Why Streetpops Are The Best Thing To Happen To Cincinnati Summers


It’s been getting pretty humid lately… like, walk ten feet and you feel like you just took a bath in your clothes, humid. Where are you going to finally get some relief, you ask? Well, luckily for all of us, there’s a shop in Cincinnati that focuses on putting all-natural ingredients into their delicious. hand-crafted Popsicles. Crafted with the vision of making the typical popsicles look like child’s play, Streetpops decided to hand-craft every batch they make with everything from jalepenos to sea salt, but every one of them will cool you off.


What led to this inspiration to craft such unique popsicles, though? Well, a lot of comes from their owner, Sara Bornick’s, passion for everything culinary. She knew from the get-go that she wanted to create frozen treats for everyone to enjoy, but it all started with her love for ice cream. After a trip down south, however, she fell in love with the idea of having a gourmet popsicle shop instead.


Did we mention that she’s picked up a lot of her inspiration from alcoholic cocktails? Popsicles like the Honey Bourbon Vanilla and Ginger Peach Lambic definitely tasted like they were something straight off of the bar counter, but were way more refreshing. Plus they give you a chance to mix it up when compared to the sugary, boring treats you get out of a grocery store freezer.


The best news is the fact that you don’t even have to travel all the way to the end of Main St. to get them, either. A fleet of carts is regularly rolling along through the streets of downtown, just waiting to cool you off when you need it most. They’re also at a really good price, too, considering the fact that they aren’t rolling off of an assembly line.


If you do take the time to venture over to the store, though, you’ll definitely be impressed by the amount of thought that went into the design of both the store’s layout and the branding that’s all over the place. See, even before she started serving up her gourmet popsicles, Sara was into Graphic Design. Every design you see around the store was created by her. Pretty impressive, right?



At the end of the day, there are so many wonderful things about Streetpops, that you just have to come in and try some for yourself. Their most popular summer flavors you have to try are Thai Basil, Ginger Peach, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Salted Carmel, and, yes, every one is worth a try. Whether you like fruity or creamy, you’re going to fall in love with the place. It’s the only Gourmet Popsicle Shop in Cincinnati, but something tells us that they’re all we really need…


Yeah, you could say we’re hooked.