The 19 Weirdest Facts About Cincinnati


1. Queen City…A�

Ever wonder where this name come from? Well, at one point, Cincinnati was considered the Queen City of the West. Although we’re not considered the west anymore, we’ll keep the crown.


2. Shoulda Built That Railroad…

Back in the day we had the option to have a huge railroad hub built in Cincinnati. We declined. They decided to build it in Chicago instead. Yeah, we could have been huge.


3. Mark Twain Wanted To Die Here?

After the railroad debacle, Mark Twain said he’d want to be in Cincinnati if the world were to end. He thought we’d always be twenty years behind the rest of the world…


4. Over 2,000,000 Strong…

We scarf down over two million pounds of our delicious Cincinnati-style chili every year! What? We love our carbs.


5. OTR? What’s That Even Mean?

Over-The-Rhine came from the strong German-American presence in downtown Cincinnati. They compared the canal on Central to the Rhine River back home. Hence where this section of town got its name.


6. Why Have Just One Streetcar?A�

Back in the day we had a whole series of streetcar systems that took people all over town. It’s kind of weird, considering the fact that there was so much fuss over one.


7. What’s With The Pigs?

At one time, we were also considered the pork capitol of the country. This is where we got the name “Porkopolis,” and also what would eventually give our “Flying Pig” its name.


8. Chicken Dance, Anyone?

We’ve set quite a few records here, but the fact that we hold the world’s largest chicken dance is probably one of the weirder ones.


9. We’re In A Lot Of Movies

Over 30 major films have been filmed here over the past 40 years.


10. Did We Mention Our Love For Chili?

On top of eating millions of pounds of it, we also have more chili restaurants, per capita, than anywhere else in the world.



11. Here’s Your Sign…

We have the oldest museum dedicated purely to signs in Walnut Hills. Who knew someone could be so interested in collecting such a thing?


12. So, About That Crop Circle…

In 2004, a crop circle in Miami Township was analyzed by an “expert,” who said that the circle was one of the most impressive he’d ever seen, and had no signs of human interference. Cue the Twilight Zone music…


13. Aces High!

Cincinnati is one of the leaders in the production of playing cards. Hmmm… maybe that’s why we have so many new places to gamble?


14. It’s How Big?!

I-275 is the longest belt highway in the country. It stretches on for 83.71 miles…


15. Definitely Not A Geographical Oddity

We’re within an hour’s flight or a day’s drive from two-thirds of the country’s population. Relatives love us.


16. Gun ’em Down, Tommy

The Tommy Gun was actually invented right across the river in Newport. No surprise, as it was once home to many gambling rings.


17. Presidential Hotbed

Five presidents have come from the good ol’ Queen City; Taft being the most recent.


18. Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

The theory is that The Seventh Inning Stretch was started at a Redstocking’s game in 1869. Just another thing Cincinnati can claim as our own.


19. That River Runs The Wrong Way!

The Licking River is one of the only rivers in the world that actually flows to the North. Weird.



Cincinnati may get a little weird at times, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Know any other weird stories or facts from our beloved Queen City? Comment below!