26 Things People From Cincinnati Absolutely Love


1. When Construction Ends…

Well, at least when they finally stop working on I-75… Does it ever really end?


2. Saying Anything Negative About Pittsburgh

It’s just a city, guys…

3. Getting Drunk in Lederhosen

It’s a German thing.

4. Our Bridges

So, we’ve never seen any purple people walking across the bridge yet, but we love walking across it.


5. Gentrification


6. Statues of Pigs

So many beautiful, painted pigs… sometimes you just want to take a picture with one.


7. Arguing About the Streetcar

It’s happening. Deal with it.

8. Country Concerts

There’s a reason why the biggest names in country keep coming back here. Cincinnati has one of the largest followings of country music in the nation.


9. Repping Your High School Alma Matter

This needs to stop already. It was 10 years ago!

10. Grippos Chippos

How do they make these chips so addictive?! The rest of the country is missing out from these tenacious tater chips.


11. Any Gathering With “Fest” In the Title

12. Hating On The Westside

Self explanatory…


13. Hating On The Eastside…

No comment.



14. Hating On OTR…


15. Hating On Northern Kentucky…

There’s a reason there’s a river…

16. Hating The Cardinals

We won’t forget, Molina…


17. @DatDudeBP

We’ll always have your back. Keep those photobombs coming!


18. Not Having Extreme Weather

Seriously, crazy weather is rare around here. We get pretty lucky…


19. Walk The Moon

They’re the biggest thing to come out of Cincinnati since chili.


20. Walks Along The Ohio River

Whether it’s Smale Park, Sawyer Point, or Covington Landing; everyone loves a walk along the river at sunset.


21. The View From Mt. Adams

One of the decks at the pavilion is the perfect place to take in the full view of the city. We have the best skyline in the country.


22. See The Above ^

We have plenty to love around here. You can’t go hardly anywhere without finding a sticker, shirt, or pretty much anything else that reps Cincy.


23. Drinking Local

Yeah, we have the best craft beer scene for a single city in the entire country. Want to deny it? Well, you can’t.


24. Street Art

We have a lot of murals on the sides of our buildings downtown. More are popping up every day. It’s pretty impressive, really.


25. Larosa’s

Let’s put it this way: Does anyone not know their phone number if they’ve lived here long enough?


26. The Crosstown Shootout

You can call is the “Crosstown Classic” all you want to. It’s always going to be the Shootout, and we’re always going to love it.


These are just some observations that we’ve made. Not necessarily our own opinion. Tell us what you think.