The 15 Craziest Things You Didn’t Know About Grippo’s


1. First Came The Sugar Cone

It all started back in 1919, when their badass founder, Angelo Grippo, decided that he would start rolling sugar cones for ice cream. Working away in a little room on Court Street, he would set out on a mission to bring Cincinnati the best snack food it had ever seen.


2. They Invented The Loop Pretzel

Bet you never would have guessed that. In 1930, Grippo was messing around with ways to craft a more convenient pretzel, and even went out of his way to make a machine that made them as well. They may not have invented the wheel, but we’d rather have their pretzels anyway.

3. They Have Other Chips

A lot of people think of Grippo’s and the only thing that comes to mind are their BBQ and plain chips, but they have more options if you know where to look. Their other options are Cheese & Jalepeno, Sweet Bermuda Onion, Hot Dill Pickle, and Salt & Vinegar. You’re going to love all of them.

A�4. They’re Patriotic

So, they give free shipping to the soldiers overseas in foreign countries. Let’s face it, no one wants to leave behind these beautiful chips. Who can’t get behind a company that supports the troops?

5. You Can Buy Their BBQ Seasoning

It goes well on fries, burgers, steaks… actually, it goes well on everything. Let’s face it: Grippo’s makes everything better.


6. They’re Local, Like Real Local

Grippo’s has chosen to stay in the Tri-State area simply because of its love for all things Cincinnati. What can we say? We love you too, Grippo’s.

7. No One Puts Grippo’s In The Corner…

Even though they’ve parted ways with Cincinnati, former players like Ken Griffey and Barry Larkin still order their delicious chips in bulk.


8. Thinking Outside The Bag

So, a bag of Grippo’s isn’t good enough for you? Well, they also sell huge boxes of their famous chips for you to munch on if your munchies are a little over-the-top.


9. Senate <3 Grippo’s

In case you were wondering while you were munching down on the gourmet hot dogs at Senate; yes, those were BBQ Grippo’s on one of them. What a match made in heaven…

10. Happy Valentine’s Day

Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, a Cincinnati girl opened up a bag of chips to find a chip with a heart cut out of the middle. Grippo’s swears up and down that they had no idea, and it’s never happened again…

11. People Make Their Own Jingles

People love Grippo’s so much that they’ve gone out of their way to make their own jingles and fan videos dedicated to Grippo’s. Yeah, it’s an obsession, but you won’t fins chips like these anywhere else in the country. Check one out here.

12. Grippo’s Car…

Some dude is currently in the process of designing his entire car to look like a giant Grippo’s bag. The lengths to which some people go…


13. A Grippo’s Cookbook?

Word on the street is that there’s a whole cookbook somewhere out there that’s dedicated purely to the use of Grippo’s BBQ Chips in the ingredients. While we haven’t seen it, we know you can find plenty of recipes online.

14. Unique Chips…

The dust on the Grippo’s may be a complete secret (we think it must have cat nip for humans), but we can tell you this: there isn’t another BBQ dusting like theirs in the entire country. That’s a fact.


15. Wings, Sweet Wings

There’s actually a place, Mister Gene’s, that has a whole series of BBQ Wings that’s coated in the beautiful BBQ sauce that Grippo’s recently put out. They’re the best BBQ wings ever.