The 10 Most Hipster Bars In Cincinnati


Craft beers, thick rimmed glasses, and lots of facial hair. You may love them, or you may hate them. Either way, there are some places in Cincinnati that are just more hipster than others. Here’s the ultimate list.

1. Mayday

One of the most unique, and most hipster, places to grab a drink in Cincinnati. The space was converted from a factory, and they focus on serving fresh food with local ingredients, as well as craft beers. Their draft beers rotate weekly, and they’ve also got a ton of good whiskey. You can check them out for Sunday brunch as well, if, you know, you think you can handle hipsters that early in the morning.

Northside Hipster

Credit: Nicholas Viltrakis


Where there’s live music, hipsters will follow. With live music nearly every night, MOTR is a great place to hang out with Cincinnati’s hippest group of people. Plenty of drinks, and a pretty awesome menu, keep people coming back to MOTR time and time again.

MOTR Hipster

Credit: Indie Face

3. Rake’s End

Rake’s End has live acts a few nights a week, usually far from the typical. The owner, Jerome Jaffe, is always up for a conversation, and encourages all his customers to be themselves. You can usually find an artsy group of hipsters hanging out here, probably talking about something you’ve never heard of.

Rake's End Hipster

Credit: Rake’s End

4. Sitwell’s

Because sometimes, a bar just isn’t chill enough. Don’t be surprised if you find someone sitting on their laptop pretty late on a Saturday night here.A�Sitwell’s offers a great selection of vegan-friendly food, coffee, and alcohol. The decor is eclectic, and the atmosphere is totally laid back, as long as you don’t think too much about whether or not the guy at the next table is judging your drink choice.


5. The Comet

If you’re looking for somewhere to hang out and relax during the day, then rage and listen to live music at night, you need to check out The Comet. With Bluegrass Allstars on Sundays, and Bike Nights on Tuesdays, you’re guaranteed to see fun people in The Comet.




6. 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab

Much calmer than some of the other places in OTR,1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab is a great place to find your new favorite drink, hang out with friends, and have a conversation. Since they serve coffee and alcohol, you’ve got the chance to visit early in the morning or late at night.

1215 Hipster

Credit: 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab

7. HalfCut

Craft and rare beers are within reach. HalfCut’s beer menu is constantly changing, and they let you sample their crazy selection. If you find something you really like, you can fill up a growler to go. Plus, if you’re getting the munchies, you can grab some food at Gomez and take it in here to eat.

HalfCut Hipster

Credit: HalfCut

A�8. Northside TavernA�

Another great place to get craft bear, hear live bands, and see hipsters. We love popping into Northside Tavern and seeing who’s hanging out here. They’ve got a great patio, pool tables, and an awesome beer selection. What more do you need?

Northside Tavern

Credit:A�Scott Beseler/Northside Tavern


9. The Drinkery

The Drinkery has one of the longest bars in Cincinnati. Stop in here for some great bourbon, beer, and bands you can really dance to. Just be prepared to hang out with some people in thick rimmed glasses with lots of ink.

The Drinkery OTR Hipster

Credit: Travis Estell

10. Highland Coffee House

They might be a coffee house, but don’t expect to stop here on your morning run. Highland Coffee House opens at 5:00 PM every day, and stays open until 2:30 AM. Aside from coffee, you can also get some beer, hard liquor, and alcoholic milkshakes. With vintage decoration and comfy couches, the atmosphere at Highland Coffee House is chill, and you’ll probably find someone reading Jack Kerouac here on a Saturday night.