The 8 Strangest Abandoned Places In Kentucky


1. The Old Taylor Distillery – A�Millville

Resting just on the side of the road, Old Taylor Distillery is a page right out of Kentucky’s expansive history. Sitting abandoned since the 70’s, it’s become overgrown with ivy, and rust has corroded many parts of it. However, there’s still something about this place that has a little bit of rustic allure to it. Designed like a castle of sorts, it sticks out among the rolling hills in the surrounding landscape.


While it’s been abandoned for quite some time now, there are still many in the area who still hope that a company will come in and renovate the whole space, but, as time goes on, that seems to be more and more of a distant thought. Until that day, all that’s left of this place is a rusty, distant memory. The old bourbon barrels are still scattered throughout the property, and it’s an interesting sight to take in.


2. Ouerbacker Mansion – Louisville

While there are plenty of abandoned mansions in America, few have the visual appeal of the Ouerbacker Mansion in Louisville. Maybe it’s the ivy slowly creeping its way around the place, or maybe it’s the fact that it kind of resembles the Adams Family house, but this place is really creepy. That’s not to say that people aren’t trying to save it, but it’s in pretty rough shape these days…


The saddest part of this story is the fact that the place was occupied up into the late 90’s. The degradation has happened rapidly, and it wasn’t long ago that one of the walls caved, forcing a daycare temporarily out of business. Fortunately, one kind citizen stabilized the structure, and it’s been bought by someone who is determined to have it renovated. Here’s hoping for a brighter future for this Victorian Mansion.


3. The Ghost Ship – Petersburg

Out of all the creepy places we’ve come across, none make us get chills quite like this one. Seriously, is this the boat from the original Anaconda movie, or what? Well, not quite, but it sure looks a hell of a lot like it. This rust bucket was once a luxury ship, but now sits in the backwaters of the Ohio River, slowly being claimed by the waters it once sailed upon.


Where passengers used to travel, trees and various plants now cover, and the whole deck seems like it’s just become a part of the landscape. Some are bold enough to venture on to the ship, but we’ll tell you that this is dangerous if simply for the fact that the boat has been exposed to the elements for decades now. This means that parts of the ship could give way under your weight without much warning. You don’t want to get trapped in the pitch-black hull of this thing…



4. Hayswood Hospital – Maysville

Abandoned places are usually hotspots for paranormal activity, and Maysville’s Hayswood Hospital ranks near the top of the list of one of the most haunted places throughout the entire state. Many have reported that they have pictures capturing phantom figures, while others claim that they’ve heard screams coming from the confines of the empty halls, late into the night.


People with sicknesses of all kinds died in this old hospital, which is why it should come as no surprise why there are so many reports. Ghosts or not, you won’t find many places that have an air of destitution like Hayswood. Everything seems torn up, and it feels like the life gets sucked right out of you as soon as you step anywhere near the building. We suggest coming here on a dreary day to take in the full effects.



5. The Kentucky Lake Building – Kentucky Lake

While most of the buildings that rested at the bottom of Kentucky Lake were removed, there were a few structures that were left behind. After an attempt at demoing this concrete structure failed, the engineers simply decided to leave it behind. Now, all that remains is the skeleton of a gutted building, barely peeking out of the waters.


The most interesting thing about this building is that it’s not always as visible as it is in the summer. During the winter, it becomes barely visible, as the water levels are much higher. You can definitely get out and explore this place, as there are stairs that are made of concrete and easily accessible.


6. The Abandoned Coal Mines – Eastern Kentucky

It’s no real secret that the Kentucky Coal Industry has taken some serious hits over the years. That troubled past is best seen in the damp, dusty remains of what used to be some of Kentucky’s largest coal mines. Rusty, destroyed handcarts and pick axes can be seen in what now number over 100 different mines. You really don’t have to look far to find a few of them, either.


What’s even worse is the fact that there were accidents all the time back when the coal industry was in full-swing. Estimates put the number of dead from coal mining accidents in Kentucky to well in the thousands. This is why there have been a lot of rumors of hauntings and occult activity in the areas around the caves. In other words, proceed with caution if you plan on exploring. You never know who could be in there.


7. Below The Goatman’s Train Trestle – Pope Lick

Okay, to be fair, this place should always be abandoned. What caught our attention here, though, is the local legend of the Goatman, who has apparently taken up residence below the train tracks. Many claim that they’ve seen this legend, but it seems to be one of those things that have just become a myth, but some people still cling to the fact that they’ve definitely seen something strange beneath there.


Whether the Goatman exists or not still remains in speculation. Either way, venturing below that trestle at night will definitely creep you out enough to not venture around and find out. Cars rarely pass through the area, and every little noise seems to be intensified. Something about possibly being in the presence of a psychotic man-bear-goat-thing just doesn’t sit well with us.


8. A Deserted Farmhouse – Near Carrolton

Not much to say here, but this is absolutely beautiful in the strangest way possible. Here’s to a past without much of a story. Just wow…


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