Why Packhouse Is Bigger Than No Tipping


Yes, yes, there’s been a lot of buzz about the no tipping policy at Packhouse, and we dig that, but we knew that there was so much more to the place, which is exactly why we went in to get the scoop on what else makes Packhouse one of the best new places in the Cincinnati area. Upon paying them a visit, we learned exactly why everyone keeps coming back, and it’s definitely not for their no tipping policy…


The Food

You’d think a place that serves a lot of meatballs wouldn’t be very creative, but you’d be dead wrong. Instead of just serving up the typical stuff you’d find in a boring spaghetti dish, they get bold, and it leaves a lasting impression. Featuring everything from a meatball packed with beef and bleu cheese to a chicken meatball, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. While they taste great alone, it’s really the gravy they put on them that makes the experience complete. With five consistent gravies and one in constant rotation, they’re going to spice up your life in ways you could never imagine.


The Beer

It’s one thing for a place to push the envelopeA�on their food menu, but if you throw in a constant rotation of craft beers, you’ve got yourself something truly special. With the intent of having a beer to pair with every one of their delicious “packs,” they make sure that they’re always keeping people on their toes about what’s going to be the next beer to come into rotation. We will tell you this: the spices from the meatballs meld together perfectly with the spices infused into many of the seasonal beers around fall and winter, and the results are absolutely amazing.


The Atmosphere

Packhouse is very unique when it comes to the general vibe of the place. As soon as you walk up to the restaurant, you’ll notice that a garage door opens up on nicer days to give the restaurant a more open-air feel to it. We also couldn’t help but notice that there aren’t any TV’s to be found, which makes this the perfect spot for an evening with friends looking to hold conversations. You’ll also have to notice the chalk art all over the walls, which is made by an assortment of customers who come in on a regular basis, but pretty much anyone can just grab a piece of chalk and draw. Some of those works are actually pretty epic…


The Bottom Line

Packhouse is kind of like a Chipotle for meatballs. Everything you eat there, right down to their delicious desserts, is picked through a step-by-step process, which ultimately leads to you having a meal that will leave a lasting impression. When we went in, we tried an assortment of their packs, but found that nothing was quite as flavorful as their Red, White and Bleu topped with Parmesan Cream in a dish. Pair this with some Jalepeno Mac & Cheese when you get the chance. It’s ridiculously tasty. If you have yet to try this combo, you’re keeping yourself from one of the best meals in Cincinnati, and that’s saying something. You won’t find many places like Packhouse, but that’s what makes it so special.