Why You Need To Be At Union Centre’s Food Truck Rally

Did anyone else know that Cincinnati has over 30 Food Trucks? Yeah, we didn’t either. The truth is, however, that there are Food Trucks hiding everyone in plain sight. After checking out a few at the Brew & View this past weekend, we found out that there’s a huge Food Truck Rally going on right up in West Chester, complete with beer and entertainment. What kind of food will they be serving up there, you ask? Well, just about everything. You want American? You got it. Mexican? Once again, you got. They’ll even have plenty of desserts, too! Here are just a few that you can check out there:

1. Waffo

So, you want Goetta and Waffles? Well, how about you just have a Waffle Sandwich with the Goetta already wrapped inside? Not only that, but they also throw gravy in the mix, too. We never knew that you could do so much by simply throwing stuff in the middle of a waffle, but it’s purely amazing. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their Bacon Waffo too, you have yet to live!

2. C’est Cheese

Creativity is aplenty with Grilled Cheese these days, but none have actually taken to the street to bring those Grilled Cheeses to us. Well, none aside from C’est Cheese, that is. Don’t get bummed about there only being one place, though, because with Grilled Cheeses this good, you won’t need anywhere else anyway. The Nacho Mama and Reddbird are our personal favorites, but they have close to thirty different styles to choose from, so you’re pretty much set, regardless of what you’re looking for.

3. Empanadas Aqui

Empanadas Aqui may be one of the newer Food Trucks in Cincinnati, but they’re already making big moves. They’re only three months old, but already have a faithful following due to their owner’s love for bringing good food to the people of the city. If you don’t know what an Empanada is, definitely go with the Queso to start off with, but after that, you’re going to be wanting way, way more. Don’t forget to load it down with their hot and Garlic Mayo sauces, too!

4. Sugarsnap!

Cupcakes… can you ever really have too many cupcakes? The obvious answer here is no. Well, maybe it wasn’t before we took on some of the artfully-crafted cupcakes from Sugarsnap, but now we’re stuck on them. In fact, we’ve kind of become Sugarsnap groupies. Some may say we’re obsessed, but we’re always on their Twitter feed, stalking to see where they’ll be next. The sugar high you get from here just can’t be beat. Try the Death By Chocolate Cupcake. You’ll see what we mean.

5. Catch-A-Fire Pizza

If you thought an impressive pizza couldn’t come from a Food Truck, you were so, so wrong. Catch-A-Fire has some of the most amazing pizzas we’ve ever had, especially the Three Little Pigs. If you love yourself a meaty pizza, this one’s for you. The meat was fresh, the crust was perfect, and the price was right. What else can you ask for? Oh, and in case you were wondering: yes, that is a Brick Oven in the back of their truck.

Also appearing: Kona Ice, The Cone, “Roll With It” Cafe, Red Sesame, Eclectic Comfort Food Truck, Cafe De Wheels, Cuban Pete Sandwiches, Sweet Pops, Panino Food Truck, Dojo Gelato, Marty’s Waffles, and Quite Frankly!

Not only are you going to have a bunch of options for food, but some of the proceeds from the event will be going to the Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati. Quality food, beer, and supporting charity? Let’s just say there’s a reason why five-thousand of your neighbors went last year, and it’s only going to be bigger and better on Friday. Come out between 11A.M. and 10P.M. to see what it’s all about!