was the sweet, milky deliciousness of the flan fresh, but it was also topped with some of the freshest kiwi we’d ever bit into and frozen chunks of raspberry that melted all over the top as we ate it. Tangy raspberry, sweet kiwi, and fresh flan all together on one plate? Yes please.

4. The Chocolate Chip Cookie – Please & Thank You

We know, we know… you’re already thinking: “Yeah, but can’t everyone make a Chocolate Chip Cookie?” Sure, you could go home and make those boring, pre-mixed cookies at the store, but you will never even come close to the chocolately goodness of these bad boys. You definitely have to catch them when they’re fresh out of the oven, too. We don’t know how they made them so much better than any other cookie we’ve ever tasted, but they’ve done it. We won’t question it too much, but it doesn’t seem that we’ll ever get the answer, either. They say they just try to keep it simple, but keep their recipe a secret. Guess we’ll just have to keep coming back! Oh well, it’s a great place.



5. The Charlemagne – Ghyslain

How can a dessert be so damn artistic? When you first look at it, all you can think is that they’ve spent so much time making it look beautiful that it can’t possibly taste as good as it looks. You’ve been mislead. Sure, they do look impressive, but the most impressive thing of all awaits at your first bite. The Charlemagne is the pinnacle of all, too. The Chocolate Mousse is rich, and you certainly have to savor every bite, but it’s the perfect size, so you get to avoid feeling like you just ate a Lead Anchor. Whether you want to sit there and stare at it like the piece of art that it is or scarf it down, you’re going to be amazed by the Charlemagne.

6. The Lemon Poppyseed Cake – Sweet Surrender

It’s easy to get bummed out if you’re a vegan and have a hard time finding a delicious dessert, but don’t worry, Sweet Surrender has created something delicious that both vegans and non-vegans can both enjoy, and it’s wonderful. If you’ve ever tried a Lemon Poppyseed Muffin, you already know how delicious the actual flavor is. But throw a lemony icing on it and you’ve taken things to a whole new level. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy it, too. Pair it with either a sweet or unsweetened tea, and it’ll balance everything out. Sweet Surrender just knows what we want!

7. The Dutch Caramel Apple Pie – Pie Kitchen

Let’s not kid ourselves. Our childhood would not have been complete without the sweet, sweet pies from Pie Kitchen. There’s nothing more American than solid Apple Pie, but throw on some Caramel Frosting an you’ve got yourself something that takes a classic to new heights. The apples are fresh, the icing sweet (but not too sweet), and the crust has the perfect amount of crunch to it. Don’t stop at just the pie, though. They have a ridiculous amount of ice cream to go with it. We recommend the classic vanilla, but don’t be afraid to go outside the box, because all of the flavors are delicious.

8. Bourbon Ball Ice Cream – Comfy Cow

Speaking of things that completed our childhood… the Comfy Cow has been providing us with amazing ice cream since we were young, but we couldn’t grab a true appreciation for the Bourbon Ball until we gained an appreciate for bourbon, and now we’re in love with it. Louisville obviously has strong ties to Bourbon, and pretty much everyone has to love ice cream. Combine the two and you have a Louisvillian’s sweetest dream. Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try it!