15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ale-8-One


1. There’s Only One Cola In This Town…

Back when Ale-8 first came out, it was a backup to Wainscott’s “Roxa Kola.” Coke filed a predatory lawsuit against all cola manufacturers using the word “cola” in their products, causing Wainscott to cease the production of his first cola.

2. All Must Be Forgiven?

While there may have been a rough start between the two, things must have gotten better because, ironically, Coca Cola is now the largest distribution partner for Ale-8. Gotta love a happy ending!


3. All In The Family

While many things have changed in the world, Ale-8’s secret recipe has not. The fourth-generation owner is still brewing straight from the hand-written notes of G. L. Wainscott himself.

4. “A Late One…”

You know how everyone goes around and still gets mad if you don’t call it by “A Late One?” That name actually came from the first “name a slogan” contest. The contest winner was a fifteen-year-old girl. She won eight dollars, and the name was a pun on Ale-8 being the latest thing in soft drinks.


5. Kentucky Proud For Quite Awhile

Ale-8 is the oldest manufacturer in Winchester. That means they’ve been providing jobs for the local economy for a long time. Oh, and their product is amazing, too.

6. The Power Of Ten!

They have an assembly line that will push out ten bottles of Ale-8 every second. Every. Damn. Second. Now that’s impressive.


7. Recyclable Bottles!

Returnable bottles have always been made in Winchester. You can still take them for a thirty cent deposit, which is refunded as soon as you bring them back.

8. That’s A Powerful Secret

A single drop of Ale-8’s powerful secret recipe formula flavors several bottles off of their line. Yeah, it’s that intense.


9. Only In Ale-8

The ginger that’s used in every bottle is made specifically for Ale-8, and no one else. Maybe that’s why you won’t find a better Ginger Ale…


10. Complementary Flavors?

While Ale-8 goes with pretty much everything, you have to try it with Grippo’s BBQ Chips. The ginger complements the cinnamon on the chips perfectly. If that’s not your thing, Ale-8 recommends pairing it with Mingua Brother’s Beef Jerky, Berryman’s Chili Dogs, or Beer Cheese. Oh, and in a Bourbon Cocktail, of course.


11. They Take Cornhole Seriously…

You can’t go through a day at Ale-8 without at least one game of cornhole. One of the employees even came in on his off day to defend his title.

12. The Coldest Ale-8 You’ll Ever Drink

Forest Grove Grocery still sells their returnable bottles of Ale-8 from a vingtage slide-top freezer. When you open the bottle, ice forms around the neck of the bottle, which many refer to as “Winchester Sawdust.”


13. It’s Healthier, Too!

Not only is it tastier than other sodas, but it also has 10% less carbonation and sugar, too!

14. It’s Really Local

Even the bottle’s labels are produced right in Winchester, where Walle Corp. has been manufacturing them for several years.

15. A Refined Product

Diet Ale-8 took nearly 20 years to develop, but doesn’t contain that disgusting aspartame which is commonly associated with diet soda. They use Splenda an Sunett instead, and the end product is amazing.


You could say we love Ale-8…