9 Weird Foods You Need To Try In Cincinnati


Bacon On A Stick: Urban Grill Food Truck

This food truck knows what the people want. Here they serve maple glazed bacon on a stick. All of our dreams are coming true.


Carrot Cake Pancakes: M Wood Fired Oven

Show us someone who doesn’t like brunch, and we’ll show you a liar. This pizza place doesn’t serve cold pizza as their brunch on Sunday (although that sounds equally awesome). It has carrot cake pancakes that have cream cheese icing and walnuts. Maybe that’s a little bizarre, but mostly we think it’s wonderful.


Flying Pig Sandwich: The Echo

Breakfast food is the best food. Choosing exactly what to order is the hardest part, so this restaurant ensures you don’t have to make this taxing decision. This sandwich has French toast stuffed with ham, bacon, and Swiss and is topped with powdered sugar and syrup. This one deserves a slow clap.


BPJ: Gordo’s Pub And Grill

Your favorite childhood sandwich just got way cooler. Gordo’s added a burger to the mix, making a trifecta no one expected, but one everyone can appreciate. This thing has a fried banana, chunky peanut butter cream cheese, jam, and smoked bacon. That right there is pure genius.


Una Noche Con Nick Lachey: Senate Pub

The name of this hot dog alone is great. The fact that the dog’s toppings include avocado, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeA�os, queso fresco, and roasted mushroom pico de gallo is even greater. This one scores big. Hopefully Vanessa Minnillo doesn’t mind.


Cincinnatus Pizza: Newport Pizza Company

We all respect and honor Skyline chili and the place it holds in our lives. The stuff runs in our veins. Newport merges together everyone’s love of chili and pizza with the Cincinnatus, topped with cream cheese, Cincinnati chili, and sharp cheddar cheese. This is not a drill.


Smore Grilled Cheese Donut: Tom+Chee Donut

We can’t be sure, but we’re pretty confident that Michelangelo created this masterpiece with his own two hands. Forget everything you previously knew about societal convention- donuts with chocolate, marshmallow mascarpone, and graham crackers need to be the new norm. Immediately.


Cucumber JalapeA�o Pop: StreetpopsA�

This combination sounds strange, but the end result won’t have you questioning anything anymore. All the pops are fresh, fun, and use local ingredients, meaning you’ll get something reminiscent of your childhood in looks, but far superior in taste.


Goetta Reuben: Izzy’s

If you’re in Cinci, you’re gotta go for the goetta. Izzy’s world’sA�greatest reuben’s got goetta, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Izzy’s special dressing. Basically it’s the way to any of our hearts.