The 16 Most Underrated Places in Nashville


DeSano Pizza Bakery

You’ll never go back to delivery after sampling this taste of Italy. DeSano serves the most authentic Neapolitan cuisine in town, with their pizza fired in a wood-burning brick oven.


Khan’s Desserts

Khan’s – it’s not just for vegans! While it does offer an exceptional variety of vegetarian and vegan desserts, it’s delicious even for those with less restrictive diets.


The Crying Wolf

A hip place, but not tragically or uninvitingly so. The decor and jukebox create a cool, laid-back vibe and there’s an awesome stage out back. A�Juicy burgers are always cooking. The general consensus is that the Crying Wolf is not too hip to be friendly and welcoming.

Come to check out the next Splashville on July 6th – a pool party with inflatable watersides and a live band!


Beer Sellar

This is a must for beer-lovers: 50 taps and 100 bottled beers. This is a great little hole-in-the-wall escape from all of the tourist traps downtown. I’s laid-back, friendly and local. All that AND awesome bar food. What more could you ask for from your friendly local dive?


Greenhouse Bar

Quite literally a greenhouse converted into a bar. It’s a laid-back hangout for laid-back people. Not quite a hipster hangout, not quite a college bro hangout, somewhere in the middle that is just right. The beer selection is reasonable and the pours are strong.


Flour, Sugar, Eggs

Pastries, danishes, croissants, Everything is made from scratch daily. This bakery is a welcome recent addition to Germantown. A�The pastries and baguettes are on par with European bakeries – sink your teeth into one and become a believer.


Hog Heaven

Don’t let the appearance fool you – this is some of the best barbecue in the south! The meat is cooked to perfection and the white sauce is a must-try.


The Stone Fox

The Stone Fox is a one of Nasvhille’s favorite newish pubs off the beaten path. Quality musicians can be found here almost every night, not your run-of-the mill singer-songwriters you’ll find on the strip.

Come out for some late night entertainment and grub or stop by for brunch on the weekends.


Smiling Elephant

The most authentic Thai cuisine in Nashville. The Cashew Chicken Stir Fry comes highly recommended, curries change daily and the Pad Thai may be the best you’ve ever had ever.



Percy Warner Park

A scenic escape from the city within city limits. Paved paths are perfect for running or a scenic drive. The hiking trails are seemingly endless – a beautiful place to get away.


Gong Dong Tofu House

If you’re craving some kimchi or tofu soup, So Gong Dong is a place you must stop. This Tofu House delivers authentic flavor and friendly service. “You know it’s good if Koreans are eating there,” and eating there, they are.



Authentic, excellent and reasonably priced Mexican food. If you like spicy hot sauce, this is the place for you. More than just real Mexican food, but authentic Aztec dishes.



Guantanamera serves a mixture of Cuban, Peruvian, Colombian and Venezuelan food – all are fantastic and raved about by locals. Guantanamera’s traditional Cuban food cooked to perfection will surely delight you and keep you coming back for more. Guantanamera serves the best Mojitos in town!



It may seem strange to eat with your hands from a common plate, but that’s half the adventure and the delicious food is well worth it. Come to experience the distinctive and unique spices used in the preparation of Ethiopian food. The staff is happy to help you navigate the unfamiliar territory of Ethiopian cuisine to guide you to something you can enjoy with the right amount of spice.


Radnor Lake

Randor Lake is arguably the best “getaway” near Nashville.A�There are more restrictions and less parking, but this means that the nature is more… natural. Jogging, biking and dogs are prohibited on the trails. However, these restrictions are what help preserve the land and the wildlife and why this area is touted by locals as being one of the most beautiful areas around Nashville.