14 Things You Must Do In Cincinnati This Summer


14. Catch a World Cup Game

When:A�Any Time The US is Playing

Where:A�Fountain Square

If you didn’t catch the first two down on Fountain Square; you’re missing out. Some of the wildest fans come out to support the good ol’ USA as we compete for a chance at FIFA World Cup glory. Just don’t forget to adorn yourself in the most patriotic outfit as possible, or you’ll look like the odd one out. The beer and food is also aplenty. You can’t beat the atmosphere and convenience if you plan on tuning in. USA-USA-USA!


13. Celebrate Rhinegeist’s 1st Anniversary

When:A�June 28th

Where:A�Rhinegeist Brewery

How do you celebrate a brewery’s rookie season? Definitely with a limited-release beer that commemorates the occasion. With a rookie season like Rhinegeist has had, they’re sure to make it in to your beer Hall of Fame. While enjoying the momentous occasion, you’ll get to enjoy cornhole (as usual) and some sick local music. We’re proud of you, Rhinegeist.


12. Larosa’s Balloon Glow

When:A�July 3rd

Where:A�Coney Island

The Balloon Glow draws in thousands of people from all over the Tri-State area to watch as the night gets lit up by hot air balloons from all over the country. It’s a beautiful sight, as they look like a bunch of giant, multicolored fireflies lighting up a field. If that’s not enough, they also have plenty of classic amusement park rides; making this perfect for a date night or time with the family. There’s also a spectacular fireworks show at the end of the day so you can get an extra night to celebrate your patriotism.


11. Go Cabrewing

When:A�Whenever You Need A Relaxing Cruise On The River

Where:A�The Little Miami River

It doesn’t matter if you choose to do it in a canoe, kayak, or raft, but you have to get out on the river at least once this summer. There’s no better escape than slowly drifting down the river with a few drunken friends. Don’t forget to pack a lunch with you. Some of the sandbars can become instant party spots at the right time of the day. Also, leave your keys in the car… you don’t want the canoe to flip if you have those on you…


10. Party in the Park

When:A�Every Wednesday Night from 5-10PM (6/25-8/27)

Where:A�Yeatman’s Cove Park

Let’s face it: Hump Day could use a little more excitement. Luckily, there’s a party every Wednesday at Yeatman’s Cove that draws out thousands. With plenty of beers on tap, singles that are all too ready to mingle, and plenty of live music to keep the party going; Party in the Park is the most fun you’re going to have on a week night.


9. Bunbury Music Festival

When:A�July 11-13th

Where:A�Sawyer Point

There was no doubt about the fact that Cincinnati needed its own defining music festival. What Bunbury created a few years ago has been nothing short of magical ever since. Drawing in thousands over the past few years, it’s now, without a doubt, the best Cincinnati has to offer. This year, national favorites like Empire of the Sun will be there to rock the stage and show you that we can keep up with the festival scene anywhere else.


8. Taste of OTR

When:A�July 26th

Where:A�Washington Park

Foodies, unite! Smaller than its big brother, Taste of Cincinnati; Taste of OTR offers a scaled-down version, which features all of the great foods OTR has to offer. It’s not as crowded, and definitely not as pricey, but still offers foods that will satisfy anyone’s palate. Sometimes you just want to load up on all the best food possible without having to wait for service. Damn, OTR has some great-tasting food…



7. Shakespeare In The Park

When:A�August 1st-29th

Where:A�Cincinnati Parks

Shakespeare gets a little fresh air in the summer, as CincyShakes takes their showings of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth to stages all over Cincinnati’s parks. Bring out your lawn chairs, blankets, and a few drinks for a night of free, quality entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Plus you get to feel cultured. You can really impress your friends if you memorize some of the lines beforehand.


6. Take A Walk Around Mirror Lake

When:A�All Summer Long!

Where:A�Eden Park

Bring the dog and a date for a refreshing walk around Mirror Lake in the late afternoon. You can either take a long walk around the whole park, or just enjoy a picnic in the grass. It’s also great scenery for a nice jog if you’re looking for a new place to exercise. Don’t be afraid to play fetch in the lake. Dogs love a nice dip in the water on a hot summer day.


5. Catch A Date Night Flick At Washington Park

When:A�Various Saturdays Throughout The Summer

Where:A�We told you! Washington Park!

Ah, love is in the air, and most of us could save a buck here or there on date night. Luckily, Washington Park provides free date night movies for anyone looking for romance on the cheap side. Featuring everything from recent classics like Finding Nemo to oldies like Singin’ In The Rain, there’s something for everyone for to enjoy. They even have concessions so you don’t have to pack a cooler. We’re spoiled around here.


4. Goettafest

When:A�August 7-10th

Where:A�Newport on the Levee

Delectable goetta isn’t in short supply around the city, but nothing’s quite the same as getting one of the unique dishes you can try at Goettafest. Offering everything from Goetta Pizza to deep-fried Goettaballs, goetta-lovers will have plenty to salivate over when they attend. Ah, it’s good to be a Cincinnatian.


3. Brew Ha-ha!

When:A�August 22nd-23rd

Where:A�Sawyer Point

First, let’s just talk about how they’re about to have 100+ beers on tap from all over the place… Not sold yet? Well, even if you don’t like beer (that’s just un-American), there are still plenty of laughs to go around, as some of the funniest local and national comedians take the stage for some live entertainment. Plenty of beer and live comedy? Yes, please!


2. Watch The WEBN Fireworks

When:A�August 31st

Where:A�Along The River

If summer has to end, we’re gonna send it out with a bang. Every year, hundreds of thousands crowd the river to watch one of the best firework shows that the country has to offer. You may not be able to buy drinks anymore, but, with some luck, maybe you can convince someone to let you to watch from their boat? The boat flotilla… now there’s a party.


1. Grab A Streetpops Popsicle

When: Whenever You’re Sweating Your Ass Off

Where:A�On Main St. or From One of Their Traveling Carts

Let’s face it: It’s about to be a long, humid summer. June isn’t even over yet and we’re already drenched with sweat after walking around the city for a little bit. Luckily, Streetpops has plenty of great flavors to cool you off when you’ve had enough of the heat. They attend various events around the summer and always have something new for you to try.