The Ultimate Arnold’s Experience


If you live in Cincinnati, you might know a thing or two about Arnold’s Bar & Grill. For starters, it’s the oldest bar in the city, dating back to 1861. The Impulciteam headed over to Arnold’s recently to try some of their food and drink, and learn a bit more about this Cincinnati staple. Now it’s your turn to go check out how kick-ass Arnold’s truly is.

Arnold's Server Picture

Point to any picture on the walls inside Arnold’s, and there’s likely an interesting story behind it. Venture up to the second floor and see where previous owners of the bar resided. Take a look at the bathtub and think about all the gin thatA�Hugo Arnold made in there during the prohibition. This bar is far more than just a quirky spot to visit.

Arnold's Patio

We got to try some of Arnold’s best dishes, and we weren’t disappointed by a single one. In addition to these amazing choices, they also have over 50 bourbons for you to try, as well as 23 beers on tap. They specifically have a handle for every local brewery. Yeah, you’ll probably need to make this one of your regular hang out spots.

Oh, and if you want to win a $100 gift card, let us know what creative cocktail name you’d like to see at Arnold’s Bar & Grill.


Drink: Barrel Aged Manhattan

You may have had a Manhattan before, but you’ve never had one like this. The Barrel Aged Manhattan is made with Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, and Meier’s Sweet Vermouth. What really puts this drink over the edge is the Orange Bitters, which are aged for three months in a Bourbon barrel, in Arnold’s. Yes, it is as good as it sounds.

Arnold's Manhattan

Appetizer: Very Deviled Eggs

These things will seriously ruin you for all other deviled eggs for the rest of your life. They’re deep fried, need we say more? They’re also Buffalo Stuffed and Ranch Breaded. Yes, you need to try them.

Arnold's Very Deviled Eggs

Drink: Arnold’s Old Fashioned

Arnold’s is great at amping up classic drinks, and they prove that again with the Old Fashioned. The Old Overhold Rye they use is lightly infused with Cherries and briefly barrel aged in house. Peychaud’s Bitters and House-made Bourbon Vanilla Sugar add to the delicious taste, and a Blood Orange Ice Cube keeps the drink from ever tasting watered down.

Arnold's Old Fashioned

Appetizer: Buffalo Wings

These are far better than the basic Buffalo WIngs you could get at a chain restaurant. They have the perfect Buffalo flavor, and the meat practically falls off the bone. Definitely a good way to start your meal at Arnold’s.

Arnold's Buffalo Wings

Eat: Turkey Feast

You’ve can only get this gem at lunchtime on Thursdays, but it’s definitely worth it. Imagine eating your grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner every week, except better. That’s pretty much what this meal’s like. Sorry grandma.

Arnold's Turkey Dinner


Drink: Maker’s Mule

The Moscow Mule at Arnold’s is delicious, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, order the Maker’s Mule, made with Maker’s Mark, Rivertown Pumpkin Ale, ginger, simple syrup and garnished with mint. This drink is exclusively for fall, and a great twist on a classic for the season.

Arnold's Maker's Mule


Eat: Greek Spaghetti

Possibly the most ordered item on Arnold’s menu, the Greek Spaghetti is a simple but delicious dish. Arnold’s Garlic Sauce, Olives, and Bacon over Linguini. You simply can’t make it as well at home.

Arnold's Greek Spaghetti

Drink: Ronda’s Pom Sangria

Everyone needs a fruity, delicious, wine drink every once and a while, and Ronda’s Pom Sangria is the way to go. Red Wine, Triple Sec, and Pomegranate juice makes this sangria perfectly tart, and easy to drink alongside any of Arnold’s awesome dishes.

Arnold's Sangria

Eat: Arnold’s Hot Brown

Once again, Arnold’s takes a dish we’re all familiar with and changes it into something we’ve never had before. The Arnold’s Hot Brown sits on top of a Grilled Hoagie Roll, and features Fries, Morney Sauce, Fresh Roasted Turkey, and Bacon. It’s different in the best way possible.

Arnold's Hot Brown

Drink: Arnold’s 1861 Porter

Brewed locally at Christian Moerlein, the Arnold’s 1861 Porter is a beer that you can only get at Arnold’s. It’s infused with nitrogen, which isn’t typical for a porter. The nitrogen infusion gives the beer a unique flavor that goes down easily.

Arnold's 1861 Porter

Eat: Yo Mamma’s Burger

Yo Mamma knows what’s up. The burger alone is half a pound of beef, infused with bacon and hand patted into a patty. Your mouth is watering already. The burger is topped with Goetta, a Hash Borwn Patty, an Over-easy Egg, and American cheese. You could really eat this burger for any meal.

Arnold's Yo Mama