9 Take-Out Spots To Accompany Your Netflix Addiction

When You Join Your Fellow Gladiators To WatchA�Scandal:A�Fusian

Sometimes you can’t decide what to eat, but consider it handled tonight.A�Olivia Pope does what she wants, and you should follow suit. Customize to your heart’s content with the multiple categories to create whatever sushi roll you’re feeling. Choose between a seaweed or soy wrap, add whatever protein you want from shrimp to tofu, veg out with their veggie options, and top off your night with wasabi mayo or tempura crunch. Popcorn is a given, but add Spicy Edamame to the mix so your Orville Redenbacher isn’t totally lonely. A glass of red wine is necessary. No judgment if you go straight for the bottle.


When You Are In The Cells Of Litchfield InA�Orange Is The New Black:A�AglamesisA�Brothers

This show’s got dark humor, depth, drama, and emotional stories that’ll blindside you. It’s brash and filled with powerhouse personalities, so you’re going to need some food that’s authentic and jam-packed with flavor when you’re watching with your girlfriends. The Cincinnati-favorite Aglamesis Brothers has made their ice cream “The Sincere Way” since 1908. They have traditional flavors, but aren’t afraid to switch it up with their Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip or Pineapple Pecan. Add whatever you want on top with either fudge, raspberry, or butterscotch sauce. OITNB examined drama, sexuality, and female relationships in this new TV format, and while Aglamesis may not have done that persay, they do make a pretty fantastic dessert.


When Hanging Out With The Group At MacLaren’s InA�How I Met Your Mother:A�Ramundo’s Pizzeria

Haaaave you met Ramundo? This guy is your go-to for gooey, hot pizza. Your couch potato lifestyle demands some good pizza like the King Works. This thing works wonders with itsA�zesty pepperoni, spicy sausage, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, banana pepper, pineapple, smoked bacon, and extra cheese. The kitchen sink is also included. You’ll be binging on a sitcom set in a fake New York so you might as well have a slice of New York style pizza found in Mount Lookout rather than Manhattan. Grab a slice (or five), a plate of their Cheesy Pepperoni Basil Bread, and your laptop.


When Sitting On The Couch With The Guys OfA�The League:A�Eli’s BBQA�

Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, and Andre need beer, football, and their friends for a good time. At $8 a plate, Eli’s guarantees a good time for all. Order over the phone to avoid the long lines, which aren’t very fun, but are a true testament to their insanely good food. Go for Eli’s Pulled Pork Sandwich or Ribs, Jalapeno Cheese Grits, and Best Baked Beans to truly experience all life has to offer. Unlike Yobogoya, these tastes won’t destroy-ya, but they’ll have you jumping for joy-a. You’ll simultaneously become overly attached to their fantasy football league and the hearty dishes Eli’s serves up. Trust us, you’re gonna need some real man food to keep up with the raunch this show brings.


When Nick And Jess Can’t Get It Together OnA�New Girl:A�Bangkok Bistro

Just when you think Nick and Jess are heating up, they fizzle. Again. So consistently spice up your night with some Thai, Asian, and Sushi cuisine. You get to choose the spiciness level of your meal, which will honestly be your most difficult decision of the night. People swear by the crispy pad Thai and their spring rolls, which have chicken, veggies, or curry. Or go for theirA�Dynamite sushi roll, which has stir fried squid and octopus with vegetables in hot and spicy sauce. Be like Schmidt and solo on $80 worth of sushi. So scrummy.



When You Experience A Zombie Apocalypse InA�The Walking Dead:A�Krishna

Never mind the survivors. The walkers are going to want this food instead. You’ll need a wide range of good grub that’ll keep you satisfied for probably seven hours while you marathon this show.A�Garlic nan from Krishna is made with garlic and other spices, and you’re going to want buckets of this stuff. Go for the Chicken Curry or their Chicken Tikka Masala, which is Tandoori chicken simmered with spices and covered in rich creamy tomato sauce. Try their Vegetable Vindaloo, which is vegetables cooked in a tangy hot sauce. Cover your bases because once you’ve started following Rick around, you’ve committed.


When Frank Underwood Stares Into Your Soul OnA�House Of Cards:A�The Eagle

Grit, power, ruthlessness, determination, and America. This political drama covers it all. You’re going to need some authentic American noms to stomach these characters and their claim to do what they do for the greater good of their country. Their spoonbread, which is iron skillet corn bread with maple butter,A�is going to be your new kryptonite. Their fried chicken sandwich is Southern food done right. Way right. You’ll get it with cole slaw, spicy mayo, and house pickles. Honor the South Carolina Democrat Frank Underwood by chowing down on food that would make him proud. And we all know what a feat that is…


When You’re Witnessing The Doctor Dramz At Seattle Grace Hospital OnA�Grey’s Anatomy:A�Doodles

To deal with all the diseases, dying patients, failed relationships, and departing cast members, you’ll need some good food to fill the cracks of your heart. This Chinese restaurant has Fried Tofu Pillows, which is silken tofu fried to a crispy golden brown with zesty brown sauce on the side. These are a crowd favorite, and we don’t need Meredith Grey’s philosophical musings to tell us how good they are. We all know it. Their Singapore Rice Noodles and Rice Noodles with beef or chicken, veggies, and herbs are sure to make you a happier person. Even if the episode of Grey’s tries to ruin you emotionally.


When You Are Shamelessly Watching Reruns OfA�Keeping Up With The Kardashians:A�Adriatico’s Pizza

Sure, they’re the family we love to hate. But you probably follow at least one of the clan on Twitter or Instagram. Or you look up their username to scroll through their feed, but don’t follow them because that would be weird. So, just embrace your guilty pleasure while enjoying one of the greatest treasures this world has to give: an Adriatico’s pizza. All of them are major wins. The Supremo’s got pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, and onions. Their Deep Dish Sicilian crust is theA�crA?me de la crA?me. It’s thick and garlicky and amazing and wonderful. Or try the ‘Regular’ hand tossed, New York style crust or the extra thin ‘Regular’ option.A�Don’t underrate the cheese and pepperoni classics though because they, like Rob’s sock line, deserve recognition and major appreciation for just being part of the family.A�