Why Cincinnati Needs To Save Its Icons


It’s kind of weird, looking back at it now; all of the times we spent in the rotunda at Union Terminal. We would gaze up that mural in wonder of all the time periods and people who had walked in through those same doors that we just had. Where were they going? How many trains used to head out from here? We would ask those questions. Whether it was a School Field Trip, a day out with the parents, or simply an educational adventure, pretty much everyone from our generation has been there for one reason or another.

It definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia. How many things did we learn at the Museum Center that would shape how we looked at the world? We learned about the history of our beautiful city in looking at the miniature models. We learned about geology; gliding our hands along the caves as we felt our ways through. The Museum Center has, without a doubt, inspired many of us to shape our futures in one direction or another based on the exhibits we stumbled across.

Oh, and how could we forget the times spent in the Omnimax; gazing out into the stars or into the depths of the ocean. Pretty much, we went on adventures that took us to places that opened our minds to new experiences and wonder. It was definitely wild, and, in fact, we still want to take our dates there! The story goes on as long as you let it.

What about the other icon, though? Music Hall has been a part of downtown since the 1800’s, and has housed thousands upon thousands of musical operas, symphonies, and orchestras. In fact, people just flocked there last week to watch its face light up at Lumenocity. One has to ask: Would the same people who just came out to watch the light show stand up to save its history?

The light show is just the cap on things, though. Have you taken a look inside? The painting on the ceiling is literally one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the country, and the acoustics can’t be matched in the city. Sure, sometimes the tickets can be a little steep, and you may actually have to dress up, but you’re supporting art, and world-class musical talent, at that.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to much more than what both of the buildings hold. Both of these buildings are centers for both the art and mind. They inspire children, provide jobs to artists, and provide us an insight into our past. These icons need to be repaired and left the way they are. In doing this, we will provide a whole new generation of Cincinnati children with the same inspiration we felt when we first walked through the Museum Center’s doors, we will preserve the history of the city, and bring new life into these buildings that have a special place in the hearts of many Cincinnatians. It will be costly, yes, but it will be so worth it.