This Dude Opened The Emergency Exit On A Plane Because He Needed Fresh Air


This week in “what the hell,” a Chinese man opened an emergency door on a Xiamen Airplane just moments before the plane was scheduled to take off. No, there wasn’t a need for an emergency exit, the man just simply needed some fresh air.

I repeat, this man opened the emergency exit because he needed to “get some fresh air,” according to Chinese media.

Passenger Picture

It was the man’s first time riding on an airplane, and he apparently had no idea that opening the emergency exit was dangerous. Most people can relate to getting a little bit nervous when flying on an airplane, and the cabin can get a little stuffy at times. But damn dude, don’t go opening doors on airplanes like that!

Xiamen Air

Luckily, the airline staff was able to shut and secure the door, and the little fiasco didn’t cause any sort of flight delay. They then promptly moved the man to another seat, probably as far away from any exits as possible.

People, if you really need fresher air, just wait for the oxygen masks.