This Guy Gave A Random Woman With His Ex’s Name A Trip Around The World


When Jordan Axani’s girlfriend broke up with him in August 2014, he was left with two expensive plane tickets for an upcoming trip around the world, one with his name, and one with hers. The airline wouldn’t refund him for the ticket, or allow him to have the name changed, so he came up with a way to get around the system; by finding a Canadian resident with the same name as his ex to give the ticket to.


The post went viral, and thousands responded, some saying they’d even be willing to change their name if they could have the ticket. He finally narrowed it down to 18 different Elizabeth Gallaghers. After questionnaires and Skype interviews, he chose a 23-year-old woman from Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia.

Elizabeth Gallagher

Yeah, it sounds like the plot line to a cheesy romantic comedy, but it doesn’t look like there’s any romance in the future for this duo. Elizabeth Gallagher is in a committed relationship.


In addition to giving Elizabeth Gallagher a chance at the trip of a lifetime, Axani was also inspired by the people who responded to his Reddit post to start a new charity, “A Ticket Forward.” The foundation will focus on giving deserving people who can’t afford it the chance to take a life changing trip. Marriott Hotels has partnered with Axani to carry out his vision, and other funds will be obtained through crowdfunding.

Jordan Axani

Jordan Axani and Elizabeth Gallagher will begin their 21-day trip on December 21st, 2014. They will visitA�Milan, Prague, Vienna, Delhi and Bangkok. Marriott Hotels is providing them with hotel rooms, and Axani said he doesn’t even know how much traveling he and Gallagher will do together. But one thing is certain – Elizabeth Gallagher better be thanking her parents for giving her the name they did.