16 Things You Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners About Nashville


Every day waves of tourists come spilling into our beloved city with expectations of seeing stars rocking out on Music Row, that’s not the case. This is a beautiful city, obsessed with more than just country music. Let’s set the record straight.

1. Cowboy Boots and Stetsons Are For Tourists

Nothing says “clueless” about Nashville culture quite like a tourist strolling through Music Row looking like he just walked off of the set of a John Wayne flick. Observe locals at 404 Kitchen and try to adapt.

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2. We Take “Southern Hospitality” Seriously

We’d venture to say that you won’t find a more welcoming city in the South, and maybe even the world. That’s saying something.

3. We Avoid Broadway Like the Plague

Haven’t you ever heard of East Nashville? That’s where you’ll find us. One of our favorites is easily Edley’s.

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4. Hot Chicken…

The hotter the better. Oh, you want some milk with that? That’s cute. I dare you to try the Shut the Cluck Up at Hattie B’s.

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5. We Keep the Party Going. Every. Damn. Day.

Spend a full 7 days here and you’ll be dying to know how we do it. Secret? It’s the Southern Charm baby.

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6. Our Musicians Aren’t All Country

Yeah sure, country music is great, it’s what we’re known for. But there are so many different sounds here. I mean, have you ever heard of Jack White?

7. Our Roads Can’t Keep Their Shit Together

They stretch on forever and get name changes like 10 times without any real reason. We just accept that it’s some cruel joke.

8. Our Celebrities Don’t Actually Hang Out On Music Row

They just don’t… You’re more likely to find them chowing down somewhere in Hillsboro. Check here.


9. No One Is Actually From Nashville

Most people just come to the place and fall in love. Not many of us originated here, but we have more pride for our city than most that you’ll find. Find us mixing it up at Husk.

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10. Not As Seen On TV

In fact, most of us pretty much hate how we’re portrayed. Come here and check it out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean. Try a Nashville staple like Etch.

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11. Wea��re Actually a Giant Small Town

It is extremely difficult to not run into at least one person you know anywhere you go. Anonymity doesna��t exist, so stay away from the drunken debauchery on Monday afternoons… Or do it here!

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12. Our Bars Close At 3AM

Told you we party hard. One of our favorites?

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13. We’ll Love Our Preds & Titans

Yeah sure, we love to hate them at times, but they’re ours to hate!


14. There Are More Hispters Here Than Cowboys

You’re more likely to see this guy than a cowboy hat. Oh and they love the word “Artisan”.


15. Southern Belles Aplenty

Your future wife probably lives here. You won’t find classier women South of the Mason-Dixon line.

16. There Is A Church on Every Corner

You know where to find us on Sunday mornings.

Nashville just kicks ass all around. Let’s let the world know. For the best events, activities, food & drink in Nashville, we’ve got you covered. Let Impulcity be your personalized guide. Get it for iOS here or Android here.