These Are The 7 Best Wings In Cincinnati


1. Dickmann’s – Ft. Wright

Okay, we get it, it’s not easy to be original when it comes to flavoring wings and making them unique. Dickmann’s obviously didn’t get that memo, though, because they have a flavor that’s going to blow your mind. You can leave the typical BBQ an Mild behind, because Dickmann’s has these Jalepeno Honey wings that are unlike any wings we’ve ever tasted before.


What makes them so good is pretty much in their name. Resting in a sauce that’s full of honey, jalepenos, and plenty of other spices, these wings are the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The flavor isn’t all that makes them so good, though. The wings are succulent, large and juicy, making them the perfect wings. Just make sure to much on a jalepeno with each bite to complete the full flavor.

2. Knockback Nat’s – Downtown

3 1/2 hours of smoking makes a difference, and that’s exactly what keeps people coming back for these amazing wings. After being smoked hour after hour, Nat’s throws their wings on a flat top to let them grill, pulling out all of the juicy goodness you could ask for. Instead of smothering the wings in a sauce, you have the option to leave the wings as is, and then mix as much of the sauce as you want. This leaves the chicken flavor very prevalent.


While a lot of people choose to go bold with their XXX Hot Sauce, the clear favorite is the Spicy BBQ, which has a tangy flavor with a little bit of a kick to it. The best thing about Nat’s, though, is the friendliness of the bartenders and the other regulars. It’s like walking into a family environment every time. Make sure to come when Katie’s working. She’s knows what’s up.

3. Oak Tavern – Oakley

Ooooh weeee, these are some smokey wings, but they’re never fried, and it makes for a different experience when you bite in. Always consistent, they’ve got their process down to a science. Not only are their smoky wings amazing, but they also serve them all the way up until 1:00 A.M. Plus they have a solid selection of craft beers to pair the wings up with, which can complement their spices quite well.


The best thing about these wings, though, is that they all come without sauce on them. Instead, Oak Tavern provides you with an assortment of sauces for you to smother your wings in. Whether you like your wings tangy, spicy, or with a little bit of zing, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Our favorite is the Teriyaki Garlic, but you really have to try every one of them.

4. Wild Mike’s – Delhi

When it comes to hot wings, few do it better than Wild Mike’s. How can you tell? Well, they’ve made their own special in-house bleu cheese blend just to nullify the burning effects of their hottest wing.


When we went over and tried their wings, we were sweating profusely and one of us even lost a contact. You can check out the full review in the article below. Seriously, how do they make these wings so hot?!


5. Quan Hapa – OTR

Ah, there’s nothing like some Asian Fusion to spice up the wing scene a bit, and you certainly won’t find wings like Quan Hapa’s anywhere else in the entire city. While they do stick to American traditions with BBQ, they also add a lot of spices into their sauces and rubs that aren’t typical at other places.


Topped with everything from lemongrass to honey, these wings are going to give your taste buds a little bit of everything to take in, but you’re going to love it. Make sure to come in on Wing Nights every Tuesday. Gotta love a sweet deal!

6. Knuk-n-Futz – Taylor Mill

When you want to talk about the most underrated places in the city, look no further than the tiny confines of Knuk-n-Futz in Taylor Mill. We won’t lie, the place doesn’t look like much on the outside, but it’s the wings within that make the place a popular restaurant among locals.


Their wings are all about unique spices and rubs, and you haven’t even experienced hot until you get a dose of their “Solar Flare” in your mouth. It’s no wonder why they were recently awarded with having the best wings in Northern Kentucky. We’re still blown away by the overall quality, taste, and service that this little spot provides.

7. Crossroads Tavern – Cheviot

When it comes to having a solid space to watch sports, drink beer, and have amazing wings on the West Side, few can even come close to crossroads. Their wings won’t always scald you’re tongue off, but they’re always tasty. In fact, with these wings, it’s not about shock value at all.


Instead, just take the time to order some Mild wings, and savor the flavor. Nothing complements them quite like a pilsner or lager, and they always go down smooth. The bottom line: these are the wings that you should always expect when you want quality.