The 7 Most Fantastic Fries In Louisville


1. The Truffled Fries – Marketplace Restaurant

How much can people really do to make fries that special, we thought… well, after trying these fries we can affirm that there really are no limits to what someone can do to fries. Even in trying to maintain professionalism, we couldn’t put these damned fries down! We were too busy stuffing our faces with the gargantuan mound of fries in front of us, and, even though we ate quite a few, we still couldn’t finish them all. So rich, so satisfying, and so irresistible… it’s no wonder people come in here just for their fries alone.

While we thought that they had to be infused with crack or something, we found out that its goodness came down to nothing more than a simple process. They make sure that they get skinnier fries, because they absorb the truffle sauce better, and then they season it with both rosemary and crumbled Parmesan Cheese to make it absolutely perfect. This is one of those things you have to try for yourself for sure.

2. Sweet Potato Fries With Marshmallow Creme – The Village Anchor

Sweeeeet. No, for real. These Sweet Potato Fries are the sweetest deal you’ll find in Anchorage. It’s no real secret that Sweet Potato Fries have blown up over the past few years, but the Village Anchor decided to kick it up a notch by throwing in vanilla to the mix. It doesn’t stop there, though. It’s actually the sauce that made a world of difference.

There have been a great many attempts to master the perfect sauce for fries. Well, we can tell you that you can definitely leave ketchup out of the picture here. Yeah, the creamy, rich goodness of Marshmallow Sauce and the smoky, tangy taste of their Bourbon BBQ sauce is about to blow your mind. Sweet mother… what an impressive mix of tastes.

3. The Poutine – Four Pegs

You’d better be wide awake and really hungry when you come in to try these bad boys, because by the time you finish them, you’d better prepare for a full-on food coma. This poutine is the true definition of comfort food. Knock it back with a beer or two, and you might as well just pass out, which the chef said has happened before. Good thing they have plenty of couches for you to crash on for a bit…

Why is it pure comfort food, you ask? Well, we can start off with the fact that they use real bacon fat is their Kentucky White Gravy. Then they decided to throw on locally-sourced Gouda to make this the best damn poutine that we have ever tasted. We want more. Now.

4. Spicy Fries – Mark’s Feed Store

Sometimes the spice really does make the fries that much nicer. Where many places will overload your fries with a ridiculous amount of spices, Mark’s sprinkles on only a little bit of the spice, and allows you to go crazy with a little more by leaving the spice on the table if you want to add even more.

While they wouldn’t disclose the secrets of their savory spices, they told us it was proprietary. They also told us that kids get to eat free on Tuesday and you always get free dessert after 4 P.M. on Monday. Not only that, but they still bring a chaplain in twice a week and they’re not afraid to talk about it. Gotta love a place with family values!


5. The Mole Fries – El Taco Luchador

Have no idea what mole sauce is? Well, it’s pretty much just a sweet and tangy, authentic Mexican sauce combination. Once again, their secret wasn’t going to be disclosed upon us, and we were a little nervous about trying something that looked a little strange at first. But, ooooh weeee, we’re glad that we did.

The sweetness of the mole sauce complemented the salty accents of the hand-cut fries so well, and the sauce definitely didn’t overpower nor take away from the fries themselves. Not only that, but we couldn’t help but notice how well-decorated the fries were before we devoured them. Really, they’ve got these Mexican-inspired fries down to a science.

6. The Fritjes – Holy Grale

What makes fries even better? Well, there’s always the fact that they don’t only fry them once, but twice. Yep, they’re double-fried. Yet again, however, it comes down to the sauces that they provide that really makes the difference. You get to choose from five different sauces, each with their own unique profile. There’s the tangy Korean BBQ, the salty Malt Vinegar, the cheesy Beer Cheese, the Asian-inspired Samurai Sauce, and finally the Indian zest of the Curry Ketchup. The latter was our personal favorite.

You won’t go wrong with any of the sauces, though. Not only are the sauces amazing, but they were all built to perfectly complement one of their draft beers. Ask the bartender which spice pairs with what, and you’ll be able to unleash a whole array of different flavors for your taste buds to enjoy. They definitely take their sh*t seriously when it comes to making sure that everything has a perfect pairing, and it’s fantastic.

7. The Grippo’s Fries – Hammerhead

Let’s just put it this way: There is nothing that Grippo’s doesn’t make better. If you don’t know what BBQ Grippo’s taste like, get your ass over to the store and buy some right now. After that, get over to Hammerheads to see how much better that they make an ordinary fry. Sure, they might always be busy in the evenings, but it’s worth the wait for those fries alone.

Seriously, there’s no better way to enjoy a summer evening than with a nice, cold PBR in one of their red solo cups and paired with these fries. You won’t find many atmospheres as interesting as what Hammerheads provides, and it’s more of a cultural experience than anything else, but it’s one that will keep you coming back for more. We can guarantee that we’ll be heading back ASAP.

Did we not include your favorite fries? Let us know your personal favorite by commenting below!